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Nov 6, 2020

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Joined: Nov 6, 2020
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JAW · Author · Mar 16, 2024

So the bigger changes to chapter 9 have been scrapped and moved to other chapters since it seems like a better way to deal with the early drop fumble. To make up for the incomplete chapter, Chapter 10 will be moved up to early next week (and will be fully finished on arrival)

JAW · Author · Mar 16, 2024

Apparently, I'm bad at keeping dates straight in my head. I thought I set chapter 9 to release tomorrow at this time and... yeah. I'm not gonna take them down or anything at this point, but final edits and passes will be done tonight and I'll update the release versions when that happens.

ultrarowlet27 · Feb 23, 2024

Hi! I just wanted to say I think your stories are really great! “Flowers in the Dungeon” and “Looking for Leona” are 2 of my favorite stories on Scribblehub. I was wondering if “Love Lines” or “The Demoness of the Hall” would be updated anytime soon? Nonetheless, thank you for your writing!

JAW · Author · Feb 24, 2024

I appreciate the kind words.

I've been trying to clean up some Love Lines drafts lately to get them ready to release.

Demoness will be updates "eventually" and I have no idea when that will be. I'm sorry.

JAW · Author · Dec 13, 2023

Hey there y'all! This year's Secret Santa bundle of stories by the Secret Trans Writing Lair is officially released! Please check it out now or as it releases for free on SH a bit down the line

My own story included: "The Super Mega Sparkle Cannon" aside from having a ridiculous name is about eldritch plant magical girls!

ashlynflagg · Dec 13, 2023

They magical girls are also gay, and I love them.

marter · Nov 23, 2023

Hello! I hope all is well! Are you planning on publishing any more Love Lines?

JAW · Author · Nov 24, 2023

Yes! I am currently working on a new story to be released as a bundle with other trans writers on this site. Once I am done with that story, around the end of this month, I will be focusing on updating Love Lines as often as I was before beginning this side project! So expect Love Lines to return by early December!

marter · Nov 24, 2023

Yay! Thank you for sharing your work!

JAW · Author · Oct 13, 2023

Sorry to make a post just for this, but I just wanted to mention that I created a Ko-fi page. It's almost five years to the day (October 16) of me posting the first ever chapter of Flowers in the Dungeon and kicking off all the writing I've done since, and I'm finally at a point where I feel comfortable accepting money for my work. Of course I expect nothing, but anything would be appreciated.

Thank you all for reading all this time, just knowing people enjoy my work means the world to me.

JAW · Author · Oct 8, 2023

So... Chapter 7 is going to be a two parter, and I've realized that it would be kinda mean to only release part one tomorrow. So I will be taking an extra couple of days and releasing both parts of 7 on Tuesday (my time) Sorry for the lack of chapter during this regular 4 day interval.

JAW · Author · Oct 8, 2023

clear.png ... clear.png

JAW · Author · Oct 5, 2023

Chap 6 of Love Lines is up at last with a surprise guest star and my favorite ending line I've ever gotten to write.

JAW · Author · Oct 1, 2023

Chap 5 is out now. I've been trying to keep to a consistent release schedule with this story as a challenge to myself but between a bad run in with COVID and family visitors, everything that can go wrong here is... so if at some point chapters 4 and 5 look a bit different, more punched up/finished... it just means I got better and wanted another crack at them. They won't change in a significant enough way to affect their impact on the story or require re-reads, just to improve tone/feel.

JAW · Author · Sep 28, 2023

Sorry about the slight delay on Chapter 4. I've had visitors at home and haven't been able to put the time into this project that I wanted to lately. I may be going back for another round of editing on this chapter and the yet to be released chapter 5 once peace is restored to my living situation. clear.png
Anyway, i hope you like it.

SevenOfClubs · Sep 29, 2023


JAW · Author · Sep 17, 2023

Little Update:

Demoness is on a temporary recess. I was planning on releasing chapter 13 before taking a break... but 13 has turned into 13 and 14 to finish up part two and I can't quite seem to get it to a point I'm happy with.

So to reset my head a bit I'm putting out a new story that I'm hoping gets my gears spinning again so I can finish strong with Demoness. In the meantime, Love Lines should come out pretty regularly (insert laugh track) since I know exactly where it's going.

RoseWinegarden · Sep 17, 2023

oh i thought you had finished that, oh dear, im going to have to reread that and have a cry again .

melodylastname · Sep 17, 2023

theres no recess in high school!

Uncreative · Apr 4, 2023

*headtilt* JAW?

JAW · Author · Apr 4, 2023

*nods emphatically* Yaw!

SevenOfClubs · Mar 22, 2023


It's actually illegal in my country to take time between uploading a good story's chapters.

Consider that or face hate crime charges. 

Thanks. (translation: love TDH, take your time. I'm patient, I look forward to every new chapter)

JAW · Author · Mar 23, 2023


*ooooohhhhh spooky. Guess this is one of those situations where I should be praying to Anxiephrodite, huh? Good thing we made her up for just such an occasion!*

SevenOfClubs · Mar 23, 2023


*I like to consider myself a bit of a spooks enthusiast, but that isn't to say I like horror; I'm a very easily scared individual, but I never told you that of course and I would never admit to it. Your Anxiephrodite won't be able to save you this time, I brought Subway Surfers gameplay to keep her occupied. She has ADHD, so good luck getting out of this.*

JAW · Author · Mar 23, 2023


*Same on the spooks! Though I love me a good horror, not to get scared, just for the ooh and aah factor... and usually for a good laugh since I find most horror hilarious! And how dare you exploit my gods ADHD for your own gain... granted I'm likely to end up watching with her, so I really can't complain...*

SevenOfClubs · Mar 23, 2023


Good typo. Hard for me to typo 3 letters though, so fair enough.

*I'm weirdly very easy to scare and horrors have much more of an effect on me than most would deem normal. That's okay, horrors just funny sometimes. I can do a silly horror, but anything serious and I'm out of commission. I'll also be putting on a 12 hour subway surfers gameplay video and there's nothing you can do to stop me.*

JAW · Author · Jan 2, 2023

I wrote a thing! So did a bunch of other writers people who follow me here most likely enjoy!

We just released an anthology of our Secret Santa stories on itch. I believe most of these stories will become available in the coming weeks here on SH, but the bundle is just here if y'all want early access or just want to throw a bit of support our way. Either way, happy holidays everyone and here's to a great 2023!

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