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Dec 18, 2020

Joined: Dec 18, 2020
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RaelDeer · Mar 23, 2024

Ah, intrusive memories of stories I've read that stealthed in some awful shit, like "lesbian fixing" and "being ok with SA against lesbians, even the victims", good times

RaelDeer · Dec 25, 2023

To anyone I've ever been mad or frustrated with - you damn well know you deserved it.

Yeah I been reading my old comments, I ain't apologising, I was right.

RaelDeer · Jun 13, 2023

I'm exhausted...

Why is it that if a Girls Love story has the Smut Tag, you have a 90% chance of there straight up just being hetero orgies in there?

What is it with people treating GL as the "lesbian sex" tag??

RaelDeer · Jun 13, 2023

I feel like I go through this every few months on fucking god

EldritchPotato · Mar 22, 2024

This is a fucking mood clear.png

Jello85 · Mar 14, 2023

Thanks! clear.png

Jello85 · Mar 14, 2023

Yo! wanna ask what series do you reccommend  clear.png

RaelDeer · Mar 14, 2023

Anything by FieryKathy, but I highly recommend 'Vintage Red', since it's based on the premise of a manga I really liked that got the axe, but does it better.

'In the Claws of Rage' by Chaosvalnir is excellent and I can not praise it enough for handling serious matters respectfully, tactfully even, which is in dangerously short supply on here. Closest thing I've read online to a published adult fiction novel.


RaelDeer · Mar 14, 2023

And although they've gone on Hiatus and left all their works in limbo for now, everything written by Phraye is just so... human, raw and emotional even in the depths of fantasy or sci-fi, it's gripping and jarring both in the best ways.

RaelDeer · Mar 14, 2023

On the shorter form, smuttier side I very much appreciate 'I want to Lay the very Best' by Premier as it is sincerely enjoyable wholesome fluff excellently balanced with the adult side of things, and while still in progress and early stages 'I had sex with a werewolf and now I'm her pet' by MegaSuperKami is intriguing, feel-good, and the sole sexual encounter so far was ludicrously well written.

RaelDeer · Mar 14, 2023

It ended up being 3 because apparently theres a 500 character limit but those are my recommendations... in short form.

RaelDeer · Mar 14, 2023

Smut writers realise that your female lead having sex with a woman like 1/3rd of the time and the other 2/3rds being gang-fucked by men doesn't make it a Girls-Love story challenge: literally impossible

It's a goddamn Genre tag. If you went to see a comedy and there was a single joke in the entire film you'd be pretty pissed off they mislabeled the films Genre, so could you maybe get a grip and cut that shit out....

minniemousez · Dec 11, 2021

Hope you are well Have a wonderful Christmas and happy new year!

RaelDeer · Dec 11, 2021

Thank you! You too!

RaelDeer · Jul 30, 2021

I wonder if Scribblehub could make a category for Bi protagonists instead of a sub-tag....

I don't mind if it's part of their backstory, past, etc... but I'm pretty sure I chose to read GL to avoid seeing the protagonist fucked by men, you know?

Futanari stuff is its own can of worms (and in my opinion a crutch for bad gl writers in most cases), but at least it's still Girls, in the Girls love tag, and not... a Man, in the Girls love tag, because being Bi is the workaround....

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