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Rising Author
Jan 20, 2021

Rising Author
Joined: Jan 20, 2021
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Ilikewaterkusa · Jan 19, 2022

He's alive!?!

Ananias5 · Author · Apr 3, 2021

So the results of the pool ended up being a tie between dwarfs and demi-bunnies. So this next chapter is going to be the longest one I've written... But the way it's wrapping up so far, it'll be done by the latest, Sunday. The stars are aligned, I guess. But it might also be done at the earliest, tomorrow. Thank you for reading and thank you for voting. clear.png

Marwraith · Mar 24, 2021

   I have to say, great job on the story of ashner and his group. Ashner isn't op and not massively passive or dumb. He has his head on his shoulders even though his spirit is broken. Cant wait to see how it progresses. 

Ananias5 · Author · Mar 25, 2021

clear.pngThank you so much for the compliment. I'm happy you enjoy the story. And I will continue to publish, hopefully once a week or maybe more. clear.png

Grizzly18 · Mar 3, 2021

I think you have a good story going here with the maxed stats one. A very flawed main character who’s fallen from grace but gets a second chance. Ashner is an interesting one I hope you keep writing. 

Ananias5 · Author · Mar 3, 2021

I will keep writing and thank you for the compliment. It means the world to me. And it keeps me motivated.

Ananias5 · Author · Jan 27, 2021

I'm going to try posting another story, while I work on this one. It's a different type of atmosphere all together but some of you might enjoy it. So as always, thank you for reading. And I hope I can live up to your expectations.

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