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Mar 31, 2021

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Famous Author
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Joined: Mar 31, 2021
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New Author who just recently found that writing is a quite fun activity to do.




Dakota3602 · Nov 1, 2022

Happy Halloweenclear.png

Xeoz · Author · Nov 12, 2022

Slr, Happy Halloween!

TheKerberos · Jul 5, 2022

I hope you're still holding on and recovering well.

Commin2aMiddle · May 14, 2022

Hang in there! This is just a reminder that you are not alone. I am not asking for chapters, but showing my support. Take your time and take it in baby steps.

dJava · May 7, 2022

GWS man.

Keep strong and take a brave step forward. Either for yourself, or for your departed parents, or for your other families, or for your possibly future families.

Dont let it getting worse and drown you.

Wuxtor · May 1, 2022

How you holding up man?

Xeoz · Author · May 4, 2022

Honestly, I don't know... I thought I was okay, but there at times when I will go back to zero. Thanks for asking.

Anime12 · Apr 8, 2022

Sorry for your loss hope you feel better take your time and come back when your head is clear

Anime12 · Mar 19, 2022

When were you upload a new chapter fate loves game where did you drop it

Xeoz · Author · Mar 19, 2022

Next week, I just got busy editing. 

Xeoz · Author · Jan 9, 2022

Yeah, I fixed it. Thank you for pointing it out. That's so embarrassing. 

Katsuya · Jan 9, 2022

Haha, no problem. 

Mitrix · Dec 26, 2021

(Juego de amor de destino) contiene ntr?

Xeoz · Author · Dec 27, 2021

Yes. Netori. Not, netorare. They're different. Netori is where the protagonist steals the girl and netorare is the other way around.

Mitrix · Jan 19, 2022

E incesto?

Mitrix · Jan 20, 2022

Pero la tía y su hermana?

Xeoz · Author · Jan 20, 2022

Oh, wait, wrong one. I forgot that it's for FLG. To answer that question, it still depends. I haven't made my decision regarding that one. My bad.

Xeoz · Author · Sep 28, 2021

This sucks. I was planning to release a chapter today, but electricity got cut off for 4 hours and I'm about to head out tonight. 

Oink · Sep 28, 2021

Lol hahahagafa

Xeoz · Author · Aug 30, 2021

100k views Eroge first month. clear.pngclear.png

Lain · Aug 30, 2021

nice clear.png

Xeoz · Author · Aug 25, 2021

Going to take a break tomorrow. I'm quite exhausted and feeling sick.

Katsuya · Aug 16, 2021

Author-sama, do you have any tips for writing school life stories or tips for writing in generel?

Xeoz · Author · Aug 17, 2021

Um, base on my experience in a month of writings. You need to understand the flow of the scenes and understand the personality of the character. Like, if I create a character like this, what kind of development do I need for him to improve? What kind of conflict do I need to create for him to understand? And etc. Always remember every conflict or action has consequences. 

Katsuya · Aug 17, 2021

Oh~ i see!  mhm, makes sense. thanks! clear.png

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    New Author who just recently found that writing is a quite fun activity to do.




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