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Apr 30, 2021

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Famous Author
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Joined: Apr 30, 2021
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The biggest, tallest, thickest, greenest weed you will ever lay eyes upon.

Ilikewaterkusa · Jul 21, 2022

He now has to get a new user name

Ilikewaterkusa · Jul 21, 2022

Instinctually thought that would be like one of the most disgusting, degenerate, pornographic videos in the world since it was on danbooru

Tsuru · Jul 31, 2022

Well that is one quite-big bias XD
though it kinda got some part of truth to be honest

Tsuru · Mar 16, 2022

Shoutout to my favorite authors that i found a really interesting R18 jp novel of a more comedy/wholesome genre:

I posted it, translating with only google translate. I share it so people can have a good laugh.
Ilikewaterkusa · Feb 3, 2022

That name is barely false

Jessy · Sep 7, 2021

The discord invite link has expired.

Biggest-Kusa-Out-There · Author · Sep 7, 2021 this should work until the heat death of the universe according to a tutorial i just watched, lol.

RaelDeer · Aug 7, 2021

#1 on trending, absolutely deserved.

Biggest-Kusa-Out-There · Author · Aug 18, 2021

"I'll fucking do it again" HAHA

Agentt · Jul 15, 2021

Congratulations on trending

Tsuru · Jul 6, 2021

Sorry for being an unworthy as i fast read some of the chapters of your series (also i thank you for being a rare author that do futa FMC), but i need a spoiler/small confirmation : Does FMC have some kind of problem where she is too op hence can't control her strength ? Hence why there are sometimes details that says she do weak actions ?

Tsuru · Jul 7, 2021

Ok. Indeed feel better quality now you givethis info.

*Lookat image * Indeed a decent skincolor.

Isit from bloodline or just sun tan ? Sometimes some authors write "tan skin" despite it from being bloodline (cliche demons, devils, dark elves [i don't imply dark elves automatically means theyare evil] and stuff)

OR mutation- genes evolution because the people live in a place with heavy sun (ex : desert) = their ancestors of them began to have darkskin and have descendants with it.

Tsuru · Jul 7, 2021

Not sure if it's mainstream but i usually dislike the use of "tan skin" when it is not "tan" from sun.

Also sorry. I got a slight racism for dark skin people/character, in my subconscious that my logical brain/personality suppress hard = look normal/friendly when dark people are also good people. (But don't bother to suppress my racism when they are evil)

It is to blame the fact i got a past of encountering a few douche (annoying) dark people multiple times.

FL 1 is accepted though. UwU

Biggest-Kusa-Out-There · Author · Jul 7, 2021

Not sure if you're aware, but 'tan skin' is a natural skin color regardless of sun exposure. I don't mean to be rude, but you don't strike me as a native english speaker (I'm not one myself), so it's understandable to not know that.

Tsuru · Jul 7, 2021

Indeed i am not native english speaker. I am french. (Joking =>) SNAILLLLLLS TASTYYYYY ! BAGUETTE !

Sigh... mini surprised. I guessed long ago. I find this english thing REALLY STUPID.
Sigh... i just forgot to add in previous post that i have the guess of it... Because no way there are so many translator that wrongly write tan skin (with meaning tanned skin) for bloodline brown skin.

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    The biggest, tallest, thickest, greenest weed you will ever lay eyes upon.

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