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Jul 2, 2021

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Rising Author
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Joined: Jul 2, 2021
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Señor Calavera...
You can also find me on,

EmperorLuck · Feb 10, 2024

Audiobooks on Youtube @Reyezwriting

Reyezwriting · Author · Feb 12, 2024

Ugh! I know what you're talking about. Those were made using AI audio, right? So they tend to read out loud without making pauses. I'm not involved in the creation of those audiobooks, and I don't know what version of the story they are based on. I have updated this novel tons of time, so the protagonist you heard from that thing may not be the same as the current one, here online.

EmperorLuck · Feb 8, 2024

My Ex-Girlfriend is the Strongest Guild Master and I’m the Weakest! MC pathetic and frustrating 👎🏻 

Reyezwriting · Author · Feb 10, 2024

Hi. How many chapters did you read? Thanks.

francesco · Sep 1, 2023

My Ex-Girlfriend is the Strongest Guild Master and I’m the Weakest!

how many chapters will it be? it's interesting.

Reyezwriting · Author · Sep 1, 2023

Let's see... I need at least 3 ton4 Volumes to tell the story, so at least 200 to 250

francesco · Sep 1, 2023

how nice that are a lot of chapters.


S10 · Mar 11, 2022

Why delete love and shadows?

Reyezwriting · Author · Mar 11, 2022

Interest for the series was overwhelmengly low. 5 people read chapter 3 and only 3 people read chapter 4. I may rewrite it later on. It was the first story I ever wrote, after all. It has a special place in my heart.

Hendro · Feb 3, 2022

Happy new year. Glad to see you still alive brother.

Reyezwriting · Author · Feb 3, 2022

These last four months have been a nightmare! I got some beta readers to check the last, official draft of my Guildfriend book, and one said that the English looked like something a translator software would spit out, while another one said it was "okay". I will be trying to release that book this month.  And, I have something else in the cooking pot before starting Volume 2.

Hendro · Feb 3, 2022

Totally cool. Gonna be waiting for it. 

BLuU · Aug 5, 2021

My works deal heavily with fetuses and this was inappropriate to comment.

First order of business, i did not drop your main novel, Not much time passed in your story so I'm waiting for chapters to load so I can appreciate development.

Ok so for the fetish of a trap/femme boy/ladyboy... the dick is suppose to be feminine and almost just a large clit. That's the norm.

BLuU · Aug 5, 2021

Now with the universal AVERAGE penis size is about 5.7.... so you wanna use a 4.5 inch or less, of you're catering to a "breedable" femboy... for a BREEDING femmeboy(this is for people that want a beautiful dickgirl to peg them) then you want 7" or more. The thing that makes it a fantasy is its not normal reality.

Calling a ladyboy dick 6" might turn off your readers (mainly straight, bi-curious, or tops) because its a natural dick size and might make them self conscious 
Reyezwriting · Author · Jul 23, 2021

I'm making some changes to Alan from "My Ex-girlfriend is the Strongest Guild Master."

In order to make him less "pathetic", as some have pointed out, I'm reworking a lot of his dialogues.

Especially the "torture scene" from chapter 6. The entire scene has been reworked. 

He will keep being a "fan of beauty", though. I can't take away that from him. But I can change the way he interacts with those that have hurted him. Physically, and mentally.

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    Señor Calavera...
    You can also find me on,

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