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Mar 4, 2019

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Famous Author
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Joined: Mar 4, 2019
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I don't know why, whenever someone asks me to tell them about myself, I have no words to say. What can I say? I don't know anything about the person I see in the mirror.

loufert · Jan 22, 2023

Just created an account to say thankyou for making this wonderful novel (villain: play of destiny), i really enjoyed it. And they say that a chapter a day, keeps the doctor away xD hoping for a continuous update, its a struggle to find good novels like this. Goodluck clear.png

Quake_Midaro · Aug 19, 2022

Was Pokémon : The Orayen Tales dropped? 

FateDevilAce · Author · Aug 19, 2022

No. It is currently at Chapter 108 on Web Novel. I will upload more chapters of it on SH very soon.

Sekiryutei · Jul 22, 2022

Are u still going to continue "The cursed star"

FateDevilAce · Author · Jul 22, 2022

Yes, but not anytime soon. I am focused on Villain for now. 

dragonwingz · Jun 6, 2022

Hey, Fate!

As you're an avid book reader, do you have any book recommendations?

FateDevilAce · Author · Jun 6, 2022

Read my stories! I am also updating a Pokemon Fanfic on WebNovel. clear.png

Truthfully, I have not read anything in a long while. Well, not anything good. 

Let me know what you are looking for. An Original work or a Fanfic. If a Fanfic, which Universe? If anything rings a bell in my mind, I will recommend it to you. 

nife999 · May 8, 2022

your novel 'Villain: The Play of Destiny' is so so good.... I totally dig all its dark elements.... so please please don't drop it... and keep writing🙏🙏 I can't wait to know what happens next

FateDevilAce · Author · May 8, 2022

Thank you! 💝 

dnax · Apr 7, 2022

congrats for no.1 on trending  

FateDevilAce · Author · Apr 7, 2022

Thank you!

Aimzay · Apr 5, 2022

Fate, I forgot the name of the setting but it’s something like charge immediately on patreon. I suggest you turn it on, as if you don’t someone can just subscribe and read the chapters, and then unsubscribe on the day before the 1st of the next month, and they won’t be charged.

loshi1505 · Jan 15, 2021

is sins of love going to be updated soon? or has it been dropped?

0t4ku · Sep 8, 2020


i love  the cursed star

ty for back <3

hanjo704 · Aug 7, 2020

yosha i'm so happy to hear this can't wait to read??

FateDevilAce · Author · Aug 7, 2020

The Cursed Star is back! 

Someone finally voted for it on Patreon, and it turned out to be a tie. There will be Six chapters published for it on Patreon, and four Public releases on RR, SH, and MSB. 

Double releases on 12th and 14th August, 2020. 


Sexter · Aug 7, 2020

Yay clear.png

Julio · Jul 11, 2020

Do you still write the cursed star or is it on hiatus it is with sins of love one of my favourite novels pls give a reply and thx for all the chapters till now

FateDevilAce · Author · Jul 12, 2020

TCS is on Hiatus, and it should be back soon. 

I am glad you have liked my stories. And I hope that they will keep you hooked till the end. 

hanjo704 · Jul 11, 2020

whether this novel will continue? I think this is the best novel I have ever read  ..:)

FateDevilAce · Author · Jul 11, 2020

Which novel? Sins of Love or The Cursed Star?

Well, I don't have any plans on dropping any of my stories. I want to finish all of them. 

So yes, they will continue.

hanjo704 · Jul 12, 2020

I'm sorry did not explain :) what I mean is the cursed star is one of the best nover I've ever read I will continue to support you?

FateDevilAce · Author · Jul 12, 2020

Thank you!
I hope will be able to make it a memorable story for you.

FateDevilAce · Author · Apr 8, 2020


I will be working on Sins of Love for the months of April and May 2020. The schedule is set to be at three chapters a week. 

The Cursed Star will stay on Hiatus for the next two months and will return in July 2020. (Update: It was not voted for on my Patreon for July. Hopefully, someone will vote for it in the coming months, and it will be back.)


FateDevilAce · Author · Mar 12, 2019

I am so grateful that we have a site that encourages people to write whatever they want to. The people here know how to treat fiction as fiction, which is absent in the readership and management of other sites.

Thank you to the readers that are reading my stories!
Thank you to the people who have not read my stories and have also not hit me with bad ratings because they frowned upon my choice of themes to write on.

Maken · Feb 23, 2020

Eu que agradeço por compartilhar esses mundo maravilhosos, te desejo tudo de bom !

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    I don't know why, whenever someone asks me to tell them about myself, I have no words to say. What can I say? I don't know anything about the person I see in the mirror.

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