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Jul 30, 2021

Joined: Jul 30, 2021
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SakeVision · Author · Jan 9, 2022

Like A Dog

At first twilight, I eagerly awaited our reunion
At second twilight, I was sad, not being able to meet you
At third twilight, I cursed you, for not meeting me
At fourth twilight, I forgot why I wanted to meet you in the first place
At fifth twilight, I forgot you
Then at the sixth twilight, we met
But I didn't recognize you.
SakeVision · Author · Nov 17, 2021

there was once a game called Planescape Torment

it posed a question: what can change the nature of man?
Long ago I said: "only individual in question can change their own nature. Where there is will, there is a way."
But now I say: "Nothing can change the nature of man. You can only mask it."
diaporesis · Feb 8, 2022

Man, I loved Planescape Torment. Shame what happened to its spiritual successor, though.

SakeVision · Author · Oct 24, 2021

I just had some deep thoughts about writing.

Until now, I was writing to make my stories like a complex and beautiful gameboard of chess, where each character is a piece and each player does optimal moves.
Such gameboard would be both thought-provoking and interesting, though not necessairly entertaining in the shallow sense of the world.
SakeVision · Author · Oct 24, 2021

Because if humans want to get merely entertained, they should go watch some flash Hollywood movie where explosions go bang bang or maybe sniff a couple of lines of cocaine every day like I used to do. There's your dopamine rush and happiness, and you don't need to put effort into anything complicated like reading a novel to feel happy and content with life.

SakeVision · Author · Oct 24, 2021

However, now I think, that merely creating a gameboard isn't enough. Now a certain ambition is born within my heart, I think I want to create a gameboard that's capable of touching humans on a deeper and emotional level, just like my favorite fictions did to me. Not merely be thought-provoking, which is superficial, but also go deeper to the depth of a person's soul.

SakeVision · Author · Oct 24, 2021

The only reason I didn't attempt it until now, is because I was humble and didn't think such a brain-damaged and ruined person as myself can attempt such a colossal task and succeed.

But you can never know until you try.
SakeVision · Author · Oct 1, 2021

He suddenly, fucking, before fucking in an instant, deciding to fucking promptly fucking following it up with a fucking, upon fucking, while fucking he, following the fucking he…

ConcubusBunny · Oct 11, 2021

That's some stellar poetry

SakeVision · Author · Oct 11, 2021

Thank you, I'm a natural

SakeVision · Author · Sep 13, 2021

I just read a short fic that was "dedicated to honoring my father" and it started with the words:

my father hated three types of people: liars, thieves and lazies. And unfortunately, as a child, I was all of these things.

Click to expand...

It's then that I realized I'm in for quite a ride, and needless to say, the contents didn't disappoint me.

Ninestar619 · Sep 10, 2021

Wow clear.png you posted a new novel!!!! clear.png

SakeVision · Author · Sep 10, 2021

its just a shadows house fanfic. btw shadows house is one of my favorite manga, and I'm very active in the fanbase, as well as owning physical copies of the manga volumnes- this is just my love letter to the series

Ninestar619 · Sep 10, 2021

Oh ~ such a loyal fan clear.pngclear.png

Ninestar619 · Sep 7, 2021

You watched it full? clear.png Who is your favorite character? clear.png

SakeVision · Author · Sep 7, 2021

I watched it full and I also read the manga, Guren is my favorite character, but Ferid is super entertaining, too~ 

Ninestar619 · Sep 7, 2021

Wow!!!!! That's a nice choice clear.png I like Guren and my favorite character is Ferid clear.png I haven't seen the Manga bit, I heard it only some chapters after the anime clear.png I like Crowly too!!! 

SakeVision · Author · Sep 7, 2021

oh no, manga is A LOT of chapters after the anime, and it even has a spin off light novel about guren and mahiru, tho frankly speaking I haven't read these spin offs (yet)

Ninestar619 · Sep 8, 2021

Wow clear.png and I don't knowclear.png 

Ninestar619 · Sep 7, 2021

Aaaa!!!! clear.png thank you soooooo much for followingclear.png You made my day bright clear.png this means a lot to me clear.png *bow* 

This means we are friends now right? clear.png

Ninestar619 · Sep 7, 2021

Heyyyyyoooo!!!! clear.png I am your new follower clear.png and am searching for followers clear.png hope you follow clear.png 

Your series looks interesting clear.png you don't mind if I take it to my reading list right? clear.png

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