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Mar 7, 2019

Joined: Mar 7, 2019
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sak-chii · Aug 31, 2019

Also, come back to SH server u lurker

sak-chii · Aug 30, 2019

*Glare* Stop lying

OddJamm · Author · Aug 30, 2019


sak-chii · Aug 29, 2019

You deleted your story?! wait what did u write again?

OddJamm · Author · Aug 30, 2019

*coughs* what story? ;;>.> *wipes sweat* my dark history....

Tsuru · Apr 27, 2019

Saw you comment in Reincarnated cat. Hehehe. x)

OddJamm · Author · Apr 28, 2019

*le gasp* I've been found!

Arexio · Apr 6, 2019

I found you on SH proper!


OddJamm · Author · Apr 6, 2019

Oh no! I've been found! XD *runs from T-Rex*

Tony · Mar 26, 2019

Just testing to see if it's still bugged for you. Can you reply to this?

OddJamm · Author · Mar 26, 2019

Yes! Thank you!

Tsuru · Mar 26, 2019

As you seem perfectly fine with yuri/GL (or really like it), are you interested to join the thread "Yuri Garden" on the forum of Novel Updates ? There, you will be able to talk about any recent interesting or bad yuri that appears, from yuri novels in NU, to the ones in RoyalRoad or ScribbleHub, or even the doujins in Dynasty Reader/Scans.

Tsuru · Mar 26, 2019

Dynasty reader, if you don't know is: the number one website that host NEAR ALL yuri doujins or mangas that are translated on the web.
I really hope you will join Yuri Garden, it's pretty active (expecially me and Ubik).

OddJamm · Author · Mar 26, 2019

Hello? Hello? This is like when you call someone but the signal sucks so it doesn't work (T^T)... I replied but I don't think it posted...Edit: OMG IT POSTED! Also I would love to join since I've scavenged all those websites before but me being me I didn't appear lol. FINALLY! IT POSTED! *tears of joy*

HonestMistake · Apr 9, 2019 do i get to this holy land...

OddJamm · Author · Apr 9, 2019

HonestMistake, here's a link to the holy land.

HonestMistake · Mar 25, 2019

I was just about to go read your story....but it disappeared....sadface

HonestMistake · Mar 25, 2019

My notifications say you replied to my post, but there is no reply....

OddJamm · Author · Mar 25, 2019

How weird! Imma go check my settings then...

HonestMistake · Mar 25, 2019

have you been replying to my post while keeping your comments private? silly author...

OddJamm · Author · Mar 25, 2019

No! I swear all the stuff is checked in my settings! R-right??? ( T^T ) M-maybe it's a bug?.. I reported it in the forums but no one replied yet... ps a chapter is out please read it! (>w<)
Ps the bug is fixed yay

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