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Mar 16, 2019

Joined: Mar 16, 2019
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Write my stories for fun. Write at my own time (aka when I am free).

Discord server:

sak-chii · Author · May 12, 2020

So whilst writing the new chapter for Cat Haven, I came across the servant hierarchy during the Victorian period.

Please be informed that Head maid is changed to Housekeeper for Rose's scene

sak-chii · Author · Mar 18, 2020

Chapter 7 of Living as a fujoshi is out! Now, Im writing on the side story of the "transmigrated but I'm a...: A slave's Life" side story 

sak-chii · Author · Jan 2, 2020

Happy New Year (belated) to you guys!

sak-chii · Author · Jan 2, 2020

Cat Haven Re-written Chapter 3 and Side story 1 uploaded!

sak-chii · Author · Oct 23, 2019

Cat Haven has finally been updated!

sak-chii · Author · Oct 14, 2019

Published Transmigrated series

sak-chii · Author · Oct 14, 2019

currently sent these for edits
- Transmigrated but I'm a... : A slave's life Chapter 2 (Edited. last update before releasing)

- Cat Haven Chapter 3 (written but not yet edited)

Arexio · Oct 14, 2019


sak-chii · Author · Sep 15, 2019

- Writing for SSSC V
Created a discord server:

sak-chii · Author · Aug 31, 2019


My laptop spoiled yesterday. It will be quite some time before I can start writing (hopefully if I have the motivation but a promise is a promise....)

Arexio · Aug 31, 2019


OddJamm · Aug 31, 2019

Oof, I hope that gets fixed soon. Good luck!

TheBoredDreamer · Sep 1, 2019


sak-chii · Author · Aug 29, 2019

I thought of another series... it'll be a short series and only upload it after I finish writing the series.. and these are my plans for the following series.

sak-chii · Author · Aug 29, 2019

1. Cat haven - Writing
2. Living as a fujoshi - writing. (thought of a plot for next chap but can't put it to words)
3. The adventure of Jasmine - Hiatus. (This is a hard writing style... for me currently)
4. Kami-sama [email protected] fanfic - Dropped/Hiatus (this is the hardest writing style amongst all my series.Not to mention... all the chapters in this series are still base on the Chap 1 of the manga)

sak-chii · Author · Aug 29, 2019

I almost finishing my internship and now working on the fujoshi to think of the correct words for it. And as I still write, I will write the next series..(still havent thought of a name but thought of the basic idea behind it)

Sorry for the long Hiatus

Arexio · Aug 29, 2019


mrsimple · Aug 28, 2019

If ya wanna tip, set it up first, 'kay?

sak-chii · Author · Aug 29, 2019

Ayy.. but I don't think no one will pay for an author like me who don't post much and not focus on 1 series (my attention span is short >.>)

mrsimple · Aug 29, 2019

You'll never know for certain unless ya give it a try. ;)

sak-chii · Author · Aug 12, 2019

Will be back on 2 Sep... sorry for the long hiatus

sak-chii · Author · Jul 23, 2019

Forgot to Place my stories on hiatus mode. 1 more month left

sak-chii · Author · May 12, 2019

Sequence of publishing
1. Cat Haven
2. Living as a Fujoshi
3. The Adventure of Jasmine
4. Kami-sama [email protected]

Hope it can be like this but my life scedule is pretty tiring. T^T

OddJamm · May 12, 2019

Good luck with life~ Take care of yourself first!

sak-chii · Author · May 5, 2019

Hmm.. I would take a while to update. The cat Haven new chapter is almost done. Doing several updates on it

Next would be my Fujoshi series

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    Write my stories for fun. Write at my own time (aka when I am free).

    Discord server:

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