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Jan 2, 2019

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Well-Known Author
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Joined: Jan 2, 2019
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Pulki8 · Sep 1, 2023

I just completed reading this novel, and I have to say the last note of author was too humble, considering the finished novel.....I feel, it was a breath of fresh air among other works of Chinese genre....just take death for instance, life was not taken for granted, yet author donot shy away from necessary for ups and downs, I feel that's to be expected, otherwise won't it be a fairytale 

dogguy639 · Jan 26, 2023

I remember reading your story back when you still used Patreon, glad to have found it again. 

lalaland1234 · Feb 20, 2022

Your novel is one of the best I've read. Please continue writing!!

Tielow · Jun 16, 2021

good stuff.

CloudySkySadMoon · Jul 31, 2020

Wow! I found this novel again clear.png So glad you're still writing.

rdawv · Author · Aug 1, 2020

I remember you :)

CloudySkySadMoon · Aug 11, 2020

<3 ^__^

Tsuru · Apr 15, 2019

Too bad that your series doesn't have romance. I would have tried it if there was.

SushiShon · May 21, 2020

Imma be honest here.... WDYM?! "doesn't have romance." Pfft! The book is filled with romance! It's kinda limited at first, but then it grows into awesomeness... There is obviously romance. ;-;

Tsuru · Jun 1, 2020

HMMMMMMMMMMMMM ????????????????????

It's been like 1 year or more or less (i don't remember) since i last login in, i check alerts and see that. No problem. But i check your series and somehow don't remember ever seeing this summary before.

So maybe i mistakenly posted my comment on the wrong author or you deleted previous series and created a new one, which i really doubt it.

Tsuru · Jun 1, 2020

Also as proof of me never seeing your series is because i really dislike quick transmigration genre (in general, not saying that your series is bad). Hence it's weird that i would comment that i would have tried your series.

Anyway. What i want to say is that my first comment shouldn't be here and you should ignore it.

Harlanolief · Feb 25, 2019

Really great novel dude , can't wait another chap

rdawv · Author · Feb 15, 2019

Should have a chapter this weekend. CNY holiday is only 2 days but many friends and relatives working/living in China often take up to 2 weeks leave to go abroad and that means a lot of catching up with them. Also I'm thankful for those who left comments and apologies that I couldn't reply to them all except for the random few here and there: I log in and see a 3 digit notifications on the bell icon...

Blacklotus · Feb 15, 2019

oh cool, great novel btw :D

abdo · Feb 10, 2019

I am truely grateful for this , first time reading something mixed with poetry startegies and love like this to me i consider it a masterpiece to my own collections i have so far read , thank you

rdawv · Author · Feb 11, 2019

Thank you, I am honored and humbled that you think that way.

Blacklotus · Feb 9, 2019

Buddy are you high on drugs? 60 chapters a week, you got to be kidding me.

rdawv · Author · Feb 10, 2019

The novel started in NU Forums back in 2016, if not for Tony's help it would not be hosted here at all (I was too lazy to manually post 200+ chapters, he wrote some sort of automated script to do it).

m7vpc · Feb 6, 2019

I love your series. Very well thought out and I love how the characters are complex human beings. This is the first time I'm reading someone's work like it was done by a professional, instead of being a fanfic.

rdawv · Author · Feb 6, 2019

Thank you very much for your kind words.

Arcturus · Jan 2, 2019

Welcome to Scribblehub!
*claims for cat corps*

rdawv · Author · Jan 2, 2019

In the midst of going through edits.

Arcturus · Jan 2, 2019

*pats head*

Gledis · Feb 9, 2019

Man I wish you the best! That all for now.

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