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Nov 1, 2021

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Famous Author
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Joined: Nov 1, 2021
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Dream__forger · May 20, 2024

So I have a question about grace in the later chapter. After her whole meltdown about being so willing to kill and all that does it ever go back to the way it was like the whole stabing loving grace or does she become some pacifist becuae the later would be kind of sad because then it feels like the story is back tracking a bit personality wise atleast.

Dream__forger · May 31, 2024

Also sorry if the last message came across as rude if it did I didn't mean for it to be. I didn't think to add that at the time of making the comment becuse I didn't write it to be rude so kind didn't think it could be but after rereading it I fear that it might have come across that way. Sorry for rambling clear.png

Jello85 · Mar 16, 2024

Hello, once again i appear as a specter of nothing.

Is everything alright with the world? It is worryful

Jello85 · Feb 8, 2024

Hi hi!! Eaten yet?

Jello85 · Jan 22, 2024

Are you okay? It's been quite some time.

Jello85 · Jan 12, 2024

Don't. Forget. To. Take. Breaks.

Getting sick is a no go!clear.png Rest and recuperate!

Jello85 · Dec 26, 2023

Hey, just checking. Are you okay? Need to complain anything?

Jello85 · Dec 22, 2023

Psst.. dont forget to rest.clear.png

Elgrich · Dec 11, 2023

Good luck on exams 👍 

Jello85 · Dec 10, 2023

You okay?

Soussouni · Author · Dec 10, 2023

I have exams! I'll be back by next week.

Jello85 · Dec 10, 2023

Good luck!

RatedOverr · Oct 21, 2023

I plan on reading your pokemon fanfic, but before I do would you mind answering some questions i have about it relating to the romance aspect. How slow romance are we talking about, since I am not wanting to currently read something which takes 100s of chapters for romance to start and second (assuming you are fine with spoiling) who is the love interest?

lamymamasteponme · Oct 22, 2023

I am not the author but as a fellow reader, I can try to answer your questions (I think the author is abit busy studying for midterm right now). Romance starts out slow (and there is a valid reason for that) but picks up rather quickly once characters have been introduced and established. How romance proceeds is closely linked to the main plot so let’s keep it spoiler free! Give it a try and enjoy the journey clear.png (and I shall see you in the latest chapter in couple days clear.png)

lamymamasteponme · Oct 20, 2023

New cover for the series!! clear.png

spiteful · Aug 1, 2023

Bruh how do you write so much so quickly of such high quality, its insane and you are incredible 

lamymamasteponme · Jun 21, 2023

Loving your pokemon fanfic! clear.png

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