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Nov 6, 2021

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I write things. I draw things. And sometimes I attempt to make some music. But it’s all below average though.

Insomniologist · Author · Jan 25, 2024

Update: I’ve decided to reupload the chapter at 7am. Hope it works this time.

Insomniologist · Author · Jan 25, 2024

So, SH is being a bit dumb at the moment, and has decided to unlist the latest chapter of CDNE. Here’s the link, since that still works.

If it doesn’t show up in the list before the afternoon, I’ll try reposting it.

Insomniologist · Author · Dec 2, 2023

3 Chapters of Chaos (does not) Ensue are releasing at 9:00 AM CST on 12/2

I'll be trying to stay on schedule, 2-3 chapters every Saturday, but no promises.

By the way, please tell me if any of them don't release, I've never used the scheduled release feature before.

“It’ll be cringe, but it’s my cringe.” - Anonymous

Insomniologist · Author · Nov 30, 2023

Why have I never seen an RPG where the final boss is a physical manifestation of the collective consciousness of humanity? With all the bullshit ideas these final bosses incorporate (‘Absolute God of Hyperdeath’ absolutely included), you’d think I would have seen it already. It could even have a theme made up entirely of distorted motifs from throughout the game, and not just the battle themes. You could be fighting it, and then what seems to be the inn theme starts playing.

Paul_Michaels · Oct 30, 2023

Hey Insomniologist! Thx for the review. I really appreciate it! And Yeah I like your idea of naming Volume 3 to Volume 0. 

Cheers. clear.png

Insomniologist · Author · Sep 9, 2023

I have just realized that the same company that made Battle Garegga were the ones who made Kuru Kuru Kururin. This is by far the most cursed piece of knowledge I have ever attained. The only thing that this realization clears up is the eternal question of “Why does Kuru Kuru Kururin have an absolutely banging OST?”, but now I have to deal with the question of “Why the hell was this game made? Who asked for a game about a rotating stick? Why does it have not one, but two sequels?”

Insomniologist · Author · Sep 1, 2023

Have you ever had an Everything Bagel? You know, the kind with all of the the seasonings and herbs and shit on top? Well, pro tip, whatever you do, don’t microwave them. It will make them smell like vomit, and I say that with zero hyperbole. The smell will also stick to anything near the heated bagel, lasting for about ten hours. So, if you choose to ignore my warning, have fun smelling like puke and/or stomach acid for almost half a day.

Insomniologist · Author · Jul 31, 2023

I finally managed to get a job. Standard Mexican food restaurant. I’ve noticed that I am at least a head taller than everyone else working there. Saw a dude who looked scarily similar to Will Powers from Ace Attorney eating his enchiladas. That made me question my sanity for a bit. The guy who got hired alongside me speaks fluent German, the lucky bastard. I was straight up limping by the end of the day, since I was wearing a new pair of shoes and they don’t let you sit down at all.

Insomniologist · Author · Jul 14, 2023

Currently stuck between a rock and a hard place. The rock being brainstorming for my story, and the hard place being finding a job. 

I also, after like, 10+ years of drawings things, finally managed to draw a hand that actually looks semi-competent, so that’s an achievement I guess. 

I’m probably going to try and draw a placeholder cover for the story, so look forward to that, people who are totally real and not just me accounting for the fact that someone might eventually see this.

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    I write things. I draw things. And sometimes I attempt to make some music. But it’s all below average though.

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