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Well-Known Author
Nov 30, 2021

Well-Known Author
Joined: Nov 30, 2021
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Afewconcepts65 · Author · Feb 6, 2023

Title under my username changed to well-known author, lets gooooo

Afewconcepts65 · Author · Feb 7, 2023

Wait its back to rising

Afewconcepts65 · Author · Feb 7, 2023

Now its back to well-kown? This thing needs to make up its mind

Afewconcepts65 · Author · Feb 4, 2023

Next chapter might be a long one. Might take a minute to come out.

Afewconcepts65 · Author · Oct 14, 2022

All the way back in chapter 2 of 'the young lady has run away' I said I couldn't come up with a good way to subvert elves. I eventually came up with a really good idea, but now I gotta wait until after the academy arc to properly show it off.

Afewconcepts65 · Author · Sep 3, 2022

Chapter 14 is back up and 15 also got slightly revised

Afewconcepts65 · Author · Sep 1, 2022

I think I'm going to take some time and alter both the capital confrontation and we're gonna have a nice long chat after this chapters with the goal of making Cornelius a bit more unlikable. Then I'll post a side chapter which will be the last chapter before the academy arc starts

Afewconcepts65 · Author · Jul 27, 2022

I'd just like to take a moment and apologize for the cliff hanger in the last chapter. I wasn't expecting this chapter to take so long. This chapter will be a similar size to the last one and will be finshed tomorrow or the day after and completely finish the fight. The chapter after this one should also wrap up the current arc and we'll be well on our way to the academy arc

Afewconcepts65 · Author · Jul 3, 2022

Hey, figured I'd give an update about the progress off the next chapter since its been a bit. I'm at around 2,000 words now which is rough double the average chapter length. I can easily see the final product being around 3,000 words. Thanks for your patience 

Afewconcepts65 · Author · Jun 18, 2022

I banged out a quick one shot because I couldn't stay focused on the next chapter of the young lady has run away. I went for a similar vibe to the blind rage chapter. Feel free to check it out and I hope it holds you guys over til the next chapter releases 

Afewconcepts65 · Author · Jun 18, 2022

Its been about an hour and the oneshot is not showing up in my series tab which is strange. You can find it in my reading list in the completed one if you're having trouble finding it

Afewconcepts65 · Author · Jun 16, 2022

Hey all, just like to say that it might take awhile for the next chapter to come out because,  as it looks currently, its probably gonna be the longest chapter so far, by like a mile. 

Clayton4956 · Jun 16, 2022

Take your time!

Clayton4956 · Jun 15, 2022

And would you look at that! "The Young Lady Has Run Away" is first on trending today! Congrats!

Afewconcepts65 · Author · Jun 16, 2022

Honestly feels a little surreal 

Afewconcepts65 · Author · Jun 11, 2022

So uh, "the young lady has run away" hit number 2 on the daily trending today, meaning it was the second story someone clicking on the website would see. So thats pretty neat I guess.

Clayton4956 · Jun 11, 2022


Afewconcepts65 · Author · Feb 23, 2022

I know I literally just got back from a long absence, but I'm gonna be taking another break because the witch queen dlc for destiny 2 came out and I have to prep for a day 1 clear of the raid

Afewconcepts65 · Author · Feb 18, 2022

Once again I must apologize for my absence. I'm just gonna be honest and tell you all that I was busy play pokemon legends arceus. Like unhealthy amounts of pokemon legends arceus. I've gotten the shiny charm, perfected several pages for pokemon that can't be shiny hunted in outbreaks, and Ive gotten over a full box of shinies, two of which were full odds. I'll try to get the next chapter out today or tomorrow 

Afewconcepts65 · Author · Jan 22, 2022

Hey all, this is my first time posting on my page, but I figured its better to post announcements here than making a whole new chapter to announce things. Anyway I'll keep this short. Sorry for the lack of updates lately. I've been experiencing some writers block and a general lack of motivation. I really suck at this whole slice of life city building stuff. At this point I'm considering cutting some stuff to get to the academy arc. Not entirely sure when the next chapter will be out though

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