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Famous Author
Jan 22, 2022

Famous Author
Joined: Jan 22, 2022
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Why hello there, hooman.

I offer free editing in my free time. Just comment in my profile and DM/mail me the stuff you want edited, I'll see to it if I'm free.

SORAhasGONE · Author · Feb 13, 2024

Currently writing.

And for the love of the GODS or whatever DIVINE is up THERE, MY BRAIN IS NOT BRAINING!

Ravena_Lochlin · Feb 13, 2024

maybe it's just the words not wording? you could try to add a dash of sugar? Cookie clear.png!

SORAhasGONE · Author · Feb 13, 2024

We're back home! Yippee!

I fucking hate airplanes. Excuse my language. 

Ravena_Lochlin · Feb 13, 2024

the flying rat tunnel desires your love, why do you forsake it? (Tbh I don't like flying either.) Cookie clear.png.

SORAhasGONE · Author · Feb 11, 2024

I've made a poll for RCO regarding some topic I've been meaning to address. It's something I can't decide on my own, so! I've decided to make it into a poll!

Ravena_Lochlin · Feb 9, 2024


SORAhasGONE · Author · Feb 9, 2024

You're always so fast, @Ravena_Lochlin

Ravena_Lochlin · Feb 9, 2024

It all depends on if I’m sleeping, if I’m not then I’m reading. Cookie clear.png.

AsadaUni · Feb 9, 2024


AsadaUni · Feb 6, 2024

New cheapters when? clear.png

SORAhasGONE · Author · Feb 6, 2024

I'm writing one right now, actually. Dunno when it's going up tho since I just started an hour ago. Might be tomorrow or another day.

AsadaUni · Feb 6, 2024

Ah good to hear. And sorry didn't read all the profile comments. Hope your doing better clear.png and I cookie for you

Ravena_Lochlin · Jan 30, 2024

I'll catch up on it when i done  using the sleepy. Cookie clear.png.

SORAhasGONE · Author · Jan 23, 2024

Update! I'll be discharged in about a week. We'll return to my country two weeks after if I stay stable! 

JTZERO · Jan 23, 2024

Glad your on the mend.

Irlina · Jan 23, 2024

Congratulations! Hope everything keeps going well. 

Cavler · Jan 23, 2024

Glad to hear!

Rosalan · Jan 30, 2024


SORAhasGONE · Author · Jan 9, 2024

I finally got my hands on that famous author title! Not that it really matters, just a nice milestone. 

Cavler · Jan 9, 2024


SomeoneAtADesk · Jan 9, 2024


Ravena_Lochlin · Jan 10, 2024

Niiiiiicccceeeeeee, cookie clear.png!

SORAhasGONE · Author · Jan 7, 2024

Laptop was fixed! Horray! 

Ravena_Lochlin · Jan 8, 2024

Good to hear! Cookie clear.png.

SORAhasGONE · Author · Jan 6, 2024

The laptop I was using broke💀

Stupid thing would turn on only to turn off five minutes later. How annoying, seriously.

Edit: And I don't wanna write on my phone, so you'll have to bear with waiting a bit until this thing's fixed.

(I was smacking it as I was writing this edit.)

Cavler · Jan 6, 2024

that sounds like a loose connection, if I had to guess, the ram or the battery (charge port). in a repair shop, its most likely done in about 30-ish minutes. 

that or a software fault (old driver) still they can probably repair that relatively fast.

of course if you still have warranty, have it brought back to the store first. then it's free, but can take longer if it's a hardware problem.

SORAhasGONE · Author · Jan 6, 2024

@Ravena_Lochlin there's probably something loose inside. Smacking it makes it work and don't work, either of the two. 

SORAhasGONE · Author · Jan 6, 2024

@Cavler yeah, that's what we suspect too

Ravena_Lochlin · Jan 6, 2024

I’m not particularly tech savvy so I wouldn’t know, all I do is keep my devices safe and useable (I’ve used this iPad for 7 years and it still runs decently well) cookie clear.png.

SORAhasGONE · Author · Dec 10, 2023

Yo. I'm alive. Not going to get into detail(that's personal), but I'm alive. Only got access to my phone after I was transferred out of the ICU, so I could only update y'all now. Did you wait?

Irlina · Dec 11, 2023

Good luck with the recovery! Hope you feel better!

SORAhasGONE · Author · Dec 11, 2023

If y'all think so, then I'm putting off writing until I'm out. Might take a couple months for full recovery though. I'll be spending a bit here and there to write some chapters whenever I'm not feeling too weak. Also, thank you for your understanding. 

Rosalan · Dec 11, 2023

I can be patient! take care of yourself!! Take your time and recover!!! have a good rest!!!!!


Grappleshot · Dec 20, 2023

Congratulations on surviving. I hope to hear of you going beyond and living when you're fully recovered.

JTZERO · Dec 3, 2023

Did you get the surgery? You ok?

SORAhasGONE · Author · Dec 10, 2023


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    Why hello there, hooman.

    I offer free editing in my free time. Just comment in my profile and DM/mail me the stuff you want edited, I'll see to it if I'm free.

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