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Mar 27, 2022

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Famous Author
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Joined: Mar 27, 2022
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Mostly formless. Hot and fiery on the inside, less so on the outside.

I write about a whole lot of things, including gods, lesbians, survival, humanity, and progression. Some of my favorite topics include existentialism, transhumanism, and body horror. And cuddles, I suppose.

Elaneth · Dec 12, 2023

Hey, I had a question. Did you publish your book on amazon? Because if not, someone stole your work and published it under the name "Power Game: Action Gender Bender Girls Love Mature Romance Sci-fi Supernatural (English Edition)" .

Elaneth · Dec 12, 2023

Ah and I mean your book power punch.

LilRora · Author · Dec 13, 2023

Huh, thanks for letting me know. I didn't publish anything on amazon.

Elaneth · Dec 13, 2023

No problem, I think, that it is amazing that you publish book s without momentary gain, so that's the least I can do.

Olivia_ds · Aug 29, 2023

Does you have any update on the writting? Like half complited or 2/3 finished?

LilRora · Author · Aug 29, 2023

I just got to writing the ending properly. I can't tell exactly when it'll be finished, but I finally got good motivation and hopefully it won't be more than a week. That's probably when you can expect a chapter as well.

Olivia_ds · Aug 29, 2023

Thank you very much

Olivia_ds · Jul 19, 2023

When a new chapter for power punch is coming? Any update on futur chapter is welcom

LilRora · Author · Jul 21, 2023

Prolly in a few weeks? I'm not sure, because I want the end to be really good, and it doesn't go well with doing it fast. The plan remains to finish Power Punch either during or a bit after the summer vacation.

Olivia_ds · Jul 21, 2023

Thank you

shadow_slayer · May 10, 2023

Hello fellow shapeless being welcome to the newly forming club of blobs. I am its president the goddess of void and death Nyxstella. I often take the shape of a succubus but will take other forms as well

LilRora · Author · May 10, 2023

You mean cult? Cult of the Blob?clear.png

You may call me Aurora the Red Dwarf.

...Damn, that sounds worse once I wrote it.

shadow_slayer · May 10, 2023

I mean if you want a cult sure but I just want to be friends with all the blobs

LilRora · Author · May 10, 2023

That cult thing is a recent thing from RoyalRoad. It started with Cult of the Tail from a story called Wolf of the Blood Moon.

It was supposed to be a joke.

God_of_Darkness · Dec 23, 2022

where ch70? 

LilRora · Author · Dec 24, 2022

That was an accident and you know it. I don't have that much written, much less published.

BEETLESME · Dec 23, 2022

Hi, author sama, love your novels, I know you won't reply, checking my profile, I'm not a rising or well-known author, I just wanted to be friends with a famous author, so if you did want to reply, drop your discord, I'm not active here, since I just post my novel and bounce. At least thanks for reading this infamous author's message.

Peace out clear.png
God_of_Darkness · Oct 30, 2022

Update on power punch? clear.png

LilRora · Author · Oct 30, 2022

Maybe something soon? I don't want to promise anything though. I've written a couple chapters a little ahead of the current story, and I need to connect them together, but I've no idea how much time it will take because I'm currently focusing on another story.

LilRora · Author · Oct 10, 2022

Had fourth wisdom tooth removed today, with some complications. I don't know how it will affect my writing, but it will. Right now it aches and I can't focus on anything.

Point is, I'll probably exhaust my Chaos Touched backlog earlier than I thought, possibly as soon as in two weeks (3-4 chapters). That's the pessimistic outcome, of course, and I might be worrying for nothing. I'll give another update in a few days.

lexcia · Oct 10, 2022

Taking time to recover from oral surgery like that is totally understandable. Make sure to take care of yourself!

Irlina · Oct 10, 2022

Sorry to hear about the extra problems. Good luck and wishing a speedy recovery. 

Wkppp · Sep 19, 2022

Update on power punch? clear.png

LilRora · Author · Sep 20, 2022

Still no zoomies. I don't want to promise anything either, because I have no idea when I'll get back to it properly.

God_of_Darkness · Aug 19, 2022

Any new ch on Throne of Monsters?

LilRora · Author · Aug 19, 2022

Nope. If there will ever be, it will be a rewrite. There were too many things I wanted to change or fix for me to continue the story as is.

LilRora · Author · Aug 4, 2022

Honestly, I think it's among the three best chapters I have written up to now, and that's pretty damn good considering I've written over a hundred overall, including everything I never posted.

LilRora · Author · Aug 4, 2022

I'm now riding the aftertaste of that, I just finished a new chapter that's a lot ahead of what I have posted. Now don't open this thing if you don't want to strain your nerves when you realize how long it will be till that happens. It's somewhat sensitive information you might not want to know.


It was the second Helia x Levia scene, and it will be a long while till that happens cause I still have some missing content before that point.


LilRora · Author · Aug 4, 2022

Sooo, ever had a situation when you're writing a chapter, you finish it up, and then you sit there looking at the doc and thinking "Holy shit, what did I just write."

And I mean that it the very positive meaning, that mindbreak when you can't believe you actually wrote that.

2-Degenerate · Sep 20, 2022

I only get that feeling months later when I reread something that I wrote. Otherwise, in the moment, there is always a bit of awkwardness as well as uncertainty. 

My favorite though is when I'm reading something I wrote in the past and I think of something cool to add... only to discover that the next sentence is exactly the "cool" thing I just thought of. In my head I'm just like, "damn this writer writes just like me. I mean it is me, but good job me!"

LilRora · Author · Jun 24, 2022

I'm sorry, just posted chapter 43 accidentally. Please ignore what was there... actually, I don't hope you can ignore it. Sorry again, it's deleted already.

Vananessa · Jun 24, 2022

Oh i see. Are you reworking it or just Posting it again at a later date?

LilRora · Author · Jun 24, 2022

I'm not sure yet, but I'll most likely leave it as is and post in like two months when it was supposed to be posted.

Vananessa · Jun 20, 2022

#4 on trending? Oooohclear.png

LilRora · Author · Jun 20, 2022

Yup! Saw it this morning, and I'm in good mood since!

I always hoped I'd reach that point, but never really thought it would happen so soon.

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    Mostly formless. Hot and fiery on the inside, less so on the outside.

    I write about a whole lot of things, including gods, lesbians, survival, humanity, and progression. Some of my favorite topics include existentialism, transhumanism, and body horror. And cuddles, I suppose.

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