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Jun 3, 2022

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Joined: Jun 3, 2022
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Drare2 · Mar 11, 2024

Did you drop Isekai Hotel?

ParodyGirl · Author · Mar 12, 2024


YUU9029 · Mar 2, 2024

Is Reality Master Axed?

ParodyGirl · Author · Mar 2, 2024

yeah, i dropped it 

Zogsalken · Jan 30, 2024

thank you for the follow! have another in return! clear.pngclear.pngclear.png

ParodyGirl · Author · Jan 30, 2024


MrLonely45 · Dec 28, 2023

Hello, I just want to criticize a little about Isskai Hotel.

I think it's better for the story to focus on the MC developing himself such as a hotel, power or building a Harem, I feel the MC is a fool even though he is an adult where he always helping people for just a little reward and also being very kind and naive because he always wants to be told by other people

ParodyGirl · Author · Jan 1, 2024

Thanks for your criticism. I intend to start focusing on creating a harem for him and evolving his strength now (in the chapters I'm writing to post on patreon).

SaucyHug · Nov 14, 2023

Out of all the things you could do why did you pick a goblin girl for nahida? Please pick up Likes novel again.

ParodyGirl · Author · Jan 1, 2024

Wait, the harem with anime girl will happen soon

ParodyGirl · Author · Oct 2, 2023

What do you think of a fanfic that focuses only on sex 100% of the time?

SaucyHug · Oct 16, 2023

Terrible. Sex without buildup is just porn. I don't have to read porn. I can watch it everywhere.

Kurodarkwing · Oct 21, 2023

Para noi ser repetitivo el cruco es hacer que importe, que de sienta que el MC hizo algo para tener esa Waifu y no solo por ser MC "Pufff" todas quieren con el

plot_xc · Dec 3, 2023

I am ok with it, netori is fine for me too, just not netorare

MrLonely45 · Dec 28, 2023

I think is good idea to spend time and relax 

francesco · Sep 14, 2023

HTS what was he talking about?

ParodyGirl · Author · Sep 15, 2023

"Hentai Transmigration System" Its one of my fanfics, you can find it in webnovel. But I'll probably not continue it (Maybe I will, idk)

phaeous · Jul 22, 2023

Isekai Hotel is missing

• a main character who is calm

• a main character who is attractive

• a main character who doesn't recognize our fictional worlds (since they are also fiction)

• a main character who is ambitious enough to create an isolated world with various hightech homes & mazelike waterways that connect the living spaces

• a dungeon for testing their mettle against people who have stayed at the hotel before (clone)

• a business area for cross-world trading

ParodyGirl · Author · Jul 22, 2023

Thanks for the tips but I'm still on chapter 15 lmao

ParodyGirl · Author · Jul 22, 2023

Well, it's at the beginning of the story. I will not rewrite and will continue writing as is and will develop over time.

You can take the idea and try to write a story, I don't mind. 
SaucyHug · Jun 25, 2023

I'm sorta disappointed HTS was deleted. I like your writing style. I like the concept of multiversal summons but i'm not sure on that story. I'm sorta jaded on danmachi fanfics, well that and dxd. I understand that's what sells.  Any ways. I hope you have good day.

ParodyGirl · Author · Jun 26, 2023

I'm sorry about that. I haven't published a chapter for a long time and I just didn't feel like writing it anymore. However, I am currently writing a new fanfic and will start publishing it soon.

I hope you check it out :)
ParodyGirl · Author · Jun 26, 2023

And my new fanfic has a completely original world and won't just be about danmachi or dxd :)

ParodyGirl · Author · Jun 1, 2023

I will be sure to post daily from now on.

Well, what happened? My PC died, I fixed it, but I got covid and got very bad.

After that, my immunity lowered, and I got a severe infection in my left eye. I went to the doctor last week and will probably lose most of the vision in my left eye.

Now I am taking medicine, and I am doing much better! I thank those who have continued to wait patiently for my return.

Many thanks to all my readers!
plot_xc · Jun 1, 2023

what a luck you have right? but thank you for realising more chapters, i like the series because it doesn't have ntr and have harem and a little of mind control so thank you

Kamal1998 · Jun 1, 2023

Bon rétablissement 🙏

Enciridion · Jun 2, 2023

Take as long as you need for rest. You can't give good chapters if your not feeling well.

Kurodarkwing · Jun 3, 2023

what a bad luck, I hope you recover soon, you are a great writer and surely a great person

Battle · Mar 2, 2023

My suggestion would be that you finally decide who Ais is going to stay with, because the tug of war is a bit annoying when the main character approaches her and then passes it to Bell, if she is going to stay with the main character who Don't try to get her closer to Bell anymore and if you're going to stay with Bell, don't let the protagonist get closer to you. For me, staying with the main character for something is fanfic, screw him and stay alone with Bell.

Battle · Feb 14, 2023

The trip to the dungeon was not supposed to be to try to get closer to mikoto, so I don't understand why he brought lili. And well, the other thing I hope is that you don't do like in another danmachi fanfic where he can use the system to improve others and it is only limited to the MC, so that others also improve by having sex with him and suddenly everyone starts to be op and he would no longer be just the protagonist.

ParodyGirl · Author · Feb 14, 2023

It was supposed to be something to approach Mikoto, but the others got in the way ( lol ). Don't worry; the System only works for the MC and won't make the other characters stronger. I also think it's stupid to do that since all the characters would get OP, breaking the world's power level.

Jackieorhide · Feb 2, 2023

I suggest you change your Fandom list to have each series tagged separately

ParodyGirl · Author · Feb 2, 2023

I'll edit it later! Thank you!

Battle · Jan 28, 2023

No author please do not do as in many other novels where they waste time and spend chapters on training others or adding that the system can be used to strengthen others. I'm telling you this because I saw in the last chapter intentions of going into that by trying to train Lili and use things from the system. I beg you please, it is better to continue with the improvement route alone.

ParodyGirl · Author · Jan 30, 2023

Don't worry about it; I will only give her a sword, and she will evolve independently. I won't focus on that :) The protagonist will continue to evolve alone!

Battle · Jan 22, 2023

Author finally a question to see if you can answer me. Is he finally going to add Ais to the harem in the future or not. Well, I see the thing strange.

ParodyGirl · Author · Jan 23, 2023

I haven't decided on it yet, sorry :( But I will probably add her to the protagonist harem!

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