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May 6, 2019

Joined: May 6, 2019
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Chaaruzu_Corner · Author · Jul 18, 2019
Guys! Thank you so much! I wish I had made this post earlier but we reached 1000 favorites! Hehe what a milestone xD
nightxmare · Jul 18, 2019
congratulation on the milestone!
Tsuru · Jun 28, 2019
Kekeke, found your cover in this video at 11:00:
Didn't bother to listen to it though.
Chaaruzu_Corner · Author · Jun 29, 2019
Haha well this story's cover is just a temporary one I found in Google Images xD as I draw the real cover.

As of now I'm already done with the full sketch of Morus and just gotta color it in so yeah XD
Chaaruzu_Corner · Author · Jun 20, 2019
Hey guys I'm going back to the first house with no internet!! ^^
Chaaruzu_Corner · Author · Jun 20, 2019
Hey everyone it's me! It all worked out now, I just have to sleep in my other house! In a place very far away from home, yay! I don't know when those fuckheads fix the damn internet but I'll be staying here for now
Scribbler · Jun 20, 2019
Glad everything worked out!
Chaaruzu_Corner · Author · Jun 20, 2019
i dont know how long my internet will return to normal but i cant upload the latest chapter right now even though im done with it because the save is on my phone and i cant put it on the pc since my phone doesn't have an internet. ill try to do something about it but itll take awhile.

again sorry everyone and thank you for your patience, arigatou and ill be getting off now :)
Chaaruzu_Corner · Author · Jun 20, 2019
I am really sorry everyone, its me and my fucking internet provider is fucking with me, im on computer right now so... just to tell you guys long story short something happened over there and now my internet has been bricked,
Tsuru · Jun 18, 2019
You should check out the comments. Me and some other people found out typos. With me being more annoying with finding "double space" typos.
Chaaruzu_Corner · Author · Jun 20, 2019
i know man, some things happened so yeah, i promise ill do it
Chaaruzu_Corner · Author · Jun 8, 2019
Guys I'm done! I'm finished with the new sorting of the chapters ^^ the names are the same but yeah it's done! First off I really hated adding in Kumo Itia Gabril POV on top of every chapter on top so you guys would notice so I decided I would bold the names of the characters in the povs, for example if Itia is the one in POV her first mention of her name in the chapter means that she's in pov so yeah XD

Enjoy the new set up! ^^
Total_chaos · Jun 8, 2019
Chaaruzu_Corner · Author · Jun 5, 2019
Holy crap! Trending number 1?! HOLY SHIET! Thank you guys! I'm so grateful to y'all! I am immediately taking a pic at that oh my godness I never thought I'll be able to reach that! I just finished writing half of the chapter and I saw that! Thank you!! Now I am even more motivated! Thank you guys really I never thought it'll reach that in such a short amount of time, really... ARIGATOU!!!! ^^^^^^^ :D XD :) :P
Maple · Jun 5, 2019
Chaaruzu_Corner · Author · May 22, 2019
Dun dun dun..!!! As you can see I've reach 6th on trending!! Thank you guys xD lol at first when I look at that page I was shock to see my spot disappear and thought I must have gone down and was delighted that it was the opposite!! XD
Chaaruzu_Corner · Author · May 22, 2019
Holy shit! I just celebrating getting 1k pageviews on the first chapter but now I thank all 2.5k readers for taking a look at my story ^^ thank you you guys made me reach a new record in my story, as someone who loves looking at statistics I'm truly grateful! :D
Citsune · May 21, 2019
Hoh, Congratulations on the 1k pageviews, Kyon~!
Chaaruzu_Corner · Author · May 21, 2019
Thankchu! x3
Chaaruzu_Corner · Author · May 20, 2019
Thank you guys! We did it! Chapter 1 has reach the 1k pageviews ^^ I can't thank you enough :D
Chaaruzu_Corner · Author · May 20, 2019
Hehe I was the statistics as a reader and as an author were the same xD a bit inconvenient to look for my traffic and pageviews in different pages
Chaaruzu_Corner · Author · May 20, 2019
Guys cmon it's almost there! 2nd place in witches we can do it!!!
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