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Famous Author
May 6, 2019

Famous Author
Joined: May 6, 2019
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Comments: 513
Rootbeerguy · Jul 19, 2022

This was pretty good, more?

Mutekun · Jul 6, 2022

Black witch is amazing i hope you re pick this up it be sad to see it die

nicke · Feb 9, 2022

need more black witch ,is it dropped ?

Benji660 · Dec 4, 2021

Is vlack witch over ? 

Watchman · Jan 21, 2022

Don’t think so, it’s not unusual for the author to disappear for a few months

Chaaruzu_Corner · Author · Sep 3, 2021

Hey everyone :) I'm back. Sorry for the almost month long break. School and video games been occupying my time. But I guess one benefit of that is that I managed to flesh out the world of Live Like A Princess by a lot. Just thinking about it all in my head and stuff.

Anyways, just released a new chapter!! clear.pngclear.pngclear.png

Chaaruzu_Corner · Author · Aug 5, 2021

Hey everyone! Reborn To Be A Villainess, I Despite Everyone, is no more!

From today onwards the new name will be Reborn A Second Time, I Want To Live Like A Princess! 

Yippee! I'm happy because now because now the title is more indicative to the contents within the story. Because you see the old name was kinda of a generic placeholder name I put in when the story is still at the early stages of development. But yeh! clear.pngclear.pngclear.pngclear.pngclear.png

Chaaruzu_Corner · Author · Aug 1, 2021

Hey guys, just an update on me. 

I wanted to finish the latest chapter of Villainess and well, I got sick. It's a lot better now but yeah, also a lot of heavy stuff in my personal life :( but it's all fine as well.

But yeah I'm used to being late but I wanted to give a heads up about it ^^clear.png

Chaaruzu_Corner · Author · Jul 27, 2021

Ding! Ding! Ding! New chapter of Black Witch just came out!!!!!!!!

Everyone enjoy the chapter, it's a long boi and definitely a juicy one to boot ;P

Chaaruzu_Corner · Author · Jul 27, 2021

Hey everyone ^^ another change in dialogue :P in chapter 53. This one much bigger, it's near the ending and it's I changed an entire paragraph. Instead of Morus telling a story from the past it's one of the people she's talking to talking about something in the present ^^ so yeah :P telling it this way so as to not spoil the people not up to date yet ^^

Chaaruzu_Corner · Author · Jul 27, 2021

Hey little change in chapter 49, changing the retainers into Page ^^ since I just realized what Page was lol

Chaaruzu_Corner · Author · Jul 24, 2021

Hey everyone! New chapter of Black Witch is out!!!!!!!!!!!!! clear.pngclear.pngclear.pngclear.pngclear.pngclear.png

QuestionableArachne · Jul 24, 2021

Is the chapter meant to be called chapter 57?

Chaaruzu_Corner · Author · Jul 24, 2021

Yeah sorry about that my mistake ^^

Chaaruzu_Corner · Author · Jul 20, 2021

Eyy!!! Ding ding ding new chapter of Villainess just came out! clear.pngclear.pngclear.png

Chaaruzu_Corner · Author · Jul 20, 2021

Hey everyone it's me :) just writing the latest chapter of Villainess and well, I did a bit of a retcon.

In the current chapter, Arianne's father told her why she can't eat food with flavors on it, I decided to change that and he be silent about it. Cuz I wanted it gradually explained through a couple of chapters then just one big infodump so ye :P

goldkey · Jul 20, 2021

Can't wait for more 💜

Chaaruzu_Corner · Author · Jul 16, 2021

Hey everyone! I'm back and a new black witch chapter was just released ^^ and I'm pretty excited on the events of the next chapters heheclear.pngclear.pngclear.png

QuestionableArachne · Jul 16, 2021

Yay! Welcome back!!!

Chaaruzu_Corner · Author · Jul 16, 2021

Thx dude ^^

Total_chaos · Jul 17, 2021

clear.png.... Welcome back

Chaaruzu_Corner · Author · Jul 18, 2021

Oh no clear.png

delete_user_26805 · Jun 8, 2021

Are you alive?

Chaaruzu_Corner · Author · Jul 16, 2021

I'm alive dude ^^

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