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May 6, 2019

Well-Known Author
Joined: May 6, 2019
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Chaaruzu_Corner · Author · Mar 31, 2020

Wow... I just checked and I didn't realized how much of a monster I am when I looked at the word count... Chapter 36 is 5996 words! while Chapter 37 is 5891 words! 

Man, I think the only reason I only realized how long the chapters how is I wrote them in multiple days or a week while with the more recent ones I just wrote 3 of them in 2 days. Yeah,,,, may I still am a monster lol

But anyways must wanna say my thought, goodbye ^^^

Fenrisruby · Mar 31, 2020

More chapter and More word in it i'm all for

Chaaruzu_Corner · Author · Mar 31, 2020

Guys, I'm probably gonna write a mega-chapter as I like to call it. Since I don't want to keep pushing this back and making further chapters lol

But yeah, what I mean by mega-chapter is just that, a super long chapter. Like 5000+ words long. I know I've done one of these before but forgot which specific chapter. But yeah, if you like super long chapters please reply.clear.png

Chaaruzu_Corner · Author · Mar 30, 2020

Lol I'm already done with chapter 43 (just gotta final read again for mistakes and types as well as adding the fonts) but I feel like publishing 3 chapters in a day would set your guys and gals' expectations too high for me to lower in the future. So yeah, maybe I'm feeling devilish right now 😈 

kaaresandfaer · Mar 30, 2020

clear.pngdam you, you are evil right nowclear.png

Fenrisruby · Mar 30, 2020

You devil we've been waiting for so long😭😭😭

Chaaruzu_Corner · Author · Mar 30, 2020


Chaaruzu_Corner · Author · Mar 26, 2020

Wow guys, I just got back and my story is already at 1# at trending! This is my second time but thank you guys!

I guess I'm really underestimating my story's success in this website lol

Chaaruzu_Corner · Author · Mar 24, 2020

Wow, xD I'm quite happy you guys still read my stuff! I'm not sure why but thank you ^^ didn't really think anyone's hype for it lol

Fenrisruby · Mar 24, 2020

Youuuurback WE miss you well as less i did mdr

Chaaruzu_Corner · Author · Mar 24, 2020

I dunno if you guys are still gonna read my story or not but I'm just glad I finally released a chapter :) I'll try and write again to see if it clicks but good luck guys, xD

I guess it takes an epidemic to get me moving again lol 
DKnight · Mar 24, 2020

I HAVE BEEN WAITING FOR THIS WITH BAITED BREATH FOR QUITE SOME TIME!!!! You will have at least me reading, I'll tell you that much.

Maple · Mar 24, 2020


kaaresandfaer · Mar 24, 2020

welcome back to this helhole of an epidemic called covid-19

marcus-beta · Mar 16, 2020

More dead than who has corona

Chaaruzu_Corner · Author · Mar 24, 2020

I'm alive! For now lol 

TRNRLogan · Feb 24, 2020

I'm assuming life got in the way.

Chaaruzu_Corner · Author · Mar 24, 2020

It always gets in the way :)

joary · Jan 11, 2020

come baccccccc!

Chaaruzu_Corner · Author · Mar 24, 2020

I'm baccccccc!

Fenrisruby · Dec 15, 2019

Are you dead or just afk clear.png

joary · Jan 11, 2020

she last logged in on November 21!

Chaaruzu_Corner · Author · Mar 24, 2020

I'm alive for now and also I'm gonna get reported if I'm afk lol

Chaaruzu_Corner · Author · Nov 4, 2019

I love how y'all guys still here even though I've been away for so long xD

Fenrisruby · Nov 4, 2019

We've been waiting!!!
LOL glad your ok

Maple · Nov 4, 2019

i need more eros!

kaaresandfaer · Nov 4, 2019


Chaaruzu_Corner · Author · Nov 3, 2019

Hey, it's me. Been a while lol but seriously I took a very long break. I don't know why or the exact reason but I know that life itself didn't want me to write until now so yeah, I'm writing the latest chapter right now, so I hope I'll be able to finish this in this week. So See ya guys

Maple · Nov 3, 2019

welcome baaackkkk!

Blestflower770 · Nov 4, 2019

Yay! Welcome back!

Crazy-hat · Nov 21, 2019

The moment is here gentlemans!

And welcome back!clear.png

joary · Jan 11, 2020


Chaaruzu_Corner · Author · Jul 18, 2019

Guys! Thank you so much! I wish I had made this post earlier but we reached 1000 favorites! Hehe what a milestone xD

nightxmare · Jul 18, 2019

congratulation on the milestone!

Tsuru · Jun 28, 2019

Kekeke, found your cover in this video at 11:00:
Didn't bother to listen to it though.

Chaaruzu_Corner · Author · Jun 29, 2019

Haha well this story's cover is just a temporary one I found in Google Images xD as I draw the real cover.

As of now I'm already done with the full sketch of Morus and just gotta color it in so yeah XD

Chaaruzu_Corner · Author · Jun 20, 2019

Hey guys I'm going back to the first house with no internet!! ^^

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