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Famous Author
May 6, 2019

Famous Author
Joined: May 6, 2019
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Chaaruzu_Corner · Author · Aug 5, 2023

Lol there's a character limit now? What is this site Twitter—I mean X lol

Wkppp · Aug 27, 2023


Chaaruzu_Corner · Author · Aug 5, 2023

Oh and as a final note, since I'm majoring in animation now I finally have my own pen tablet and can draw digitally, so yeah you'll be able to see the vision and stuff of my work! :3

But yeah for the people that kept commenting to me while I was gone, thank you guys for reading my work even though I was gone all this time clear.png

Chaaruzu_Corner · Author · Aug 5, 2023

But anyways, I hate content creators who denounces their old and more popular stuff as a bad thing and try to shame other people from enjoying it. I think those people are sellouts. While yes my old stuff is not me anymore I wish for people to still read them and enjoy what they are and go read my current works to see my evolution.

Fenrisruby · Aug 5, 2023

Glad to have you back and good job 👍

Chaaruzu_Corner · Author · Aug 5, 2023

Anyways, I'm gonna stop writing Black Witch for now. Well not stop writing but my current iteration of it is just fundamentally not what I want it to be anymore so I'll need some major retooling of it and just start fresh. I felt like I made the the internal sentencing of the story too complicated and stuff, also I do not mind sexual stuff but I want it to be more subtle now too.

Chaaruzu_Corner · Author · Aug 5, 2023

I'm back guys ^^

The main reason why I haven't returned, life and procrastination. Life got in the way, I'm in college now majoring in animation lol and secondly honestly the more I stopped writing the more I felt like my story has become foreign to me, I can change it anytime I want but current me would have written it differently than me in the past. Also I'm alive which is also a plus lmao
ThomasBricks · Jun 2, 2023

I liked your stories, hope to see them expanded someday... clear.png

Rootbeerguy · Apr 17, 2023

Some day😢

Serkadion · Feb 17, 2023

I do hope you'll come back and continue the story at some point. 

For those complaining, I would venture a guess that the author is 1) not a native English speaker.  In fact, from what I've seen, it's an Asian background.  (Based on syntax)  2) They were in school and in lockdown.   Depending on the country, they may not have had any time to themselves in the last year and a half

Watchman · Feb 27, 2023

I Hope they’re doing alright at least

Kayden · Oct 11, 2022

Why do I keep expecting anything from you? I've gotten tired of you. It was good while it lasted, but it's time I said goodbye to this story. Farewell

Booper150 · Dec 24, 2022

damn clear.png

Kayden · Dec 24, 2022

Don't "damn" me, this person  went on a year long hiatus, came back for 2~3 chapters in 2021, and here we are

Booper150 · Dec 24, 2022

they probably don't care that you aren't reading anymore, since they havent logged on since august. it isnt really a big deal as authors come and go, write and stop writing, leave and come back. hope you find a new series just as enjoyable as that one.

Rootbeerguy · Jul 19, 2022

This was pretty good, more?

Mutekun · Jul 6, 2022

Black witch is amazing i hope you re pick this up it be sad to see it die

nicke · Feb 9, 2022

need more black witch ,is it dropped ?

Benji660 · Dec 4, 2021

Is vlack witch over ? 

Watchman · Jan 21, 2022

Don’t think so, it’s not unusual for the author to disappear for a few months

Chaaruzu_Corner · Author · Sep 3, 2021

Hey everyone :) I'm back. Sorry for the almost month long break. School and video games been occupying my time. But I guess one benefit of that is that I managed to flesh out the world of Live Like A Princess by a lot. Just thinking about it all in my head and stuff.

Anyways, just released a new chapter!! clear.pngclear.pngclear.png

Chaaruzu_Corner · Author · Aug 5, 2021

Hey everyone! Reborn To Be A Villainess, I Despite Everyone, is no more!

From today onwards the new name will be Reborn A Second Time, I Want To Live Like A Princess! 

Yippee! I'm happy because now because now the title is more indicative to the contents within the story. Because you see the old name was kinda of a generic placeholder name I put in when the story is still at the early stages of development. But yeh! clear.pngclear.pngclear.pngclear.pngclear.png

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