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May 6, 2019

Famous Author
Joined: May 6, 2019
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Chaaruzu_Corner · Author · Apr 22, 2021

It's done now everyone! A new chapter of Black Witch! Yaaaay!!! 

Fenrisruby · Apr 22, 2021

Thank for the hard work

QuestionableArachne · Apr 22, 2021


MadHatter2121 · Apr 22, 2021

I thought this was dropped i didnt think it was coming back so glad i was wrong looking forward to more 

Maple · Apr 22, 2021


Chaaruzu_Corner · Author · Apr 22, 2021

Fun fact I am finishing this chapter in the middle of online class lol xD thanks to that it passed very quickly lol clear.png

Chaaruzu_Corner · Author · Apr 22, 2021

Oh my from the replies already pouring out that there is a big fan base of Black Witch still, which is really noice hehe. It honestly warms my gut but that's probably from me getting hungry lol

But yeah I know this is self plugging but I really hope you check out my other series, I decided on a new title, "Betrayed by everyone, I will live as an ice princess" or cold princess, I'm still confused about it. But yeah I'll eat and then write my author's note and it'll be done! :P

Chaaruzu_Corner · Author · Apr 22, 2021

Hey everyone! I just want to say that there will be a new chapter of Black Witch coming out today! I don't normally do announcements like this but with how long since the last chapter I believe I should tell you guys beforehand lol clear.png

Rynati · Apr 22, 2021

Wait, for real? Honestly thought it was dead.

ViniPaiva25 · Apr 22, 2021


Watchman · Apr 22, 2021

I thought it was normal for him to post a couple of chapters before disappearing into the void for a couple of months clear.png

Alipss98 · Apr 22, 2021

Is This for real? or ami dreaming? 

ViniPaiva25 · Apr 11, 2021

Where are you? I need more!

Hehemhem · Feb 5, 2021

Did you stop writing.

QuestionableArachne · Dec 31, 2020

@Chaaruzu_Corner *Megaphone next to your ear* WAKE UP!!!!!!!

Alipss98 · Dec 30, 2020

@Chaaruzu_Corner *whispering echo* wake up

Chaaruzu_Corner · Author · Oct 16, 2020

Thank you @Milanda

Anyways I finally got a review on Black Witch after so long xD damn I miss getting reviews :P but anyways SH I can't reply to reviews and stuff so I'm putting it here. But anyways it's only the beginning and stuff and there will be so many fun stories worth reading about coming soon and I'm so excited to get to them :3 but yeah, thank you Milanda for the review! clear.png

Milanda · Oct 16, 2020

You deserved it! It’s a good story!

Just... might wanna put a warning before the orgy. Hee! Otherwise the story is great and I can’t wait for more. Coming from royal road it’s amazing how few people review :/

Chaaruzu_Corner · Author · Oct 16, 2020

It really is ^^ I'm really lucking to have 2 before xD

Chaaruzu_Corner · Author · Oct 16, 2020

It's still very early to the story, I kind of think of it as like berserk with the golden age arc being the longest prologue in all of manga xD

Chaaruzu_Corner · Author · Oct 15, 2020

Heya guys it's me :P I'm still alive but yeah xD just to let ye guys know I only need to edit the chapters! And well as a tease you'll know more about some elf lore hehe xD

UppishTheReaper · Oct 12, 2020

Hey just to let you know I noticed the little nitpick you got from a few people during the brothel scenes. Just want to let you know that I support what you were trying to portray (even though I am not a fan of porn scenes.) Honestly I have no idea why they had to nitpick at you but in my eyes I kinda see it as them bullying you for your ideas. I hope that you continue to make the content that you want to make without hindrance.

Chaaruzu_Corner · Author · Oct 12, 2020

Thank you dude! ^^

Chaaruzu_Corner · Author · Oct 11, 2020

And yeah uhm right now I just edited out the infamous chapter 30 of my series. Yeah reading it now I kinda felt I was fetishizing that chapter for my own sake so I removed some of the well, more intense parts on it xD I think that chapter was made when I was really horny and didn't know what I was thinking lol and kinda got scared editing it cuz yeah, but well I did and I told that on a new authors note below and yeah, I'll tell this on my latest chapter as well.

Spellsword99 · Oct 11, 2020

I liked that oneclear.png

Chaaruzu_Corner · Author · Oct 11, 2020

I'm back! 

Kayden · Jul 30, 2020

It got abandoned

marcus-beta · Jul 31, 2020

His "mega-chapter" consumes all his mana and is in a coma

Kayden · Jul 31, 2020

hope it's only that

Chaaruzu_Corner · Author · Oct 11, 2020

Haha it's that and because I got lazy lol

Chaaruzu_Corner · Author · Mar 31, 2020

Wow... I just checked and I didn't realized how much of a monster I am when I looked at the word count... Chapter 36 is 5996 words! while Chapter 37 is 5891 words! 

Man, I think the only reason I only realized how long the chapters how is I wrote them in multiple days or a week while with the more recent ones I just wrote 3 of them in 2 days. Yeah,,,, may I still am a monster lol

But anyways must wanna say my thought, goodbye ^^^

Fenrisruby · Mar 31, 2020

More chapter and More word in it i'm all for

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