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Famous Author
Sep 7, 2022

Famous Author
Joined: Sep 7, 2022
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phaeous · May 30, 2023

Mei | cumdump

Pixie-Bob | the 1
Jiro | Sado-Maso
Momo | SLAVE
Ryuko & his' child can manipulate cosmic energy, such as building autonomous servants
they discover a Drop o Cosmos deep in the Earth, then summon it and use it in watering a sakura tree's roots
the tree grows over a millionX
spawning tree caves hidden in the recesses unnoticed before the glory it's shimmering rainbow sakura spectrum emanates
on the other side behind each tree cave, lies a new foreign world
OmnipotentApeGod · May 2, 2023

Im curious will you remove or expand his power later in this story since both One Piece and MHA have second stages to there power?

OmnipotentApeGod · May 2, 2023

(Questions for ch 17)I know this chapter came out long ago but hopefully you do make Nezu answer the question about the mouse worth. Since he's a mouse and I'm pretty sure scientists are still using mouses and their experiments. So does he care about their lives do they hold the same weight as his self and the human in this story? 

Keanu_Eugene · Author · May 3, 2023

This is answered later on but its a small passage where Horizon is using the UA supercomputer for simulations instead of using live subjects, he mentions in passing that Nezu made this to avoid live testing... This is only a moment in passing so no big spoiler.

Wesh2003 · Jan 22, 2023

great book. never change Mc's god-like complex.

lewdheadpats · Sep 18, 2022

your writing is amazing. i love it.

Keanu_Eugene · Author · Sep 9, 2022

I won't be as active in the comment section here as compared to webnovel but I'll be sure to check as much as I can, feel free to message me in the discord if you have anything to say or ask :)

ChronicPanda · Sep 9, 2022

finally i have been waiting for so long 

OrthusBR · Sep 8, 2022


Heliosphere · Sep 7, 2022


kydros · Sep 7, 2022

Welcome! and thanks mate clear.png

SetteSin · Sep 7, 2022


Kasukabede · Sep 7, 2022

It is good to see you author in this page that has a better system than webnovel and some other pages.

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