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Sep 7, 2022

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Joined: Sep 7, 2022
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author who reads sometimes. i'm a webnovel refugee. i like yuri. skate fast smoke grass eat ass

Afewconcepts65 · 12 hours ago

How is the story boarding process for archmage villainess going?

Sorrest · Author · 11 hours ago

It’s going. I’ve just had some long ass shifts at work, so I haven’t had much time.

Afewconcepts65 · May 6, 2023

So I wrote out a whole essay on my concerns regarding the potential rewrites for Archmage villainess, but its too long for one message so I have to break it up in parts, apologies for the notification spam you'll probably get from this.

Afewconcepts65 · May 6, 2023

If Rosie was 100% in the right, she wouldn't have to struggle with their past mistakes. The resulting growth is a big part of the satisfaction a reader gets from a story and these potential changes could throw all that out. What we'd be left is a fairly standard iseaki wishfullfillment plot where the protagonist is OP from the start and doesn't struggle that can be found almost anywhere else.

Afewconcepts65 · May 6, 2023

Changing gears slightly Rosie being a bad person adds another interesting quirk to the story that I really like. The world so far hasn't been very dark or at least darker than an average fantasy setting. This means that all the darker moments have been solely the fault of the protagonist and that's something I've wanted for ages. Its just another trait of the story that really seperates it from the rest of the iseaki genre.

Afewconcepts65 · May 6, 2023

I get not wanting the protagonist of your story to be hated, but I think that I and most other readers would be able to relate to the protagonist more if they start out as an arrogant bitch, (unintentionally of course) but later realizes their flaws and betters themself.

 One last thing, If my argument doesn't convince you please leave up the old versions of the chapters. It'd be nice to be able to go back and read them even if you as the author aren't exactly proud of them.
Sorrest · Author · May 8, 2023

yeah, I've had time to think on this, and I agree. I wanna stop thinking about rewriting things I don't like about my characters and instead writing ways for them to become better. So I've scrapped the rewrite and am instead storyboarding the book to find out exactly what I want to be her turning point.


it involves annie obv


Venusaur26 · May 3, 2023

Are you alive?

Sorrest · Author · May 3, 2023


Venusaur26 · May 3, 2023

Oh! Sorry!

It’s that I’m waiting for you to return writing Archmage Villainess, or even revamp it

Sorrest · Author · May 3, 2023

ahhh, I see. Yeah, I won't be fully reqriting the book, but I do believe that a couple chapters need a bit of working on. I feel like Rosanna is less of a badass bitch and more of just a bitch. But, I have been working on it.

Afewconcepts65 · May 4, 2023

Personally I think instead of rewriting her to start off as a badass bitch, you just leave her as a bitch for the time being and have her grow into that position after being humbled by some sort of struggle (likely moral or emotional since they're OP). Makes for some good conflict and that kind of concept is what has really started to draw me in these latter chapters

Venusaur26 · Apr 7, 2023

Heyo! I’m awaiting your return!clear.png

Afewconcepts65 · May 3, 2023

I think considering that the author made this reply roughly a month after saying "I'll update you guys soon" and another month has almost passed with no new chapter, that soon translates too a month's time. Well either that or a full moon cycle, who knows

Sorrest · Author · May 3, 2023

i just uploaded tho?

Afewconcepts65 · May 3, 2023

Whoops, abysal Phoenix isn't on my reading list so I didn't see the update. Rookie mistake on my part

Sorrest · Author · May 3, 2023

no prob! lol, archmage villainess may be getting a few chapters rewritten, so it'll take a little longer for it to come back!

Afewconcepts65 · Mar 4, 2023

You mentioned in your last author's note that you were ill. Are you feeling better now?

Sorrest · Author · Mar 4, 2023

yeah. the chapter will be out tomorrow. just hit a bit of writers block.

Afewconcepts65 · Feb 15, 2023

The break from Archmage villainess ends on the 16th yeah?

Sorrest · Author · Feb 15, 2023

yeh. may upload tomorrow, actually.

Sorrest · Author · Feb 16, 2023

update: did not end up uploading today lol

Afewconcepts65 · Feb 4, 2023

Congrats on your story hitting trending

Sorrest · Author · Feb 4, 2023

Thank you!

ghostphoenix · Jan 30, 2023

No Archmage Villainess, author-sama?


Sorrest · Author · Jan 30, 2023

it takes me a while to write archmage villainess. i put a lot more effort into that book than my others.

MemeDarg · Jan 29, 2023

hope we can get some more phoenix chapters soon :) idk why but you somehow managed to hit like, every dopamine button in my brain at the same time with that story

Sorrest · Author · Jan 30, 2023

next chapter is out tomorrow!

MemeDarg · Jan 30, 2023


DarkNeburus · Jan 18, 2023

Noticed 19~ chapters for Mysric Hands got uploaded, should we be expecting future updates on it?

DesuVult · Jan 17, 2023

Nice new picture for the Phoenix

Sorrest · Author · Jan 17, 2023

thanks ya

MemeDarg · Jan 17, 2023

oh dang, yeah i just noticed it too, nice. was is commissioned or did u find it on google or something?

Sorrest · Author · Jan 17, 2023


ABadGhost · Jan 8, 2023

I´m already waiting for Phoenix 104! Can´t wait! clear.pngclear.pngclear.png

MemeDarg · Jan 4, 2023

woooo phoenix is back

Sorrest · Author · Jan 4, 2023


SnowFallsSilent · Nov 24, 2022

Do you have any plans on continuing with "Mystic Hands"  or are just busy with life, or burnt out? I quite like the series because of its sort of...Wholesome(?) Feel. Not too much on anything, and i would love to see more. If not, and the work is canceled, that is too bad but i can only look forward to what you write next.clear.png

Sorrest · Author · Nov 24, 2022

Unfortunately, mystic hands is cancelled because of severe writers block. I do wanna come back to it eventually, but I really can’t think up another chapter for the life of me.

ScubaBlackbelt · Nov 13, 2022

You mentioned that archmage villainess would be released once a week, but it has been a month, just curious on what is going on and if it on hiatus

Sorrest · Author · Nov 13, 2022

i was planning on updating it, but i feel like i've wrote myself into a corner with that story. plus im not really happy with the beginning. people kept complaining about it, with some having valid complaints, so I just lost all motivation for it.

Arslein · Nov 14, 2022

Complaining about what? Like, really, I don't see anything wrong, this is not a professional job, I mean, you write because you enjoy writing, we read because we enjoy reading, honestly I really like AV and I probably don't know what you think of your own story or how you beginning it but don't put pressure on yourself thinking you didn't do good enough because there will always be something we can do better

Sorrest · Author · Nov 14, 2022

@Arslein thanks! I do wanna come back to AV, but I guess i've just been burnt out recently. I can feel my spark coming back though, so I may get back into it soon.

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