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May 23, 2019

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I'm not very good and looking to improve.

BOWIESENSEI · Author · Oct 5, 2019

about 1k words into the next chapter so far. So we're about roughly 1/3 of being finished.

BOWIESENSEI · Author · Sep 30, 2019

I've started the next chapter, hopefully out next week some time.

BOWIESENSEI · Author · Sep 26, 2019

got a few future ideas going around in my head. A second, full blown protagonist amongst them but thats in air as of now.

BOWIESENSEI · Author · Sep 24, 2019

In case anyone was wondering, I haven't forgotten about the plotline of the mysterious white-haired elven woman that Tycon see's in his dreams.

BOWIESENSEI · Author · Sep 24, 2019

about 2k words into the next chapter so far. Hoping to release within the week!

BOWIESENSEI · Author · Sep 23, 2019

Working on part 3 for now, it may be looking to be six + parts at this rate, got a few ideas lingering around involving Zeke and Alietah.

BOWIESENSEI · Author · Sep 20, 2019

ill be working on part 3 soon

BOWIESENSEI · Author · Sep 16, 2019

A song under the moonglow

BOWIESENSEI · Author · Sep 14, 2019

shoutout to anyone that reads more than one chapter, ily.

BOWIESENSEI · Author · Sep 13, 2019

Gonna have a break since borderlands 3 just released. In the meantime I have a chapter I'm almost finished which will come out real soon.

BOWIESENSEI · Author · Sep 11, 2019

this coming chapter is a little slow, lots of dialogue. Sorry about that hahaha.

BOWIESENSEI · Author · Sep 9, 2019

Hopefully somebody liked the chapter, idk.

BOWIESENSEI · Author · Sep 9, 2019

Hey it's ya boi, boutta hit you up with another 4k chap!

BOWIESENSEI · Author · Sep 7, 2019

The plot thickens, methinks :D

BOWIESENSEI · Author · Sep 7, 2019

next one is looking like a long one, strap in bois and girls.

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    I'm not very good and looking to improve.

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