Chapter 45 The Infernal Album
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When morning came, Trinity went to check on Emily to see how her new daughter was doing. After entering Emily’s room, Trinity found the child playing with all of the princess dresses in her closet. With a smirk on her face, Trinity approached Emily.

“Emily, don’t worry about those outfits too much. I’m going to get you some regular clothing as well, like jeans and t-shirts.”

Hearing this statement, Emily saw Trinity and ran over to her mother.

To Emily, people may say that it’s weird that she accepted Trinity so easily. But she would say to them, Try living as a slave for a few years then judge her.

“Mother, I missed you!!” As Emily said this, she ran like a rocket into Trinity's arms, making Trinity realize that this little sprout can run really fast.

With Emily in her arms, Trinity could not help but enjoy this feeling. Being a mother is going to be quite fun. Trinity can’t wait to teach Emily how to slap many young masters in the face. Emily will meet many in the future. Trinity has already arranged an exclusive team of secret support for Emily. 

Their entire job is to assist Emily in slapping people in the face. After Trinity set this up, she realized that she had been slacking in the face slap department herself lately. So after this, Trinity is going to go slap some young master's face, with Emily and Scarlett by her side. 

This should be able to enlighten Emily on some of the finer points of the arrogance that women must have in a world dominated by men. One CEO and her harem dare to challenge the patriarchy.

As these ideas were going through the mind of Trinity, somehow patriotic music began to play in the background, making Trinity look like a hero even though she had not said anything yet.

“Ok Emily, let's get you to some breakfast. But first, we need to put you into a dress or three.”

Emily seemed to frown at this statement. What is her new mother talking about? Mother said she would not make Emily wear all of those dresses.

Then Trinity took the now struggling Emily into her walk-in closet. No matter how much Emily tried to struggle, she could not escape.

“Mom, I’m hungry, I don’t want to wear a dress. Please get me something to eat first.”

Trinity, as if possessed by something, had the urge to dress up Emily as if she were a little doll.

Trinity began to dress up Emily in little princess outfits from green to pink.

All while Emily tried to run away in terror from a cuteness overload. This is something that all daughters of villainous women must go through. Being constantly dressed up by their mothers. Trinity could not escape the curse of Emily’s cuteness.

“Mom, please stop, this is already the sixth dress I’ve put on this morning. No more!”

Somehow Trinity had acquired a camera and was currently working on her daughter's first cute memories photo book Vol. 1 of Infinite.

Finally, on her seventh outfit, Emily got her mother to stop. But not before she noticed that her mother’s eyes had become princess dress-shaped.

Then even more scary, Mother somehow got those pictures developed. She was currently showing them to the woman that her mother introduced as her other mother, Scarlett.

So Emily began to see dresses floating around her head, which made her dizzy, resulting in another cuteness overload as Emily passed out on her mother’s lap. Yet another picture was added to what Emily will call the infernal album as she gets older.

“Scarlett, this is Emily with a pink dress. Then this one has white frills around the bottom. Oh, this one had a big red ribbon on the back.”

Scarlett nodded in excitement, then said, “I knew it was the right thing to do having all of those hundreds of dresses delivered to Emily’s room. We need to share this with The Sisterhood. They will all want to send dresses of their own. As well as want copies of all of your pictures.”

If Emily had not passed out on Trinity’s lap, then she would call Scarlett a traitor. She's the one who caused her new mother to go crazy.

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