Chapter 5: Do You Believe In Magic
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“Mama, are you okay? You have the same faces as those old tophat wearing men when I showed them the Space Ripper spell you made me create.”

Hold up. Mama? I’m a high schooler, right? I’m not of age, right? In fact, she looks the same age as me. How can I be her mama? What?

“Mama?” Her hand was waving in front of me, “You there? Please don’t go back to sleep again. It’s been too long, and I don’t want you to ignore me again after you’ve woken up.”

Wait, are those tears? “Ah… ah… please don’t cry! I’m probably not your mom and you’ve got the wrong room, but please don’t cry!”

“But… but… you were going to ignore me again.”

“No I’m not. Look, I’m awake, and I’m sure the nurse could help you get you to your proper mom.”

“But you’re mama.”

“Eh, you sure?”

“Well, when I first woke up, I saw all my sisters, and when I looked up, I saw you.”

She might be one of my avatars, but just in case.

“Then who is your dad?”

“Papa? Hmm… the one with the hoodie.”

Hoodie, hoodie. Oh, Mori. Huh, Mori. The Grim Reaper. I see.


“Well, when you let us out to say hi to your friends, she was nice.”

“That’s why?”

“Well, papa must be nice, right?”

“Yeah? I guess?” 

“By the way mama, can I have a name?”


“Well you only ever called me Witch, so when others asked me for my name, I told them that, and they said that it’s a weird name. So I want a real name now.”

“Oh. What name do you want?”

“Hmm… May. I like the name May.”

“Well then May, nice to meet you.”

Suddenly a golden thread came out from my chest, wrapped around May’s right wrist, then promptly disappeared.

“We’re connected again. This means you won’t leave me again, right mama?”

“Uh… sure.”

“Hmm…” She was eyeing me.

“Uh… oh yeah. Um, since you’re made of Divinity, I guess you have a Domain, right?”


“So what is it?”

Suddenly, her eyes glinted. “Magic.”


Currently, I am confronting a very shady person who is playing Smash in my room with a Switch I don’t remember owning, and two girls in my bed, sleeping. That was their answer to how they got in there.

“Magic? You really going to be pulling that gag, huh?”

“But it’s true. One moment I was chanting on top of a magic circle, next moment I was in your room.”

“Then explain the Switch? The girls in my bed? The wet carpet? And also why there’s a corpse in my living room?”

“Like I said, magic. The Switch, creation magic. The girls came along for the ride. The carpet, the empty chocolate milk carton next to me explains it. As for the corpse, I don’t know.”

“But more importantly, who are you?”

“You don’t recognise me?”

Taking a look at them, I could see they had green hair, green eyes and quite the bust. They were wearing a tuxedo, completely covering them in black, even going as far as wearing black gloves, and to top it all off, a fedora.

“Wait, Assassin? I thought you were in another world, if I remember correctly.”

“Well I was.” She pointed towards the girls on the bed. “Take a look at them.” 

Taking a closer look, I realised that both had unusual features. One had bunny ears, and although animal ears were currently a trend, they were only limited to cat, dog and fox ears, with other animals being developed. Another weird trait of the bunny girl was the light coming off her, almost as if she were holy. In contrast, the other girl had an aura of darkness, however it seemed rather weak. The girl with the dark aura looked like a demon, with two tiny horns coming out of its forehead. 

“Huh. So I’m guessing you came back from there using magic.”

“Yep. Now you’re getting it.”

“Why my bed though? There’s spare bedrooms you know.”

“I know. But I only want the best for those who are mine.”

“Oh. A harem. Huh. I see.”

“By the way.”


“Welcome back mom.”

And with that, I slammed my door shut, with loud laughter coming from it.

“Haa…” Walking through the living room towards the kitchen, I couldn’t help but let out a sigh.

“Why the long face Evelyn?”

“Ah! Who’s there? Oh, it’s just you Mori.”

“Yeah, it’s just me. I was worried you know.”


“Well I sensed death had happened in your house, so I came straight here, but it was a false alarm.”
“Oh yeah, since you’re basically the Grim Reaper, can you tell me what that corpse is?”

“Huh. Sure.” Mori let out her hands, and focused for a bit. “Ah…”

“What’s wrong?”

“Well there’s good news, and there’s bad news. Good news, this corpse has some sort of connection to that Maid of yours. Bad news, it has some sort of connection to that Maid of yours. Let me call Sandman here.”

‘Do not worry. I am already here.’

“Good. Come on Evelyn. We need to hurry.”

“Wait, where are we going?”

“Olympus. Seems like those Greek Gods are fond of your Maid.”

“By the way, whose corpse is that?”

“Oh, it was just one of the Furies.”

“Why was it there?”

“They probably sent it to kill you so you won’t take back the Maid. Good thing Assassin was here, since she probably killed it. By the way, have you named her yet?”

“Oh. I forgot.”

“Haa… Evelyn, when we get back, you’re naming her, got it.”

“Aye aye Captain Mori!”

“Oh yeah, what do we do about May?”


“The Witch.”

“Oh, her. Let's take her.”

“Hey May, come, we’re going somewhere!”

“Woohoo! Roadtrip!”

‘We are actually going to use the Dreamrealm travel networks, not a car.’

“Woohoo! Dream Trip!”

Hey y'all, pojlk here. Here's a chapter.

I'd comment on the chapter, but I really don't know what to comment on in all honesty. Maybe something about Domains, I guess. I touched upon it lightly in my Author's Note in the Roundtable chapter, but I figured I might reveal some Domains for the Roundtable folks. Death should be obvious, it's Death. Kraken's Domain is Monsters. The Old Man's is Creation, Light, Power and Reality. Most major gods of mythology have three domains, minor gods have two, and most mortals who have a domain typically only have one. The exceptions are those who have complete dominion over the Domain (Domains can be shared), like Mori and her Domain Death, and those who are particularly powerful and have four Domains, like most members of the Roundtable or the highest gods in pantheons, like Zeus or Odin.

Assassin In Another World coming soon. (It'll probably never come though.)