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Chapter 7

Badump, Bathump


Standing inside the white gazebo, gazing at the swans. I continuously wiped the tears using my sleeves.

Looking back at what happened, I felt guilty pushing Theron and running away. I would have been embarrassed if they saw me cry. I should apologize to Theron, but I don’t feel like heading over at the moment.

“Alice,” I undoubtedly recognized a familiar voice.

Spotting Michael standing beside a white boat, “Are you coming or not?” He grinned.


We sat on the rowboat. He stopped rowing once we were in the center of the pond.

It was silent for a few moments before I inquired, “Are you not going to question why I’m crying?”

“I saw what happened, I just figured you’d seek some company.”

“...Thanks, I guess.” Carefully looking at the pond, it was clearer up close.

Staring at my reflection, “Michael, I want to go home.”

“Then jump in, let the water engulf you.” He crosses his legs, placing his forearm on the rim of the boat.

Hesitating, I leaned closer at my reflection, but swiftly pulled myself away.. I can’t do it.

..If I die, what will happen to this world’s Alice? A question popped into my mind.

“Say...” Dipping my finger in the pond, playing around with the water, “What happened to Mayhem’s Alice?”

“She’s fine,” He pulled out a necklace from his pocket, “Her soul is in this gem.”

Looking at the necklace, it held a large glowing blue gem. Its size was close to a quarter.

“She’s practically in a deep sleep,” He puts the jewelry aside, “Why do you ask?”

I laid my back against the end of the boat, “Just wondering.”

Looking up to the sky. It was filled with beautiful clouds, no sun in sight. Feeling exhausted much of the day after running and weeping.

My eyelids grew heavy, and soon I fell to numb.


Everything was pitch black. I was unable to open my eyes. I can’t move my body, what’s going on here?

All I could listen to was uneasiness, yet soothing vibrations, up until suddenly overhearing someone shout my name.

Something cold began to crawl around my skin, my breathing became slower and slower...

Badump.. Badump...

My chest began tightening. My throat starts to compress as something cold ooze inside me.

Bathump, bathump!

I... I can’t breathe!

Someone... Help me! Attempting to scream, but nothing came out.

I felt something warm wrap around my waist, hauling me up.


I desperately tried breathing. Opening my eyes, my vision became clear. I abruptly sat up, coughing.

Looking around, I realized I was in my bedroom. Is it all just a dream?

I felt someone hug me, “Thank goodness you’re all right, I was so worried!”

It was the maid who came with me to the palace. Where had she been this whole time?

I saw Theron coming in with a bed tray, “Princess, you’re awake!”

He sets the tray in front of me.

What’s going on? Why do they look so relieved? And I don’t recall myself walking back to the Rose Palace...

“Theron, what happened?” I asked.

“Last night, his highness discovered you in the pond, luckily he had brought you out in time.”

“..What?” Flabbergasted, “Where’s brother?”

“He’s outside training.” Theron responded.


Sitting in the library with Theron. Shockingly, Vasilios insisted Theron to teach me to read.

Theron closed the book, “We’ll stop for today.”


“Um... Theron, I’d like to apologize for the way I behaved yesterday.” Fidgeting my fingers.

Theron smiles, “It’s alright, it was no big deal.”

Getting up from my chair, “I’m off to see brother now!”

Running out of the library, waving at Theron. I went outside the palace, looking around hoping to spot Vasilios.

“Brother!” Smiling merrily as I finally found Vasilios.

I caught Vasilios attention. He suddenly halted and dropped his sword. Sweating more than yesterday, Vasilios starts walking towards me, stumbling midway. He rests his head on my shoulders. 

“Huh..?” He’s burning up. 

Vasilios began putting his weight on me, making the two of us collapse to the ground. He was breathing heavily against my neck.

“B-brother... Get off, you’re suffocating me!” I tried rolling him to the side, only to be stopped by him pinning my wrists to the ground.

“..Call Theron.” He whispered before he passed out.