Chapter 25: Jasmine (R-18)
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James walked into the next room. He saw the grandeur of high ceilings adorned with crown moldings and walls with tapestries. James walked towards the four-poster bed, draped in sumptuous fabric. He sat down. He scanned the room and saw polished wooden dressers. There was a large window with light curtains that allowed natural light through. He thought they were talking about the harem. He needed Jasmine to be onboard. She was beautiful, smart and talented. A perfect combination.

James waited for a minute. Then it became two minutes. Two minutes turned into ten minutes. All of a sudden, the room opened. He saw Lois enter. She had a wide smile on her face. She walked up to James and leaned into his ear. “Go and see her,” Lois whispered seductively.

“Okay,” James replied. He kissed Lois forehead and left. He walked into Jasmine's room. Jasmine was sitting on the bed. Her shoes were off. She had a big smile on her face.

James walked up to the bed. He approached her. “So what,” James tried to say when Jasmine grabbed him and pulled him into the bed. Jasmine got on top of James pinning him down.She looked into his eyes. Her smile grew wider.

“Jasmine,” James said. She put her finger on his mouth.

“You talk too much sometimes,” Jasmine remarked.

“Lois and I had a talk and my suspicion was right, you and her also lovers,” Jasmine started. James tried to say something however Jasmine countered, “You better be quiet and listen to me.” Her voice was stern. James nodded.

“She said I was always in your sights, I was another lover, the fourth one,” Jasmine said. She paused.

“She said that there are rules in the harem to follow for you and I,” Jasmine added. She paused again.

“My father does not know anything about this, what if I told him his only daughter was going to marry a man who has been with other women and she would be part of his harem,” Jasmine continued. She pressed her finger on his lips.

She paused again. She was letting each word resonate with James. “You are sly, taking my heart and expecting me to join,” Jasmine said.

“What if I said no?” she asked. James' eyes got wider. Jasmine was his, he will do anything to make sure that. “What would you do then?” Jasmine asked. She pressed her finger on his lip as she leaned forward next to his ear.

“It's a good thing, I have said yes,” she whispered. James felt relief.

Jasmine moved up, she let her finger go from his lip. “Harems are not uncommon here, I never thought I would join one. But the thought of being away with you hurts,” Jasmine said. She paused.

“I love you,” Jasmine declared.

“I love you too,” James said. He reaches around her back and pulls Jasmine towards him. Her lips meet. James thought her lips were soft. Her red lips looked pretty. Jasmine was caught off guard by James' sudden movement. As their lips met, she blossomed like a flower. The kiss felt magical to her.

Jasmine and James kissed for a few minutes like that. He did not want to let go. Jasmine did not want this to stop. She enjoyed her kiss with him, only him. James thought of going further. She had a pretty mouth and he wanted to enjoy it. He slowly inserted his tongue into her mouth.

There was resistance. Jasmine`s lips were shut. She thought about what was poking her mouth. She wanted to kiss him. James put a bit more force. Jasmine was startled by this. She opened her eyes to see James kissing her. He looked handsome. Then she realised it must be his tongue poking her. She thought that two could play at that game.

James put a bit more force the third time. Jasmine opened her lips slightly. She moved her tongue towards the front of her mouth. James`s tongue steadily slid in.

Their tongues met. At that moment, they felt an electrical charge. The delicate touch ignited a surge of sensations. Jasmine's heartbeat went faster. They both intertwined with each other as they kept kissing. Their tongues did not leave each other. They kept at it for another few minutes until James stopped and withdrew his tongue and her lips.

Jasmine smiled, “I like kissing you,” Jasmine teased.

“I love you,” James teased back.

Her smile grew wider. “Keep talking, Lois talked and I know your plans,” Jasmine commented. She added, “We would normally wait till the wedding however I know you would not leave but if you I will make sure you regret that day,” Lois warned.

James was a bit shaken. He knew Jasmine did have a wilder sider but she was also kind. “I will never leave you,” James stated. He thought you would have to be the world biggest fool to leave her when she agreed to be part of a harem, his harem.

James looked at her necklace. It was made of gold. “Your necklace is very pretty,” James complimented.

“Thank you,” Jasmine replied. She eyes his body. He had a chiselled abdomen adorned with a set of six-pack abs. She licked her lips. Her hand went towards it. She touched it. It was hard yet soft.

James noticed her playing with his abs. She looked like she was enjoying herself. Jasmine looked up. Her eyes sparkled. She was sitting on crotch. She was rubbing it unconsciously.

“Jasmine, I love you,” James said. He reached towards her chest. “Can I touch them?” James asked.

Jasmine looked at his hand going for her breast. She smirked. “You are naughty for sure, get them,” Jasmine teased. James grabbed her wrist. He moved and pinned her down. Jasmine was on the bed. James was now on top of her. They looked into each other's eyes.

Jasmine smiled. James let go. “I,” James tried to say.

“Well you are strong,” she giggled. “Take them but don't laugh,” she said. Jasmine was nervous. This will be the first man who will see her breast.

“I will never laugh at you, you are the prettiest woman here,” James said.

“You say that to all the girls,” Jasmine remarked.

“Only the pretty ones,” James added.

“But if you want we can stop,” James commented. James did not want to stop here. He wanted to go through it however he needed to respect her wishes.

“No, I want this to continue,” Jasmine quickly said. She did not want this to stop.

James nodded. He reached back and unhooked the strap of her blue top. Jasmine got up slightly. James took it off and placed it on the bed and saw her brown coloured breast. They were lovely, he thought. They looked like they were C Cups which could fit in his hand. He saw her pointy nipples.

Jasmine saw James staring at her breast. She blushed. There was silence. She thought does he hate them? No, he has a smile on his face, she answered to herself.

“Perfect,” James remarked.

James approached her. “I want to show them my love for you,” James said.
James moved his hands and touched her breast gently. His index fingertip glided over her brown nipples. She had darker brown areola. Jasmine let out a moan. She thought his hand felt good on her breast. James gently pressed down on her nipples. Jasmine moaned a bit louder. James let go. “I will make love to your breast,” James stated.

“Is that a question or statement?” Jasmine asked. James pressed her nippled down gently. Jasmine moaned again. James smiled.

“Both,” James replied. He smiled.

“Okay, but be gentle, you will be my first and only man,” Jasmine said. She was a bit nervous since this was the first time someone was going to touch her breasts. She bit her lip.

James cupped her right breast with his left hand and massaged it. He started rubbing it gently up and down. He moved his hand around her breast first. He continued to move his hand on her round breast, going up and down and then moving in circles around her erect nipple. James looked at Jasmine who had her eyes closed. She was moaning. Her face looked flushed.

James smiled. She was enjoying this, he thought. He moved to her left breast with his other hand and moved them in circles. He moved up and down like he did with her right breast. Jasmine moaned continuously.

James went back to both her boobs. He circled the darker brown areolae on her brown breasts. He used one finger on both areolas. Jasmine thought this was a new feeling. She moaned loudly as James circled her nipples. James went clockwise slowly first and made a full circle. He stopped. He then went anti clockwise and made a full circle.

James leaned down and went toward her breast. Her pointy nipple were directly in front of him. He licked the tip of her nipple.

“James,” Jasmine moaned. He stopped. He gave another lick. “James,” Jasmine moaned again. James then gave a few more licks on her nipple with his tongue. Jasmine moaned each time. James then put his mouth over her nipple and softly sucked it. He sucked it gently. Her breast were really flavourful, he thought. James let go.

“Your breast are amazing, like its owner,” James complimented.

He leaned down to her right breast. James licked the nipple with his tongue . He moved this left hand to her left breast and slowly squeezed it. James then moved his mouth towards her right nipple and started to suck her round breast.

Jasmine`s mind was going crazy. She could feel a wet spot down there. She thought she might pee herself at this rate. She thought she would have to control herself. Her heartbeat was fast.

James sucked on her right breast. He put his mouth over the breast and sucked it. She moaned loudly. James sucked her right breast while his other hand pressed and flicked over her left pointy brown nipple. He sucked harder. He then pressed her pointy dark nipple with his finger tips. This pushed Jasmine over the edge. Jasmine came and exploded. She could feel her panties wet. She was happy but embarrassed. “James, don't hate me,” Jasmine said in between her breaths.

“What's wrong?” James inquired. He could hear the concern in her voice.

“I…” Jasmine hesitated. James thought that was strange. Jasmine and hesitating.

James pulled her up and hugged her. “You can tell me anything. I love you,” he assured her.

Jasmine knew that was true. She will marry him soon. He is her lover. “I think I wet myself,” Jasmine said, in a weak voice.

“No, you haven't,” James stated. He paused and added, “You had an orgasm. It's something beautiful, to show how much you love me," James reassured her.

Jasmine smiled. She had not heard about this before. She was happy, it felt good and most importantly he was not upset. “Can I see it?” James asked.

“See?” Jasmine asked. She thought, what he meant. She looked down to see him eye her downstairs region. She smiled, naughty.

“I want to see your flower, you're downstairs,” James requested.

Jasmine thought this was going to be the case. He had already seen much of her. “I want to see yours first,” Jasmine said with determination.

“As you wish my lady,” James replied. He got up and took his harem pants and underwear off in one swoop.

Jasmine gasped. She looked at his large manhood. It was big and hard. The head of it stood like a spear. He had a pair of round balls that were large. Everything about it was huge. She stared at it for a few seconds. This was the first time she was seeing this. She licked her lips. She wondered if they were all big.

“It is certainly large,” Jasmine remarked.

James went back to the bed. “Thank you, now your turn,” James said.

“Okay, James, but I want to keep our first for when we get married,” Jasmine added. Although she wanted to move away from traditions, this was ingrained in her.

James did not want to hear that but oh well, he will get her later. There are plenty of other things he could to her. “I respect your wishes, there are other ways we can show our love in the meantime. The wedding will happen later, there are few other worlds we will explore first together,” James added. There are other girls to see and worlds to explore.

Jasmine smiled and nodded. He was so caring. He respected her wishes. “Thank you,” Jasmine replied.

“No thank you or sorry in love,” James remarked. Jasmine took her blue harem pants and placed them on the ground. She was wearing blue panties. There was a wet spot. Jasmine looked cute just in her panties. James reached for her panties.

“Can we keep them on?” Jasmine asked. James thought of another condition. For a forward thinking princess she does have traditional value however she said yes to a harem and let him play with her tits.

“Okay, I will move them to the side so I can see it,” James said. Jasmine nodded.

James leaned down. He slowly used his hand to open her knees. James gave a peck on her thighs. Jasmine`s body shook. He gave small kisses until he reached her upper thighs. He saw her panties. He kissed her panties. Jasmine's body had a jolt. Through the thin panties, James lightly flicked the nub with the tip of his tongue. Jasmine gasped at the contact. It was the first time anyone had touched her like this. He was loving and caring, she thought. James moved her panties to the side slightly. He could see her brown bussy. It looked gorgeous and ripe for his taking. He thought soon.

He leaned towards her exposed pussy and licked it. He stopped and went to lick again. He made sure to lick it slowly first.

Jasmine moaned. He saw this and touched, licked. She was happy. Jasmine moved her head and gently touched his hair and started to stroke it. James began to lick her pussy faster. His tongue was lapping her lips from the base of the slit to the nub. He had moved her panties more and more to the side. At this point almost all her pussy was exposed. He was licking faster and pressing his tongue down. Jasmine moaned louder. She was close. “James,” Jasmine moaned. James sucked on her clit hard.

Pleasure took over Jasmine as she came over James. Her body trembled and exploded and exploded as she had another orgasm. “James,” she shouted. Jasmes kissed her clit and let go. She was breathing loudly.

“Wow, you are delicious,” James said. He leaned up and kissed her on the lips. Jasmine responded with passion back. She kissed him fiercely back. Their lips met and they kissed for a minute. James then withdraws.
“That was amazing,” Jasmine remarked. Her eyes sparkled.

“It was,” James replied, however he was erect and hard. He needed relief. Jasmine saw his long hard manhood. It looked painful.

“James, is there something I can do with that, it looks like it is hurting?” Jasmine asked.

James smiled. He will have to take this slowly. “Sure, you can use your hands, legs, mouth, breast, ass to relieve him. It is our love together which will help it,” James explained.

Jasmine thought there were so many ways. She trusted him. “I will use my hand,” Jasmine replied.

James nodded. He laid back on his back. Jasmine got on top of him and sat on his knees. James looked at the princess, with her tits out, panties exposing her pussy and her eyes locked on to his large member.

“Guide me please,” Jasmine asked.

“Okay,” James agreed. A handjob by a princess, he thought.

Jasmine looked at his large erect penis. It was long and like a spear. It went up to her stomach. It was thick as well.

Jasmine`s hand reached for James` shaft. She could feel it was hard and throbbing. Her hand gripped his cock. She touched the middle of the shaft. Her small hands could barely wrap around it. Jasmine smiled. At the same time, she thought some time this will be inside her when she is making babies with him. She thought it would it fit. Her hand slowly slid down and up on his penis as she drifted to her thoughts.

James thought her fingers felt amazing on his cock. “You can use both hands to stroke it,” James said. Jasmine snapped from her thoughts and nodded. She started stroking him with both her hands at a slow pace.

"Yes, keep going," James added.

Jasmine kept stroking his penis slowly. Both her hands were going and down on his big penis. She slowly went up towards the head of the penis and then went down to the shaft. She smiled at the power she had in her hands.

“You can go faster,” James remarked.

“Okay,” Jasmine replied. She moved both her hands faster. She kept on the shaft. She went up and down on his penis.
“Yes,” James said, as he felt the pleasure. Her hands were amazing stroking his penis.

Jasmine smiled. She stroked faster. She went up and down faster. She stroked up and down. She could feel how it pulsed in her hands. It was throbbing. She imagined what this would feel inside her. At the same time she did not want to but she did. Her feelings were conflicted. She stroked faster. Her smile got wider. She could see a white liquid slowly leaking from the head.

“Baby maker,” Jasmine remarked. She increased her pace.

“I am close,” James said.

“Do it,” Jasmine encouraged.

Jasmine stared straight into James` eyes and smiled.

“I am cumming,” James announced.

The first shot spurted out with a huge force, falling onto Jasmine`s breasts. It was followed in quick succession by two powerful bursts that ricocheted off her forehead and mouth. Another few big shots hit her cheeks, forehead, breasts and stomach.

The force of the cumshot, the smell and the fact that it hit her body made Jasmine`s mind go crazy and she came as well. She smiled and looked up.

“You made such a big mess on me and wasted the baby juice,” Jasmine smirked.

“Sorry about the waste but we can make more baby juice,” James replied back.

Jasmine reached over and took a towel. She wiped the sperm from her face, body. She put the towel down. She got a blanket and put it over them both. Jasmine tucked herself into James`s arm. “Good night,” Jasmine said.

“Good night,” James replied back. They both fell asleep.