Chapter 14 – Conclusion of the Fight (2)
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Welfer couldn't help but widen his eyes in surprise.

He had initially thought that the main reason as to why this person was hiding behind Simonne was that because he was weak.

'I... fell to a trap', he thought.

"But It doesn't mean that I've already lost!" Welfer loudly yelled at the top of his lungs and forcibly pulled out his sword out of this boy's grip.



Welfer modified his Sigil to it's fullest extent and concentrated all his energy towards empowering his physical strength. With a deafening roar, Welfer heaved the hilt of his sword back, his muscles bulging in vigor.



But no matter how hard he tried, the sword never budged from this person's unbelievably strong clutch.

Faint traces of blood flowed down the metal of the blade.

'...He's quite strong.' Kaiji thought to himself and smiled. 'However, still not strong enough to overwhelm me.'

Tightening his fingers around the blade as he suppresed the opponent's strength, Kaiji abruptly flipped his hand that made the opponent's sword fly into mid-air.


Before Welfer even had the chance to gasp yet again in surprise, a fist came crashing down to his abdomen.


Welfer spat out a mouthful of blood as his body flew through the air backwards. However, he still somehow managed to propel himself by rotating his body that caused him to land safely on both feet.


Blood slowly flowed down from Welfer's swollen lips as he struggled to regain his composure. 'I'm...' He grated his teeth in anger. 'No...  this isn't happening.'

"You useless trashes! Why are you all just standing there and just simply watching us?!"

Welfer loudly yelled at his underlings who all stayed behind him from a dozens of meters.


Welfer's underlings suddenly felt their body became stiff as they shifted their eyes towards the two monsters that seemed to be even stronger than their own master. They... simply just couldn't contend against those. Even thinking about the possible outcome of their fight against them would already be terrifying itself, how about even battling those ones in real?

" "Were truly sorry, boss..." " (All of them)


Welfer trembled in fury as he pointed a finger at his defiant subordinates. 'Just you wait... all of you... I'll make sure I'll beat the living crap out of you all after this!'

After that, Welfer reluctantly turned his head back at Kaiji and once again lifted his sword.

"It's still not over yet...!"

He landed a vicious kick towards the ground and thrusted his body forward in a breathtaking speed.

Seeing that the opponent still haven't gave any signs of giving up, Kaiji raised his sword and prepared himself for yet another blow.
It was just then that…