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Before you start reading. Read the synopsis pls.                 [Initializing interdimensional transfer.]

''Antonio, breakfast is ready. I'll leave it on the table for when you're ready to eat.''


Wesley looked around curiously. The voice he'd heard must be his mother. He touched the ring on his finger and an interface only he could see appeared in front of him. During his trials, Wesley had gotten accustomed to using the system interface, allowing him to navigate the screen, pulling up this world's information quickly.

This was a modern world with a sports setting.


The protagonist Jake was a soccer fan who by chance gained the memories of a soccer legend of the past. Utilizing the mysterious memories, Jake became the star of his college team and earned the interest of the national team. 


After leading his team to victory in all of the tournaments they played in, he was soon recruited to the national team. There, he would gain the interest of many foreign teams looking for new talent.


Jake would go on to compete in the Olympics gaining a gold medal for America and becoming one of the most sought-after players in the sport. 


Wesley shook his head and laughed at the plot of this world. His role was Jake's younger twin brother Antonio. The token cannon fodder sibling. Antonio was only one minute younger than Jake and was quite athletic himself but what made Wesley chuckle was the memories of Antonio's past.


Antonio was the original hope of the family. He was smart and extremely athletic, excelling in any sport he played. However, why wasn't he in the plot? It's because Jake accused Antonio of raping his girlfriend during a frat party.


In college when Jake saw Antonio wasn't envious of his newfound talent but instead was improving himself to the point of almost surpassing him even with the cheat he had gained, jealousy grew in his heart. Eventually, Jake realized that he'd never be able to shine if his brother was around. 


Jake and Antonio went to a frat party a few months after the soccer team's varsity tryouts, and that's when Jake put his plan into play. He drugged Antonio and dragged him into a room where his girlfriend had already been drugged and assaulted. The scene that played afterward wasn't hard to predict. 


Antonio was arrested and charged with rape, and his life was ruined. His scholarship revoked and having spent two years in prison for a crime he didn't commit, Antonio fell into a cycle of abusing drugs and alcohol and eventually overdosed and died alone.


 Wesley sighed. He never understood how family members could do such cruel things to each other. Although this was quite a comfortable world to start in, all he needed to do was avoid the rape charges and succeed in soccer. Something he found to be extremely easy. As for his twin brother, he had a plan for him too. One that would ruin him so thoroughly he would wish for death. Luckily he arrived before the two brothers left for college. Jake should have received the ''Gift'' bestowed upon him by God a couple of days ago.


After receiving the storyline, Wesley searched for his item list. He wanted to see if he'd gotten a starter package of some sort from the stingy SO. In his item list, he'd found a black box without any writing or decoration on it. Retrieving the box from the list, Wesley was surprised to find it had some weight to it. After opening the box, what greeted him was a crimson ring alongside a note. A soon as Wesley picked up the note a mechanical voice sounded in his mind.


[Host has received the item. Transmitting message from ''Jella''.]


**Hello Wes. This is an item I am personally handing to you for my own selfish reasons.**


The Words he'd heard this time were spoken by that of a woman. Her voice melodious and calming yet bearing strong confidence.


**You may not know who I am but I know who you are. We will cross paths soon, hopefully, by then I won't be as busy. I don't have enough time to explain to you every function of the ring but I can tell you this, It is a System created away from the eyes of the one who rules all. Be safe.**


[Transmission ended.]


Wesley stared off into space with a fearful expression for a while then regained his composure after contemplating everything he'd just heard. He turned his system interface off and stared at the ring inside the box.


'This ring is a system? And a custom one created away from the one who rules all?' Wesley had a confused look on his face. He'd heard of the one who rules all before and to describe that existence in layman's terms, they were God. He wondered if having this ring would bring him more trouble than benefits but before he could even put the ring on someone barged into his room.


''What are you doing bro, chopping some morning wood?'' 


Jake barged into the room and stared at his brother with contempt. He had the memories of a legendary soccer player and would soon become a star shining brightly in the sky. This brother of his would soon feel what it was like to stand in someone's shadow all there life.


''Get out.''


 Is this guy stupid or something? Wesley was shocked at how bad Jake was at concealing his contempt for him. He got up from the bed and stood in front of Jake towering over him by a few centimeters. Staring into his eyes Wesley released some of his aura and spoke once again. 


''Do I have to repeat myself, Jake?''


 Although the original Antonio wasn't a complete ass, he was quite cold to this brother of his. With how bad Jake was at hiding his feelings Antonio had long since given up on his ignorant and jealous filled twin.


''You...You! Mom said to come down for breakfast now!''


Jake harumphed and turned around while shaking. He was frightened by the pressure Wesley was releasing and began to retreat but before he could fully make it out the doorway he felt a hand grab his shoulder. The strength used in the grip caused him to feel an immense pain. 


''Aaargh!'' Jake yelled in pain.


Wesley felt that this brat needed some discipline or else he would feel it was okay to disrespect him casually. As he strengthened his grip, he leaned close to Jake's ear and whispered.


''Raise your voice in front of me again and the next thing I'll be gripping is your neck. Got it?''


Jake felt his knees going weak from the pain he was feeling. It was that excruciating. He hurriedly nodded his head fear showing in his eyes.


 ''I promise I won't do it again. please let me go, man, it hurts so fucking bad.''


Wesley didn't hold him too long with a push he released Jake from his grip and walked out of the room. There was a smirk on his face as he passed Jake. 


*   *   *




As water dripped from the faucet Wesley stared at the ring on his finger. Contemplating whether to use it or not. The mysterious woman said it was a custom system but what if this was a test by a clever SO. He didn't want his reputation ruined before he became a contracted Transmigrator. 


'Ah...screw it. I've never been the type to follow the rules anyway.'

''System bind.''


[Binding initializing.]


Wesley felt a sharp pain in his brain and cursed. The pain of binding was just the same as it had been with his first system. After the pain receded a warmth spread throughout his body.


[Binding complete. Would you like to access the system interface?]


''Open System.''


When the system opened what greeted him was an all black interface that looked much sleeker and luxurious than the free system that noisy SO gave him. Although most of the applications he saw were the same as his old system two new applications caught his eye. One was a messaging application called Axis Chat and the other was an application called Tweak Shop. Clicking on Tweak Shop the first thing he noticed was his balance. Where you would usually see a zero, there was an ♾ sign.