Chapter 16
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''Alrighty then.'' Cyril moved his body and felt around himself. He seemed to be in a box of some kind. 'What in the?' He punched as hard as he could, and the latch on the box broke off, freeing his limbs from their cramped position. Cyril stood up from the box and observed his surroundings. 'Hmm, it seems I haven't left the Domraud residence yet.' As he examined the room, an obnoxious scent assaulted his nostrils. He looked down and examined his body. Although beautiful, the shirt he was wearing was drenched in an overly sweet smelling black liquid. Not just the shirt, the dress shorts he was currently wearing were moist and emitted the same fragrance. Feeling disgusted, he searched for what might be a bathroom in his room.


He navigated the large room and made his way towards two large doors near the corner of his room. When he stood in front of the doors, they slid open revealing a luxurious nature-themed spa. Cyril squinted his eyes and sighed. 'Indeed. There's no way the heir to such a prestigious family would have a common bathroom. While marveling at the sight in front of him, his thoughts were interrupted by a soft voice entering his ears.


''Oh dear, Prince Cyril, what happened? Did something happen when playing with the young miss?''


Cyril looked towards the source of the voice and narrowed his eyes. He caught sight of two women dressed as maids standing near what seemed to be an indoor waterfall. The maids ran up to him worriedly and examined his body.


''Are you hurt anywhere? This is why I protested to you sending us to hide in the bathing room. I can't be sure of your safety if you're alone.'' The young maid said, fear in her voice.


Cyril gazed over the two women as memories flooded into his mind. These two were his maids. The one doing all the talking was a young woman with thick brown hair and bright Emerald green eyes. Her name was Elizabeth, and from his memories, he could tell she was the one who took care of almost all of his personal needs. The other was a tall woman with short white hair, styled into a pixie cut and deep ruby colored eyes. She was a Martian-born and was solely here for his protection. Her name was Emelia. She didn't seem to talk much, but the worry on her face was clearly shown to him. He thought for a moment and spoke softly.


''I don't know. I was hiding from Sala when my body started to feel warm. Next thing I knew, I was covered in this liquid.'' Cyril knew the Ares had a period in their life where their body would go through a maturing phase just like humans. He assumed that after his soul entered the body, it initiated his maturing phase early. Unlike most Ares who start maturing around sixteen.


The Maids seemed to catch on about what was happening and sighed in relief. Elizabeth wrapped her arms around Cyril and sighed. She had been worried for nothing. '' Apologies, Prince Cyril. From what I can tell, you started your maturing phase early, causing your body to release the impurities within it. We'll get you cleaned up and bring you to his Majesty.''


Cyril chuckled at Elizabeth's overly mother-like actions and relaxed as she took off his clothing and jewelry. At first, he thought having people wash his body would be awkward and maybe a little arousing, but as his body was being wiped all over, the only thing he felt was immense relaxation. Not to mention he was quite underdeveloped at the moment. Elizabeth and Emelia did their job very professionally, leaving him no room for complaint. 'Indeed, the life of a prince is very comfortable.' After the bath, Elizabeth and Emelia clothed him and led him out of the bathroom. He dismissed them and sat in an office connected to his bedroom. 


Cyril contemplated his plans for the school portion of his tasks. Although Kelle was the protagonist of this world, Cyril felt no need to counterattack him too severely. All of the past Cyril's and Kelle's suffering was caused by misunderstandings forced onto them by the world's plot. Due to the world's scheme, Kelle was viciously bullied and beaten till near death on multiple accounts. And although Cyril was framed and attacked by his own people, most of his demise was planned by the Ares 'Royal' Family. They seemed to be tired of being nothing but figureheads of the Ares race and wanted actual power. He didn't need to go out of his way to create an enemy out of the protagonist of this world. Nevertheless, he wouldn't be spared so easily. After all, much of the suffering Cyril faced was caused by Kelle and Kelle alone.


Thinking of what he'll need for his current task, Cyril scrolled through the item shop. If he can get a few memory enhancement solutions and cell boosters, becoming the top student would be a breeze. While making a shopping list of sorts, Cyril thought of all the things he would need for his overall mission. It would be impossible to predict everything he would need for his tasks, but the basic things he needed, those he could buy right now. He almost finished with his list when he heard footsteps coming near his office. He closed his system interface and faced the door.


The door slowly slid open, and a beautiful girl with violet hair peeked her head into the office. She looked forward and smiled genuinely. ''I found you, Cyril.'' The girl walked into the room and approached Cyril slowly. ''Hmph, this hiding spot is pretty lame.'' the girl jokingly said.


Cyril slightly narrowed his eyes. This girl was the former Cyril's crush and childhood friend, Sala. He stared at her then sighed. 'I almost forgot I was an alien, huh.' He thought as he observed the girl in front of him. He took in her exquisite and unique features and sighed. Long violet hair that reached her waist, somewhat pinkish skin that gave off a blushed look, long elf-like ears that were decorated with golden cuffs, and a beautiful blue jewel sitting in the middle of her forehead. Even her eyes shined with a blue radiance. Everything about her appearance screamed, 'I'm an extra-terrestrial beauty!' 


He thought on his appearance which was not that different from her's. He had deep red hair that reached his chin, golden eyes that shined like the sun, a golden jewel sitting on his forehead, and long ears decorated with elegant golden cuffs. Even his skin had the same peach colored shade.


Cyril smiled softly and stood up from his seat. ''Maybe I never hid in the first place.''


Sala frowned and folded her arms. ''That defeats the purpose of the game. If you hadn't wanted to play, why did you agree when I asked.'' 


Cyril smirked and closed the distance between them. ''Who knows. Anyways, this game is for children. I feel that wasting my time playing these meaningless games isn't entertaining anymore.''


The girl tilted her head and looked towards Cyril with a confused expression. She walked closer to him and leaned in, examining his face. She caught sight of the golden jewel on his forehead; the golden hue seemed to have become more profound than before. She gasped. ''Ah! You're core, i-it's matured. H-How? We haven't even left for the academy yet.'' 


Cyril smirked. ''Who knows. All I can say is that I look forward to arriving at the academy.'' He grabbed her hand and led her out of his office. ''Let's go, I have to talk to my father.'' Cyril walked confidently with a sly grin on his face. This world was going to be a pain in the ass for sure, but he looked forward to it.