Chapter 17
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Cyril stood outside of his father's office. From the memories he had received, the relationship he had with his father was quite peculiar. He stood for a while then attempted to knock on the door, keyword; attempted. Before his hand could hit the door, it slid open, and a shadow shot out straight for him. 


''CYRIL!!!'' Cillian Moreau-Domraud, Head of the Ares Military, wrapped his arms around Cyril and cried out. ''I missed you so much, my wonderful son.''


''You saw me this morning, father.'' Cyril rolled his eyes as he sighed. This is why he hesitated to knock on the door. This touchy-feely mama bear of a father made him cringe.


Cillian chuckled and rubbed his son's hair. ''Please. A few hours away from my wonderful heir is like living in torture for years.'' The jewel on his head flickered as he held his son. ''Plus, the servants have told me you started your maturing phase early. I would have come for you immediately if it wasn't for that cold hearted mother of yours.''


''That what?'' A cold voice came out from the room. Cyril sighed and spoke out.


''Greetings, Mother.'' Cyril smiled. He released himself from his father's mama bear hug and gave her a bow. ''I have come for Father to discuss my academy admittance. If I knew you were here, I would have come for you instead. ''


Elise Domraud, the current Prime Minister and head of the Domraud Family, didn't respond to her son and instead pulled him into her embrace. She hugged him tight then threw a glare at her husband. ''Answer me Cillian. That what?''


Cillian felt the temperature around him freeze. He gulped and fell to the ground kneeling. ''Forgive me my wonderful, beautiful, brave, strong, and Ethereal Empress. This lowly one knows his mistake.''


Elise flashed a cold smile. ''Leave and wait for me on the 5th floor. I'll show you how cold I can be.''


Cyril laughed as he saw his father run off. He wondered how he courted such a woman in the first place. ''Mother. Can we talk? there are some things I want to do before the academy starts.''


''Anything for you sweety. Come, let's go to my office.''


.   .   .  


''So what is it you would like to talk about?''


Cyril smiled and picked up the tea in front of him. ''There are a few things, but first and foremost, I want to be engaged to Sala.'' There are reasons why Cyril wants to be engaged with Sala. One of them being Kelle and Sala have already been in contact for a few weeks. Kelle had saved her in the past when Sala was attacked after she snuck out of the hotel she was staying in. This helped her develop some feelings for Kelle after she kept in contact with him. The engagement will allow Cyril to cause trouble for Kelle under the guise of defending his fiance. 


''Tch. I knew I shouldn't have let that slut stay in contact with you. I should have forbid her from visiting you the moment I was sure you liked her.'' Elise said, her voice laced with regret. ''Honey, listen to me. I don't think you should be engaged to her. You don't need to be engaged to anyone, you should stay home with us ok?''


Cyril's mouth gaped open. What the hell is with this family? ''Please elaborate mother.'' 


Elise sighed and put her cup down. ''Honey, that girl has a man she likes. I have been keeping tabs on her ever since you met her, so I know the truth. Not only has she led you on for so many years, but she also has a few other boys she ''plays'' with from time to time. That slut's only saving grace is that she has managed to keep her chastity through all of her little ''play sessions''. Now that she has found a guy she liked she monitors him day and night collecting all of his photos like a stalker. This girl is not someone I plan to accept in a million years.''


Cyril stared wide-eyed at his mother. 'Are you f*cking kidding me?' He thought as he remembered all of Cyril's memories with Sala. He almost died from the second-hand shame while recalling them. His mother was right. In nearly all of his memories with Sala, she was trying to seduce and manipulate him. He could only shake his head at how dense the original Cyril had been. He sneered in his mind as he formulated a new plan. 


He wore a sad expression as he spoke.''I still want the engagement, mother. When I am done with school and graduate, we can cancel it. Can you please give me this little happiness. I have been in love with her for so long. I want to see what it would be like to finally be with her.''


Elise teared up and grabbed her son's hand. 'My poor baby!' She thought. ''Are you sure? I don't want to see you hurt. I have watched you do everything. Your first steps, your first words, the first time you touched y-y... I mean your first tutoring session.''


Cyril almost fell off his seat. 'What the hell is wrong with this family? And f*ck you OG Cyril. 'He thought as a tense silence filled the room. He moved from his seat and hugged his mother. ''I'm sure. You want what's best for me, but I'm maturing now. You need to let me handle situations in my life from time to time. And stop watching me all the time!''


''Alright honey, I let you two get engaged but If she continues acting like she is while your engaged, I'll have her entire family ruined.'' She said with a stern look on her face. 


''Don't worry, mother. I'll handle it.''


Elise sighed in acceptance. ''What else do you need, honey?''


''There are two more things I need. One is a military grade terminal with 2nd level clearance. The second is a residence near the Academy. The residence needs three underground levels and four floors above ground. If we can buy one of the properties near the school, we can demolish the current building and use the construction drones to build over it. I can bring you a design tonight with a list of everything I want the building outfitted with.''


This time it was Elise that was shocked. ''I-I can get you all of those things, honey. For the Domraud family, those requests are nothing.''


Cyril smiled and hugged his mother once more. ''Thank you, mother. I love you so much.'' He left The office and began walking towards where Sala was waiting for him with a stern look on his face. 'I would have found all your dirty secrets eventually, Sala. Now that I know your true face let's play.'