Chapter 1 – Renji-Kun’s Descent Into Another Wold
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My name is Renji Watanabe and I’m just your typical normal 17 year old boy attending Bansai High School. I have average grades, average looks, living in an average home. I spend most of my time reading manga and playing video games and I don’t know what I want to be when I get older. The love of my life is Kazuko Kiyoko-chan, the school’s princess beauty. Ahhh, just thinking about her makes my heart swell up… but I will never be a match for her.

I’m running with a piece of toast in my mouth this morning because I’m late for school! Sigh. This is why I need to remember to set my alarm before I even lie down in bed next time.

While Renji Watanabe was contemplating his average life and his average existence, Kami-sama had different plans for him. In the sky there was a truck making its descent. It had fallen out of an airplane due to the co-pilot being overweight, he simply turned and pressed the eject luggage button on accident. This caused the back of the plane to open, and since the parking brakes on the truck weren’t on, the truck had nothing to do but roll backwards out of the plane and into the world below.


Spirit Sorting Department

Huh? Where am I? Why is everything purple and blue and where is the ground? Where is my body?! I could have sworn I was just on the way to high school with a toast in my mouth before all this.

Renji-kun had found himself in the spirit sorting department where all spirits and souls of former living beings end up. All around him were floating balls of energy in every direction for thousands of miles, above and below, he was surrounded. A human might think that these were all human spirits floating about, however human deaths are very few in comparison to animal deaths. Sadly speaking, most of the spirits here are from the billions (yes billions) of animals slaughtered every day.

Renji-kun did not have these thoughts, but merely thought he was knocked out and dreaming.

“I want to get out of here! Wake me up!” In a poof he was transported to another location.

Kami-Sama’s Washitsu

“Watanabe-kun, welcome. I am Kami-sama”

Renji-Kun was transported to a Washitsu (Japanese styled room). In front of him across the ryokan (Japanese floor desk) was Kami-Sama (basically a god) drinking tea from a bamboo cup.

“I transferred you here because you had the most unlikely death I have ever witnessed. A truck fell from the sky and crushed you while you were on the way to school”

Wa-wait, I died from a truck falling out of the sky?! I was only 17! I haven’t even had my first kiss yet! And Kazuko-chan! Oh the love of my life! I will never see her again!

“S-s-so what happens now?” Renji-kun wanted to respond to Kami-sama, but since he didn’t have a physical body, he could only think those words.

“I can hear all your thoughts, Renji-kun. Yes you were only 17, but if you want me to tell you about what would have happened if that truck hadn’t fallen out of the sky… You would have lived a normal life. On the last day of school you ask out Kiyoko-kun and she rejects you. You feel dejected for years. Later you marry a woman named Kaede Hisako, get a career as a car mechanic, have a son called Akihiro, and you live to 78. Nothing remarkable happens in your life”

Upon hearing that, Renji-kun felt disappointed but relieved. All the questions he had about his own life were answered, now he just finally wanted to rest.

“Kami-sama, thank you for the answers. Now I just want to rest. I no longer want to continue in the cycle of reincarnation and want my spirit released forever”

“Renji-kun, I cannot grant you that wish. However, I can transfer you to another world of fantasy filled with magic, wizards, and beasts of lore. In this world I shall grant you super powers that shall make you the most powerful being, and then perhaps you can rest there. By being the most powerful being, you can do anything you wish. This in the next best thing to eternal rest. How about it?”

“Well I don’t really have a choice now, do I Kami-sama? If it’s the next best thing, I’ll take it”

And with that, Renji-kun was reborn in another world.

In Another World and five years later

I am Renji Watanabe, or at least, I was. I had died, saw the spirit sorting department, talked with Kami-sama, and was reborn in Ulfgen, a fantasy world filled with magic, elves, wizards, dragons, and so on, not that I had seen anything like that yet. Yeah I was once a Japanese boy living a normal teenage life, and now I don’t know what I am, and I don’t know who I am, although I’ve been here for five years now.

What I remember from years ago is that I was born, immediately thrown away in a trash bin, then I was brought to a trash dump that spanned miles. I don’t even remember seeing a single person. It’s as if I was born, and then, immediately became trash. My environment had always smelled bad, and there was dirt and garbage everywhere, but I never got sick. I couldn’t even receive a wound after falling on a sharp rusted sword.

Since I couldn’t get myself out of this place as a newborn, I had to survive by eating the garbage that people threw out. Of course most of the trash wasn’t edible, but sometimes there would be entire meals that were thrown out. At the age of one I was able to walk, and I knew magic existed, but I didn’t know where to find it.

By age two I was able to read the language and learned how to read and write. I did this from the books and scrolls that people threw away. I even found some books and scrolls that contained information on magic. Magic in this world was controlled through casting spells by speaking certain words, and if the one casting the spell had enough mana or magical energy, then the spell would be cast.

By age three I became very proficient with magic. I was able to throw fireballs and lightning bolts, I was able to conjure water from nowhere, and was able to convert mana into life force so that I wouldn’t need to eat the literal garbage around me. It was very convenient. I had started to cast some air-based magic that would allow me to fly, but it took a while to become proficient at it.

By age four I became a total master of magic. I had seemingly an infinite amount of mana, I guess this is what Kami-sama meant when he talked about having superpowers. I was able to fly through the sky, and for miles and miles all I saw was trash.

By the age of five I had read through all of the scrolls and books about magic and history around me. The world I lived in was called Ulfgen and it was roughly twice the size of earth. Though this dumping grounds around me seemingly spanned like an endless desert, it was less than the size of the dot on the globe.

There were four continents each dominated by a single species, and a middle continent where the species fought for control. To the north were the elves who were the strongest with magic, to the south were the trolls that dominated with their ferocity, to the east were the humans who were strong with technology, and to the west were the dragons that controlled the skies.

What race was I? I’m not even sure. I clear an area around me, disintegrating all matter in the area and making it disappear. Magic completely disregards the laws of physics. Next I conjure clear water and indent the ground a little to pour the water in. Nice, now I have a mirror, sort of. I look into the water to get a look at my face, and… I am a human. Hmm. I would have thought I belonged to the race of the dragons or elves from the amount of magic power I hold, as humans are weakest with magic, but I seem to be the exception.

Enough. Now that I understand what I look like, it’s time for me to head off into the village. All this trash in my old life would have just disgusted me, so I disintegrate all the trash matter around me as far as I can, turning this place into an empty desert. And with that, I teleport to closest human city in the eastern continent.

Outside Lundswurft

I am connected to the magical energies around me, and therefore I can gather information from anywhere in the world. I didn’t know where the human village was, all I had to do was ask the question in my head, and then the magical energies would give me the information. I instantly knew about the town, its population, its location, its history, and many other information simply by wanting to know about it. And with this information, I was able to teleport right outside the town, close to the gates that I want to enter through.

The city was surrounded entirely by large stone walls. It was basically a giant fort with sentry towers lined up across the walls.

“Halt, who goes there!”

I could understand their language, this was my first encounter with another human in this world. It was a guard wearing full iron armor and carrying a large spear. He looked intimidating.

“Oh, it’s just a little kid. What are you doing outside the village, young one? Come, let’s get you inside”