15. Clothing and Food
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"But before we go you should definitely put on some clothes. Unless you prefer to give the kitchen staff a nice show."

"No... No, I think I'm fine with clothes."

"Perfect. And since this is your first time wearing girly clothes I will pick them for you."

"Wo said that I want to wear girly clothes?"



"I was joking. Don't tell me you just want to wear jeans and a t-shirt."

"I mean... I would've just picked something comfortable. But I don't mind you picking something. But I get the last call."

"Sure sure. Look over there. If you push that part of the wall a little It reveals a closet."

I walked over to the wall and as I pressed on it a huge part slid up revealing a massive closet. 

"First let's talk underwear. Since I like to wear dark ones you are left with bright colors. So pick your poison white pink or even light blue."

"I don't think we need matching underwear but If I need to choose I have to pick white."

"Excellent, try these and yes we need matching pairs."

The pair Miia chose was relatively plain but with some lace. Looking at myself in the mirror the white of my underwear was almost as bright as my hair. 

"Ok. These are good so lest move on to the main course."

Over the next, what felt like hours, I put on several outfits. From dresses to hotpants to jeans I tried more clothes than I owned back on earth. In the end, we settled on something stylish enough for Miia's taste but still comfortable to wear. We picked a pair of black ripped jeans and a fitting deep-cut black t-shirt with Miia's logo printed on the front.

"Miia you know I like this so far but don't you think the logo is a little extreme."

"Ahh. Don't worry about that it's just so everyone knows who you belong to."

"I... I don't... I don't think that's how anyone is going to see it."

"So you want to try more clothes."

"You know what. I think it looks good."


"Yeah, good."

"Anyway, that's not enough how about you try this over it."

The last thing Miia picked for me was a casual white trench coat. After undoing the buttons and rolling up the sleeves she was satisfied.

"Hmm. I think it looks good and I like the feel of rolled-up sleeves so sure this is nice. But isn't this a little warm the last time I was outside I had fur but I think it was rather warm."

"Don't worry about that its made from a material that doesn't hold in heat very well so it's perfect for late spring."

"Doesn't that defeat the purpose of a trench coat?"

"It's just for style."


"Yep... OK, the last thing to settle are your shoes. Just pick anything that fits the color."

After putting on a few pairs I decided on some black sneakers. But before I went out I had to change one thing. 

I picked out the most colorful pair of socks I could find. The pair I choose depicted a beach in the afternoon sun from the side.

"I'm ready."

"Well... At least your jeans are long enough so you don't see them. Mostly."

After a small awkward pause, Miia came back to the topic.

"Well. It's almost noon so I think we delayed the breakfast as long enough."

"For sure I'm starving."


Under Miias guidance I took the nearest elevator to the 112th floor where a receptionist dressed in a suit greeted me.

"You must be Lady Lucy I presume."

"Yep, that's me. I hope I'm not too late for breakfast."

"No worries. Please follow Miss Mayer over there. She will guide you to your table and your food will be brought to you shortly."


I followed her through a corridor with glass walls. Behind which were dining halls or restaurants of some sort. The one on the right was painted in white from top to bottom with glass chandeliers hanging from the high ceiling. The other one was kept dark with black tables and red roses. Still, both of them were light-flooded thanks to the high windows.  

The tables were surprisingly filled with lots of people and multiple of them with inhuman characteristics. Some of them just had something small like horns while others had nothing in common with humans except body structure. 

As I walked further I noticed that more and more of them stopped talking amongst each other and started watching me walking down the hallway. I guess news spread fast. But then again I don't even know how long ago I arrived here. Still, while the layout was quite something to look at and the contrast was amazing. Walking along here feels like I'm being presented to the general public. And I'm not even scared of crowds or being on stage. 

"General public? Where do you think you are this is like the elite of the elite. Most of the people here are in charge of either gigantic cooperation, big political players, or otherwise important people. This is the restaurant connected to my temple and only the highest class of visitors can eat here. So you better be happy I got you a place here. And also they may have heard that you are somehow connected to me.

To my surprise, we went neither to the right nor the left side but instead, we just kept on walking straight ahead until we reached a fancy door which we went through. As soon as we went through people started loudly talking amongst each other but when the door fully closed the noise stopped as it was apparently sound-proof. 

"Here we are, my Lady. Please take a seat your food will arrive shortly. "

The room I was left in was less a room and rather a balcony with walls made out of glass. The room I was left in was rather spacious with a large dark wood table onto was a fancy white table cloth with atop the table were multiple vases with flowers and lights. At the headend was a single plate and silverware. 

As I sat down I was about to ask Miia about the new plan when Someone knocked on the door.


The door opened and a different server came in behind her pulling a huge cart white with all kinds of foods. From normal things like strawberries to fruits like I've never seen and meats in strange colors. As she placed all things on the table almost half of it was full there were probably around five plates on it. While I took a good look at them I wondered about one thing. Why is there so much meat I thought I would eat for breakfast?

"That would be because you're a carnivore now. Well not exactly you can still eat all kinds of food but unless you eat lots of meat you won't feel satisfied."

"I think your the one who needs meat in her to feel satisfied."

But to my surprise, Miia didn't answer but instead the waitress did. "Excuse me?"

"Uhhh. Sorry I was talking to someone else."

"There is nobody here..."


"So would you like something to drink?"

"Yeah, sure just any kind of juice. Orange or banana if you have it."

She quickly walked up the right wall and after pressing a button a cabin opened from which she got me a glass of orange banana juice. After that she excused herself.

"Well, that was awkward." 

"You don't have to tell me. But lesson learned I won't talk to you loud when others are nearby."

"You know you can just think what you want me to know right?"

"Yeah but like this, it feels less weird... Unless others are nearby."

"Anyway back to the topic. Since you are an evolution of what is basically a cat you will need to eat mostly meat. Still, as I said you can eat other things as much as you like but they are purely for enjoyment. Just think of them as sweets."

"As long as I can still eat other things I'm good."

"You will no worries. Bon appétit."


To my surprise, I finished all the food they brought me. As soon as I saw how much it was I already felt bad about wasting it but it seems like I was hungrier than I thought I was. Much hungrier. I don't even know how that much food fits into my stomach. Maybe it was just that most of the food tasted like nothing I ever had. Even the green meat was amazing. Even though at first I was scared to eat something that looked so rotten. 

"Ah your finally done I wasn't sure if you needed to eat for five but transformations take a huge amount of energy. And then the night right after no wonder your completely drained. But if your good now we should get going. I've made plans for your this afternoon. Your gonna meat an old friend of mine."

"Sure sure. But first, let me see what kinda deserts you have here."

We got going after I ate 3 more servings.


Ey, I'm back. And it only took me... squints at the date... like 7 months.

But good news. I've already made plans for the next chapter and it may or may not include smut. YAY.

Anyway, If you want to see any specific kind I'm open to suggestions. 

positions/ fetishes whatever tell me what you want to see.

See you maybe not next year.