19. Her older friend
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The administration building's inside was made in the same style as the other one ve been in before. Like a classic old building with a stone floor and wooden walls. A sign on the opposite wall of the entrance showed all offices located within the building. The headmistress office was the sole location marked on the third floor. With the lower ones housing other offices and mostly administrative rooms.

After I located the wide stairs and made my way to the third floor I found myself in some sort of waiting area. A few cushioned chairs, as well as a couch, were next to the staircase. A couple of women was sitting there talking amongst each other. When they noticed me their conversation stopped shortly, but shortly after they hushed a little closer and continued talking now a little quieter. Not noticing me on the other hand was the receptionist who was sitting on a U-shaped table tabbing away on her pc. 

She didn't even greet me or acknowledge my presence until I walked up and tried talking to her.

"Excuse me."

As I said that she shortly averted her eyes from the screen but she got back to typing quickly.

"Please scan your ID."

"Ahh. Why?"

"You have an appointment, don't you? If not you can leave and come back once you made one online. If you have one scan your ID so I can check."

"I don't but I was told that I should just tell you my name."

"What who told... Ahh... you must be Lucy correct?"

While grumbling to herself she stood up and walked over to the large dark wooden door. 

"I don't know why they didn't just give her an appointment."

A few seconds after she knocked on the door a voice from inside beckoned her to come in.

Not even five seconds after she went inside the door suddenly burst open. But instead of the secretary reappearing there in the doorway stood the literal definition of a big tiddy goth gf. She stood around my height with dark black hair flowing straight down her back. Her skin was unnaturally pale so much it almost appeared slightly gray. But it could just be light and the contrast between her skin and the rest of her face. Hey, eyes were blood-red a very dark one even more so than Miias hair. If they weren't lit up so perfectly you could even think they were black. It was highlighted even more by her dark eyeliner and shadow which turned into a red near the corners. Her lips were also covered in dark red makeup with the one on her top lip looking newly applied and still slightly red. But it seemed like she was startled mid application as she slipped up on her left side. leaving behind a small dod of red lipstick not on her lip.

Her clothing style was formal but not in an overly sexy way with a tight skirt and buttered up blouse. Rather she wore a buttoned-up white shirt and a black open vest with some red highlights over it. Instead of a skirt, she wore a pair of black short suit pants which went down to just above her knees. To finish her office-like look she wore some fancy black high heels with no visible socks.

As soon as she saw me and our eyes looked she asked me:

"Your name is Lucy correct?"

"Ahh..? Yes."

But instead of following that question up with something she turned away from me and towards the two women sitting in the waiting area.

"You two wanted to see me?"

Looking up from her phone one of the women looked up answering with a slightly confused expression on her face.

"Yes, Professor Featherslight. We wanted to..."

"Yes, I'm sure it's terribly important. Sadly something just came up and it seems like I have no time for you today. I apologize but there's nothing I can do. If you want you can talk to Miss Emily my secretary and I'm sure you can find a new appointment soon." 

Stepping to the side allowing the secretary to move past her. Miia turned to her.

"Emily darling could you take care of that? If you have to move them into my lunch break."

Not even waiting on a response she turned to me and kept on talking.

"And you come with me in my office we have a lot to talk about."

Before I could even respond she stepped forward grabbed my right hand and pulled me into the room closing the door behind us.

Her office was super spacious reminding me of the rooms back at the temple. In the corner to the left side of the room was another small seating area with a white corner couch as well as a few cushioned chairs around a glass table it even had a bean bag to sit in. On the opposite side was a big dark wood table full of papers as well as a big screen. The entire room was filled with plants giving a nice contrast from the white walls furniture and greenery. The left entire left wall was made from glass showing the college campus behind a big balcony. On the very end of the right side was another door leading somewhere. 

The woman pulled me onto her sofa and sat down next to me. Crossing her legs over another and leaning in excitedly towards me.

"So tell me everything?"

"Ahh... tell you about what? To be honest I thought you were gonna tell me something."


As she heard that her expression shifted from happy to confused.

"I... mean I was told that I should meet you but I wasn't told why. To be honest I just follow what I'm told at the moment. I... thought... you'd tell me what... to... do......"

As I kept trying to explain the situation her expression changed even more to slightly angry.

"Are you for real... I got a message directly from the grand cardinal that some girl called lucy would come and see me. And that she was related to Miia MY MIIA."

The more she talked the more heated up she got. I didn't really know what to do so I just tried and lean back into the sofa and let the apparently somewhat crazy Headmistress continue rambling. Hey, Miia are you there? Some help maybe.

"You know what maybe you not knowing shit wouldn't be so bad normally. BUT with the rumors about Miia flying around lately, it's just very bad timing. Usually, I'm very nice but you better tell me everything you know or...."

"Ey, Bitch"

Miias voice came out of nowhere. I didn't see her appearing and she didn't use a door. But I'm thankful she's here


As soon as the professor heard Miias voice she turned around and as soon as she spotted her she lept over the table and chair behind it right into Miias arms. As soon as she wrapped around her she started sobbing a little. But Miia quickly wrapped her arms around the woman slowly stroking her hair.

"Ahh. Come here little girl you can stop crying I'm here now."

This whole conversation was just too much for me.

"What the fuck is even happening??"