35. Land of Waves [4]
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Knocking on the door of Inari's room, Naruto entered after the boy started saying that he wouldn't allow him to enter ''Yo, boy.'' he said.

''Don't enter! I don't want to talk with you!'' Inari shouted at the blonde teenager and unsurprisingly, Naruto wasn't affected by the shout in any means.

''I'll tell you a story, Inari. There was once a baby, he was the son of an important person but on the day of his birth, his parents were killed and so, he was alone. The baby was mature compared to his peers, even when he was only 1 year old, he could think clearly, however, something happened.'' Naruto said as Inari flinched slightly at the tone that unwantedly became cold.

''People from his own Village started to hate him for no reason - No matter where he went, nobody wanted to give him food, nobody cared about him, instead, they shouted at him, they cursed at him, they tortured him, the baby then grew up to a young boy and at 3 years old, he met a kind man, that is his older brother, both of them suffered and so they quickly grew fond of each other, they found happiness even after everything that happened.'' Naruto said in a single breath before he added

''What I mean is, Inari, it doesn't matter what your past is, you should be happy from what you have right now, your mother and your grandpa, this is because they care about you, if even the boy could find happiness even after suffering so much, I believe that you can also do that, don't you think?''

Inari nodded as the many tears that gathered over his eyes dripped down his cheeks before Naruto trademark smile appeared on his face ''This is why I promise to you, I'll avenge Kaiza and kill Gatō. I'll complete that promise because this is my Nindo, I won't ever go back on a promise!'' he said.

The young boy muttered while staring at Naruto departing location ''I believe in you, Naruto-san...''

Forest near Land of Waves.

''Inject your Chakra on that paper, Sakura.'' Kakashi said towards Sakura while handing her a paper, it looked ordinary by any means.

The pink-haired teenager nodded before injecting her Chakra and in a matter of seconds, the Chakra Paper became wet and stopped there, meaning her Chakra Nature is Water.

Kakashi nodded slightly  ''You have Water Chakra Nature, huh? Well, it's good. Let's make a deal, Sakura, if you can learn the basics of Kawarimi no Jutsu (Body Substitution Technique) and Shunshin no Jutsu (Body Flicker Technique) within a week, I'll get Naruto to teach you Suiton!'' he said.

The Ninja Academy did teach such Jutsu but not the actual application of it, as such, most Commoner Ninjas don't know even the basics of it, Sakura is an example of such Ninja.

'Oi, why should I teach her?' Naruto thought, wondering as to why he needs to teach that girl, to him, she's just an annoying fangirl that won't have much future, however, he agreed at the very moment that Kakashi said ''I'll go to Ichiraku Ramen for two bonus days in the same week.''

At his mindscape, Kurama laughed loudly 'HAHAHA! Kit, you've been bribed by Ramen!'

''Sakura, before you start training these two Jutsu, first, let's test your Chakra Control. Try infusing Chakra on the sole of your feet so that you can walk on the tree, remember to maintain the precision, the Chakra can't be too strong or too weak, go ahead.'' Kakashi said as the pink-haired teenager nodded once again before going to the tree.

Unexpectedly as she had near-perfect Chakra Control, she got it in the first attempt 'Ha! I did it correctly, cha!' Sakura thought before Kakashi said ''Good, now let's go for the Water Walking Technique, try doing the same thing but on water.''

'With her near-perfect Chakra Control and relatively small Chakra Reserves, it'll be easy for her to master it, my guess is an hour, ah, if only Naruto had such control over his Chakra when I started training him on that exercise!' The white-haired man thought dejectedly but soon, his face lit up.

Looking over Sakura, Naruto said ''You did a good job, pinky. You don't know the advantage you have with such Chakra Control, Jutsu that would require a bigger amount of time now require much less, for example, if you didn't have near-perfect Chakra Control, it would take you more than five hours instead of only an hour.''

'Did he just call me pinky? How dare he? Cha!' Sakura thought furiously but didn't actually dislike the nickname, she even felt rather happy that the strongest in their Class praised her.

Chuckling at Naruto's nickname giving, Kakashi said while throwing Sakura two scrolls that were on his pouch ''These are the Scroll of the Kawarimi no Jutsu (Body Substitution Technique) and Shunshin no Jutsu (Body Flicker Technique), go to learn it by yourself, any doubt you have, you just need to ask me!'' he said.

Ignoring Sakura any further, Kakashi looked over both Naruto and Sasuke ''I'll be teaching both of you an A-Rank Jutsu, they're called Rasengan and Chidori respectively, I didn't want to teach you them before you became a Ninja since they're way too dangerous. I'll teach the Rasengan for Naruto and the Chidori to Sasuke.''

The white-haired man said before continuing ''However, you must promise me something: You'll never use these two Jutsu against friends unless under special circumstances!''

Both Naruto and Sasuke said as Kakashi smiled slightly under his mask ''We promise.''

''That's good. You both know about the Rasengan and Chidori so I'll skip the introductions to it, Naruto, get these, there are three steps: Rotation, Power and Containment, you need to burst this water balloon with the first step, the rubber ball with the second step and then, fuse both of them without making the balloon pop or anything else.'' Kakashi explained to Naruto how to train the Rasengan as the blonde teenager already went to do so.

Sighing at Naruto's antics, the white-haired man started to explain the Chidori about Sasuke, differently from the blonde teenager, Sasuke would need guidance almost the entire time since he had less talent and Chakra Transformation training, a big deal of effort would be needed if he wanted to learn the Chidori in two weeks.


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