Chapter 11 – omega
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“What do you mean, your father does not know you are an Alpha?” Prince Atemu queried.

Yugi’s husband was an actual prince, the first son of some island nation off the coast of Egypt. Katsuya had been to the small apartment Yugi’s grandfather owned, but he’d never been to the opulent house Yugi and his spouse shared.

When the two students arrived, the Arab prince greeted Yugi affectionately. Too affectionately to watch comfortably - and Kat had been upstairs at the club more than once.

But when Atemu finally acknowledged Katsuya, and Yugi explained why they were there, the prince refused to advise him.

“No man who can lie to his father could be honest with me,” he insisted.

“Atemu! I’m sure he has his reasons,” Yugi defended him. “Don’t you, Kat-chan?”

But the longer he thought about it, the more Kat realized that he really didn’t have a reason. Maybe it was time to tell the truth. Maybe not publically - the omega image was totally popular for modeling. But his family should know. His dad should know.

Kat headed straight to the club. If Kaiba was dumb enough to go to somebody’s home without at least warning them, he could sit out front and wait.

“Hi, Jou-chan!” One of the newer host’s called out. “Come sit with me!”

“Sorry. I gotta go see my dad.”

“Not tonight - somebody bought out the VIP room.”

“Somebody did what?”

“I only got a glance, but Yuki-chan actually talked to him before he got put out.”

Katsuya’s heart somehow sank and sped up at the same time. “Tall, brown hair, blue eyes?”

“Very handsome. And rich - he bought a lifetime black card.”

“Jeez,” he sighed.

“Ah, Jou-chan!” Sonoma joined the group. “Please forgive me, but I need to steal this young one away.” He directed Katsuya toward the back. “I thought we agreed no school uniforms in the club.”

“Right! I’ll go home and change!” Kat slipped his grasp, but the man caught his arm.

“You’re fine tonight. They’re waiting for you.”

“Send Yuki-chan. He’s hot. He’s -”

Sonoma unlatched the decorative chain that blocked the VIP section. “In!” he ordered. He latched the chain behind Kat.

“There you are, son!” His father sounded a bit too gleeful for Kat’s taste. “Come over and join us.”

'Us’ was the ‘whole gang’. Kaiba, Roland and Tamura. Nakamura. Mokuba and his guys. The kid must eat dinner at 3pm. 

Katsuya found himself rubbing the back of his neck as he walked over to the table. A collar would be really be useful now, he thought.

“Kat.” His father lost all glee. “Now.”

That flat no-nonsense tone was never good, Katsuya thought. That was the sound of someone about to get grounded. Or worse. He tried to slow down crossing the room - not easy in a space less than 20 steps wide.

As soon as he was within reach, his father grabbed his shirt, opened the neck, and studied the bite.

“Yeah, that’s pretty much how your mom got me. I was dumb enough to think she couldn’t get me from the front. Like I didn’t think you could get knocked up the first time.” He snickered, ruffled Kat’s hair, and tried to pull him down.

“Wait, uh,” Katsuya glanced at Kaiba. “Can we talk for a minute?” He asked his father.

“I realize a kiss is too much to expect,” the executive smirked, “but not so much as a word is heartbreaking.”

He glanced at Kaiba again. “Yeah, uh, hey.” Then he turned back to his father. “It’s kinda important.”

“Something you can’t say to this guy?”

The question made Katsuya feel even guiltier about not having told him sooner. “Something I gotta say to you.”

“Huh.” Dad looked thoughtful. “Interesting night. Gentlemen, excuse us.” He got up and the two of them moved a few feet away. “Ok. What’s up? You want me to give you away?”

“Dad!” Kat felt his face nearly melt.

“I gotta say, he’s impressive. Looks, money, style. Ayuka and Mikail are gonna love him.”

“Dad! Please! Can we not?” Kat huffed, trying to prep himself.

“Ok, ok. Go on.”

“Ok. Uh...ok, see…. Shit! Ok, I know I’m an asshole and I don’t even have an excuse and this is a crappy way for you to find out and I’m sorry and -”

“Kat! Say it.”

“I’m not an omega.”


“I’m an Alpha. I’m sorry. I know I should have told you, but I was just so freaked out that….” Katsuya went on for a minute before he noticed something odd.

His father didn’t react. In fact, he was smiling.


“Thank you.”


“I was wondering when you would tell me.”

“ knew.”

“I knew.”

“Did Kaiba -”

“No, no! Kawai told me when your determination arrived.”

“But - wait - what?”

“Son, your mother has done some shitty things to me, but she has never lied. We knew you needed to be omega. So we let you. I figured one day something would happen to change your mind.” He nodded toward Kaiba. “And he is something.”

“Yeah,” Kat drawled, “something.”

“He knows, right? He has to know before -”

“Yeah, Dad, yeah. He - uh - he kinda - uh, found out.”

“Did he, huh?” His father chuckled. “That’ll happen, I guess.” Abruptly he grabbed his son and hugged him hard. “Don’t worry, boy! You’ll have to do a lot worse than that!”

“Dad! Lungs! Need air!”

“Bah! Wuss!” He let his son go and ruffled his hair again. “Come on. I’m not giving my son to this smooth talker until he gets a few things straight!”