Chapter 563-564: The Wedding
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If it isn't the guy who disappeared like everyone's dad with the milk. I guess I'm back to finish this mess of a story.

The day of the wedding arrived before long. Asahi used his lavish floating palace as the wedding venue for his circle of closest friends and family, while the rest of the Underworld had been invited to his other palace on the ground, where they could watch the ceremony through absurdly large screens.

The venue in Asahi’s palace was grand and glimmering, with sparkling chandeliers, lush carpets, and a grand staircase leading to a stage. An array of colorful flowers decorated the place, filling it with a soft floral scent. The palace was bustling with activity; servants bustling about, talented angels playing ethereal melodies, and guests in their finest dress, including Asahi’s lovers.

Ray’s eyes darted between Yasaka, Ddraig, Ruby, Aimi, and Rini on the table. Everyone on the table was non-human, including her. The panther ears on Aimi’s head were the result of her recent racial transformation

Despite that, Ray was the only one using her telekinesis to hold her glass. At home, she was less bothered by this than her current environment where she stuck out like a sore thumb. It made her feel strange, like an outcast.

She looked at Aimi’s ears. ‘Can I also change?’

(My love doesn’t feel bothered by it,) Klyscha said, showing her willingness to comfort Ray despite being busy herself. (I can help you if you still want to change.)

‘I don’t know, Klyscha-sama… Will Master hate me if I want to change…?’

(No way.)

‘It wouldn’t feel earned if I keep taking help without contributing anything...’

(How about you earn the points needed for the potion? I’ll show you the design of the race later. You’ll be able to have wings and hands like these angels!)


(By performing good deeds alongside Alise’s party. You’ll also get closer to them.)

Ray’s eyes sparkled with anticipation. ‘Thank you, Klyscha-sama!’


Yasaka and Venelana smiled as they sipped on their drinks, feeling intoxicated by the warm atmosphere.

“So warm and cozy,” Yasaka whispered. “I want my wedding to be like this.”

Ruby grinned mischievously. “The easy way to do that is by seducing Asahi.”

Ddraig rolled her eyes and scoffed. “Not everyone is as stupidly bold as you are.”

“Courage doesn't come with a price tag, Ddraig.”

Ddraig shook her head. “Yasaka has plenty of courage. But she has different values for marriage and relationships.”

“Don’t act like you know everything about Yasaka.” Ruby's voice rose in challenge, her eyes flashing with amusement. “You’re just using her as an excuse to argue with me.”

Ddraig didn’t retort to Ruby’s heated reply. She had just met Yasaka and barely knew anything about the kitsune noble. From what she knew, Yasaka seemed like a great leader, who hardly had time for her personal life.

Rini put down her glass juice. “Ddraig Onee-san, Ruby Onee-san, let’s settle this old time. With a duel!”

“Rini, don’t motivate them.” Aimi intervened, her face stern. She pinned down the dragons with her gaze before continuing in a calm but authoritative voice, “This isn’t the place for such bickering. If you can't get along, then leave.”

“Fine. I’ll go away.” Ruby got up from her seat, grabbed her glass and wine before walking to a quiet corner of the hall. “Venelana, come with me.”

Venelana, who was quietly listening to everyone from behind in a maid dress, bowed to everyone before following after Ruby. She didn’t take offense to serving Ruby, a Dragon God, as her maid.

“I’m sorry.” Yasaka lowered her head, apologizing for being the source of dissent. “I should’ve spoken to her myself… I was afraid to incur her wrath.”

As the leader of the Yokai Village, Yasaka couldn’t act freely on her feelings and potentially offend some bigshot here, which were plenty in this hall.

“It’s not your fault, Yasaka,” Ddraig paused, her eyes softening. She raised her glass to her lips, her slender fingers dancing around the stem as she swirled the deep, red liquid in a slow circle. “Ruby has too much pride to get along with others. She can’t expect everyone to act like her. People have different flaws and traits. That’s what makes them… special.”

Ruby’s fight with Asahi had awakened an obsession with perfection within. Her chase for the perfect body pushed her to terrorize the Greek Pantheon. She was expecting the same perfect behavior from everyone around her.

As soon as she lifted her gaze from her glass, she found everyone on the table hushed. Everyone, including Aimi, was enraptured, their eyes glinting with admiration and respect.

Aimi let out a soft chuckle, her eyes twinkling with amusement. “You’re willing to try and understand her. You don’t hate her anymore.”

“I don’t,” Ddraig responded, a wide smirk appearing on her face. “I still want to defeat her of course.”

(Dealing with Tiamat made you more sensitive.)

Tiamat was her emotional burden for a long time; Asahi and Klyscha had pushed her to understand Tiamat’s perspective and empathize with her.

‘I-I guess. There are different ways of living besides fighting. Battles are still superior to everything else though.’

(My cute imouto~.)


Biblical God was on the stage with Michael, gazing at angels, humans, goddesses, devils, dragons, elves, and one fallen angel. There was even a gray-haired woman with short, panther ears. He had brought the Archangels to brighten the atmosphere; his thoughtfulness was unrequired when Asahi’s lovers alone could make the venue.

“Why are there so many women? Why is that little girl and that red-haired girl giving off the aura of dragon gods? What in the world is Asahi doing with all of them?”

God had never been so confused in his life.

“Lord, you look younger in a suit,” said Michael with his usual friendly smile, his twelve wings fanning out behind him. “A millennium younger.”

“Like I care about my appearance at this age,” he muttered, rubbing the sleeves of his white tuxedo. “I don’t get why I have to be a wedding officiant for my creation.”

“I can take your place if you feel uncomfortable.”

“You stupid boy. Why would I be uncomfortable with saying some flowery words?” he grinned. “Watch as I make the wedding special for my son-in-law.”

“That—Sandalphon arrived,” Michael said, distracted. “She looks beautiful.”

Sandalphon glided into the hall with joy on her face, her golden ponytail swaying behind with every move. She was wearing a white dress with golden accents that complimented her pure smile. She seemed to capture the vibrant colors of the room and reflect them back in warm, brilliant light. It made everyone smile back at her.

God sighed. “I wanted her to marry him together with Gabriel.”

“It will tilt the political favor in Heaven’s side,” Michael said with a serious expression. “As the ruler of both Underworld and Heaven, he has to be impartial to both factions.”

“He can marry two devils then. It should make things balanced.”

“A… decent solution.”

“Gentlemen, allow me to devil woman for His Imperial Majesty.”

Lilith stepped onto the stage in a long, elegant jet black dress. Her hair was as dark as the dress, and it framed her pale face, emphasizing her stark contrast with the vivid colors of the crowd.

“The Source of devils,” God grumbled.

“I’d like to be addressed as the Mother of All Devils. His Imperial Majesty has a strange obsession with mothers.”

“I couldn’t care less.” God narrowed his eyes. “What in the world are you doing here?”

The last time he saw her, she was cursing Asahi for obliterating Lucifer’s mind. Now she was all smiles at the wedding of her enemy. God was flabbergasted.

“Relax. I’m the co-organizer of this event,” Lilith revealed with a giggle. “You appear to be inquiring about my affiliation with His Imperial Majesty. It hasn’t reached the extent of true companionship. I may or may not be his mistress based on his preference.”

“He took his enemy’s wife as his woman,” God murmured. “This lad.”

Lilith grinned wickedly. “Don't crucify him. It's not his fault for succumbing to my devilish allure.”

God shook his head skeptically. “You fell for him. Not the other way around.”



Meanwhile, Sandalphon was bombarded by the other angels with countless compliments, making her more and more uncomfortable.

“Hello there~, Sandalphon. Can we have some of your time?”

Suddenly, a loud, delighted voice broke through the crowd. She looked over to find two identically dressed figures adorned in midnight black kimonos and violet obi at their waists.

“I have seen you at Lord’s palace before. You are Lord’s lovers.”

Sandalphon hadn’t deeply interacted with anyone in Asahi’s circle of lovers, but she remembered their faces from her visit to Asahi’s palace.

Shiori chuckled. “Yup. You’re looking sex—”

Saeko pulled at Shiori’s ears. “Don’t forget our promise. No bad words in front of angels.”

Asahi had taken measures to ensure the angels didn’t fall from some random act of heresy. Prohibiting curses and vulgar words was one of the rules. After all, God’s System could only go so far within the Underworld.

“You’re looking glamorous today. Is that compliment fine, Saeko?”

Sandalphon sighed. “Please no more compliments.”

“Haha. Sure, Sandalphon.” Shiori grinned ear to ear. “Come, let’s talk over there.”

As Shiori and Saeko made Sandalphon comfortable, the stunning trio of Nao, Shizuka, and Rika approached them.

Rika was still in her maid outfit. Shizuka let her curvaceous figure on full display in her black kimono, highlighted by the red obi tied around her midsection. Nao stood out from the crowd with her bold white dress and voluminous maroon skirt. Aspiring to be Asahi’s university teacher, she succeeded in achieving the image of a strict but sexy professor.

Rika’s gaze drifted around the hall. “I love the atmosphere. Makes me want to dance. Shizuka keeps denying me the chance to dance with her.”

Shizuka shook her head. “I can’t dance in a kimono. Nao, you go!”

“...Take Shiori. She’s pretty good at dancing,” Nao said. “You can also invite Yuriko.”

Everyone looked toward the fallen angel quietly drinking alone. Saya was watching everything from home, leaving Yuriko a bit sullen. Noticing their gazes, Yuriko stretched her arms and approached the group.

“How is everyone?”

Shiori extended one hand towards Rika, a mischievous smile on her face. “My lowly maid, you have the honor of accompanying this mistress on the dance floor.”

Rika’s brows drew together in an expression of intense concentration. “No. I only wanna dance with Shizuka or Aa-kun.”

“Speaking of Aa-kun.” Shizuka turned to Sandalphon with a smile. “You were chosen as Gabriel’s bridesmaid. Any idea where our groom and brides are?”

“About that…” Sandalphon scratched her cheek. “Lady Gabriel didn’t need me there.”

“What? She also did that?” Shizuka sighed. “Grayfia also sent me away. What are they planning?”

“They want to try something different.”

They didn’t need to wait long to find out Gabriel’s scheme as Asahi stepped confidently into the hall, a charming smile on his face. His brides, both dressed in white dresses, held on to his arms. Gabriel wasn’t concerned about the formality of the procedure, thus she chose to enter with Asahi without wearing any veil. Grayfia humored Gabriel’s request since this wedding was more about Gabriel than herself.

Gabriel and Grayfia immediately stole everyone’s attention with their glamor. Gabriel’s title as the most beautiful angel of Heaven wasn’t for show. Her innocence brought out the full charm of her pure white dress that trailed behind her. She made Grayfia, the most beautiful devil in Asahi’s eyes, insecure about entering together.

Grayfia had asked Asahi to cast an illusion to hide her belly. While he was denying her at first, he gave up after her persistence. It didn’t do any harm.

“Grayfia, you,” Nao whispered, her eyes narrowing behind her glasses. “Never mind.”

“Let her be selfish, Nao. It’s her day,” Shizuka whispered with a grin. “Aa-kun looks dashing.”


Basking in the warm reception, the three forgot everything prior to their entrance.

Gabriel beamed with joy, her eyes sparkling with excitement. “Asahi, look how happy they are to see us!”

“They are happy to get a glimpse of the most beautiful brides in the universe.”

Grayfia’s lips curved up in a mischievous half-smile, and she pinched his arm just above the elbow. “Your glib tongue never stops.”

Asahi grinned. “I know how much you love my tongue.”

Her cheeks flushed a deep ruby red at his innuendo. “Stop. Don’t rile me here.”

Gabriel gazed at their interactions with a wide smile. “Let’s go.”

Asahi escorted the brides while nodding at his lovers one by one. He walked up the stairs to God, Michael, and Lilith.



“Elder…” Grayfia also greeted the man who used to be the archrival of her race. “Thank you for coming.”

“Screw greetings. You’re all my children.” God waved his hand and shooed Lilith and Michael away from him. “Let’s get this started. My lustful son-in-law would rather be in bed with women than exchanging meaningless vows.”


God looked at Asahi’s lovers down the stairs. “Marriage is the most sacred oath ritual. It’s also an event that leads to lies, deceit, violence, and hypocrisy. Everyone, close your eyes and pray that this groom, who will welcome countless brides in the future, stays strong and survives. Heck, I predict this shameless boy will unite all pantheons by becoming their son-in-law like he duped me.”

“Hey, my father-in-law is crossing the line.”

“The brides and the groom love each other deeply. Even if they don’t love each other, nobody here will complain about this tyrant, unless they want to be stabbed by him. I’ll still ask, “Does anyone have a complaint with the union between the Underworld and Heaven?”

“I do, Biblical God and Devil Emperor.”

The intruder kicked open the door, and all the music came to a halt. A black-haired man grinned at the door, ten black feathered wings fluttering behind him.

Kokabiel was here to play.

Yes, I came back to leave everyone on cliff... also, I used a different pic for Gabriel but it kind of suits her minus the elf ears.