[Vol.4] Chapter 17 – Dangers
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We are close to reaching the island, Sukani went to speak to the captain in order to obtain information, when he comes back he tells us what he discovered.


Sukani: The captain said that if you avoid people in black, bad eyes who walk the streets, people who smile in a strange way and the monsters that are there will be fine.


Domo: It doesn't help much, but it's a start.


Rino: You're right, we need to find a way to travel without attracting attention. Once we get there, we see the situation and think about some plan.


After arriving we see through the window a little bit of the place, surprisingly it is quite large I thought I would arrive here and see a lot of shacks and old buildings.


Domo: Let me look out the window too.


Rino: Okay, but it won't be long if someone sees you.


Domo: Okay, be careful, my middle name is a tidy place ... Sukani I think the captain told you was a joke.


Sukani: Why?


Domo: Because the only thing out there is people in black, badly faced, with a strange smile and monsters on top, you see there are skeletons, goblins and some things I have never seen.


Sukani: The captain also said that this is neutral territory, so there are no conflicts as in human kingdoms.


Rino: It means there is no reason to hide, for the first time we will be able to walk normally on the streets.


Onegawara: I don't think it's a good idea, even though we're monsters, we're also darksekais.


Rino: So, as the darksekais serve the demon king, at least the monsters will leave us alone.


Domo: It's a good conversation, but it reminds me again why we came here.


Rino: To achieve the brainwashing ability, because hypnosis is not so strong as to change people's minds.


Rino: Another thing about being neutral territory can be a problem, think if anyone here sees us walking with Sukani and is at the heroes' banquet, it will be adding two and two to find out that we are working together in this.


Onegawara: And what do you suggest?


Rino: I'm going with her in the invisible front to protect her and after a while you find us, so seeing through the window there is a tall tower ahead, behind some buildings we will be waiting on her side there is no mistake, wait for the captain is distracted by what that ship came to fetch and go quietly.


Domo: Ok, leave it to us.


Sukani and I go ahead and take the opportunity to explore the place, it's very bizarre there are artists on the streets manipulating magic, monsters buying weapons, things like casinos and bars, we continue until we reach the side of the huge tower in an alley.


Rino: Okay, now just wait for the others.


???: You guys over there let me see your future.


Rino: Who said that?


???: I'm just a humble seer.


I hadn't even seen this guy in the corner, he's also in the middle of the dark part of the alley.


Seer: Let me analyze your futures.


Rino: You can see me even though I'm invisible.


Seer: For these eyes of mine the invisible no longer exists, a long time ago I saw the revelation now nothing escapes my vision.


I approach with calm and fear of being a trap.


Seer: Don't worry if I wanted to hurt you, I would attack from behind.


Rino: Really what you say is logical, so you will read our hands or see our future in the crystal ball.


Seer: Yes, as you guessed.


How did I guess? Apparently it is the same thing as in our world, I am almost sure that he is a charlatan who will say things like I see fame and wealth in his future.


Seer: Okay, how about I start with this girl, what's her name?


Sukani: My name is Sukani.


Seer: It's a beautiful name, please let me see your hand.


Sukani extends his hand.


Seer: I see that your past is not the best, it was abandoned by the parents and lived alone, it learned to survive with little and it did not have big dreams there, but now something has changed in you I see a desire for a bright future, something for which you are willing to risk their own lives, am I right or wrong.


Sukani: Yes it is, wow.


Lucky shot, kind of a little girl in a place like that certainly doesn't have a normal life.


Seer: Now it's your turn, but as I see you don't have a hand in that case let me see the tip of your tail.


That's a good, I'm going to play his game.


Seer: You certainly are not from this world, you were always alone in relation to other people, you had a blind faith that if people like your parents or teachers saw you, it would be enough because other people were foolish and without manners, and with that aim to be seen as an example by your teachers and parents everything around you was just there to be, people who were bad and didn't try hard or people who tried to stand out more than you, you wanted them to disappear, you always tried to avoid problems so you followed the right path without questioning and if the problem arose it was someone else's fault in your conception, and now in this new life you just try to find the way to that reality again, to be right and wish the things you hate be quiet that they disappear so that you can search in quotes for what is right and avoid having problems.


Rino: First there is nothing wrong with wanting to do what is right, second avoiding unnecessary problems and decisions is something that everyone should try to do and third I admit that in some parts you got it more wrong in saying that I want to be like again I was.


Seer: Is it really changed or is that something you say to make a mistake.


Rino: Tsr, let's go Sukani the others must be coming soon.


Seer: Are you sure you are going, no question you want to ask, I am feeling very generous today, I know that in part you doubt my psychic abilities, you can ask from the bottom of my soul I feel I can help you.


Rino: Alright Alley Houdini, you wouldn't happen to know about the brainwashing skill you would.


Seer: I didn't understand Houdini's part, just brainwashing, so this is what you are looking for makes sense, I know you are a darksekai and this world is not fair to you. It will soon change people's minds to try to live as it was rather, I know how you can get it, but I guarantee you that even though I can live as an ordinary being, it does not change who we are inside.


Rino: Okay, you can skip the philosophical chat and tell me how I get the skill since you know it.


Seer: I see that you took my divination personally, you don't need to get upset, I say you can turn this town over and over, from top to bottom that nowhere and no one will have any information and those who say they have or are lies to snatch your money or they will lure you into a trap, because a long time ago when this ability became prohibited everything about it was burned on this island, that is, practically everything, but there is a place that an abandoned castle was not searched on the opposite side of the island.


Rino: Act so easy, in that case I bet everyone should go there, so they would have already found and eliminated.


Seer: You know this is your problem, you calculate the obvious and even if you try to predict the inevitable, you don't have all the solutions for him and that's what makes you nervous, you have to enjoy life more, kid snake relaxes, against your point the way to the castle is full of very strange and strong nameless monsters and before you try to be smart and say why they didn't go around the edge, it is because with the exception of the port the island is surrounded by sharp stone spines, and by internal part of the thorns monsters use as their homes, that is, to go through them is to encounter almost every existing monster, if you try to fly the aerial monsters catch you and they are in an enormous amount and are incredibly fast to dodge attacks in addition to strong, so you can only walk and even if you are strong this forest will gradually drain your magic energy and if you try to go too fast you will be out of breath to fight.


Rino: I wasn't going to say any of that.


Seer: We both know you were going.


Domo: Hey Rino, we're here.


Rino: Come on, we have a difficult path. We need to buy supplies if we go after the skill.


Onegawara: Who's that guy over there in the alley behind you.


Rino: A guy who thinks he's a seer.