184. Inherited Surname (Part 1)
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Sister Mary was inside a 20 square meter room where a single magic lamp acted as a light source, ‘I didn’t think we’d have these already.’

Sister Mary raised her brows as she thought to herself. She bobbed her head up and down before releasing a profound sigh.

That room only had four things, the lamp, a wooden desk, and two chairs. The walls were all painted white, and no blemish could be seen on the surfaces, feeling bored, Sister Mary played with the short sword on her waist for some time.

“I want to go back to Wing City.” She said to herself.

“I didn’t peg the Queen to be so sentimental, did you like your stay there, Mary? Hmph, you have a weak heart, this is the reason why you’re in that position right now.” Arrogant words echoed as the door to Sister Mary’s right opened.

A woman walked in. This woman had blond hair and carried with her a shield on her back. The shield was two meters in height. It was a pretty big item, and it would have made the woman look intimidating if not for the fact she was only about 140 centimeters tall.

“Still acting big despite your height, Pel?” Sister Mary said and the woman wearing the same gray tunic as Sister Mary turned to her with a glare.

“I’m not small! I’m petite!” Pel said with a roar.

Sister Mary saw this, and she smiled as she answered back, “Petite, eyy? With that petite temper of yours, I see that you are small in every way possible.”

“What did you say!? Do you really think I won’t hit you!? You’re not the Queen anymore, and just because Big Sis Fer still has yet to let go of the ” Pel had he urge to smack Sister Mary in the face with her shield but chose not to as she took in a deep breath, “You’re so childish, Mary, do you think such words can get to me? I have matured now.”

Sister Mary kept her smile and then pointed the dagger at Pel’s neck. Mary was not angry neither was she irritated, rather, she was happy to see this reaction, and she wanted more, “Hehe, mature… I see, at least something else is growing from you, after all, that chest, height, and temper of yours would never experience such a thing in this lifetime or even the next.”

“What did you just say!? That’s it, I’m going to bash your head!” picking up the shield, Pel swung it with tremendous force with the attempt the

“That’s what the Pel I remember, come here you brat!” Sister Mary celebrated this development as she attempted to fight.

She swung her dagger against Pel whose golden shield radiated golden light.

But just as the two was about to fight it out, someone got between them and stopped their weapons using nothing but her gloved hands.

Sister Mary looked at this lady and frowned. “Why do you always have to stop my fun, Fer.”

“That’s enough, okay, Sister Mary? You already spent three nights here per the First Cardinal’s orders, do you really want to stay here for another week?” Fer said with a smile.

“You do know that the only reason why I’m still here is because I refrained from breaking out, right? If I wanted to, I could have cut this room in half and leave.” Mary retorted.

“And yet, you didn’t.” these words stopped Sister Mary’s current rampant temper, Fer then turned to Pel, “Sister Pel, please, that is enough, fighting in the Room of Reflection is forbidden. You wouldn’t want me getting angry, now, would you?”

“Tsk, but she’s the who started it.” Pel clicked her tongue.

“Real, mature right there.” Sister Mary failed to control herself.

“What was that!?”

Another fight was about to break out, but Fer who had been acting the most mature of the three turned to Sister Mary and told her, “Sister… you’re slipping more and more as the day follows. I thought you no longer want to act as Freyja?”

“…so it seems… I shall repent for my words.” Soon after Sister Mary’s words escaped her mouth, she moved the dagger and then stabbed left arm, the pain brought her back to her calm self.

“Freyja!? What are you doing!?” Pel saw Mary’s action and quickly called out. She was going to rush to her side when Fer suddenly stopped her from going.

Fer looked at Pel and then whispered to her, “Sister Pel, do not disgrace the Former Queen’s repentance… this is her trying to remember the façade she created, she’s currently suppressing Freyja if you approach her — you will end up like me.”

Pel was on a mission that time when the news of the one who inherited the surname of Freyja was leaving, she didn’t know what actually saw what happened. When Pel returned, Fer had already lost her eyes.

Pel looked at Fer’s blindfold and remembered the stories about the incident when the one they called the Queen of the Valkyries, the one who controlled the sharpest dagger said that she was leaving the Order… it was a bloody night, to say the least.

Although others said that it was Freyja who took it, Pel didn’t believe them. Though she and Freyja were always bickering, Pel still knew that someone as kind as the Queen would do no such thing.

However, seeing this weird sight and Fer’s serious tone made her freeze on her steps.

Sister Mary looked at the tainted dagger in her hands and then at the angered Pel. She took in a deep breath, and then, her eyes inexplicably changed. It was now, far calmer than before, “I’m sorry about that, Sister Pel Hrist, that was immature of me attacking you with the words you didn’t want to hear.”

“…it’s fine, really. I was also rather hot-tempered.” The jarring shift made Pel unable to answer quickly.

Sister Mary finally nodded her head and then turned to the other person in the room. “Sister Fer, I reckoned, the reason why you are here is that she’s calling for me again?”

“That’s correct, the Mother Cardinal wants to see you again.”

“I see, then, lead the way, I have something to ask her as well.” Sister Mary was acting gracefully, she looked at Sister Pel and then bowed one last time.

Sister Mary exited the room with blood on her arm, and despite her calm demeanor, she was repeatedly shouted in her mind, ‘I am not just Freyja… I am Sister Mary of Wing City.’