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High-Class Mob
High-Class Mob
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4.3 (333 ratings)
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As Leo opened his eyes, he found himself in the body that is not his.

Colt Edgeworth is a man with little to no information in the story Sword of Heaven.

The character Colt Edgeworth died in the hands of his fiancée after experiencing some stabby-stabby action. And that is who Leo had become.

‘I am in a world that has magic, different technology, customs, races, and Gods actually do shit, and I have a woman who loves me but also wants to turn me into swiss cheese...’

He looked at the mirror, contemplated his fate, and came to a single conclusion...

‘So be it, I’ll try living.’

Theme: Combination of Magic and Technology

The cover is not mine, I just saw it and thought it was awesome...all rights reserve to the original creator

Antihero Protagonist Calm Protagonist Early Romance Fantasy Creatures Magic Magical Technology Yandere
Table of Contents 197
Reviews 27
Table of Contents
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    New Snow_Ez
    Status: c122

    Good but I was expecting an anti hero protagonist, like why the f**k do you put this tag when 


    a kid try to kill him... like really kill him, he stab him and this guy was like "i cant kill a kid..." like wtf ?? "I will only cut his limb" just kill him f**king idiot

    its the opposite of a antihero all he do is save people, and the FMC like is useless all she do is not being there is literally, she is a yandere but she is absent most of the time.

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    0 Likes · Like
    Status: 21. wishing for plot armor is...

    You guys should give this a chance it's currently one of the things I wait for everyday 

    It's better than the tons of overused hur hur I'm op crap I see everyday if you like trash of the counts family you'll like this 

    And hey I fix the grammar mistakes so if you find something scold me hehe

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    17 Likes · Like
    Status: 41. one more reason why he...

    Story is decent so far but has a fault. The main problem I have is that MC is too weak, I do not think that novels with similar plots work well with weak MC. He will get stronger, yes but there are so many cultivation realms and his fiance who is of same age is so far ahead that it will take a long time. At this rate he will have to fight enemies who are conveniently at his cultivation level or be protected by pet, plot armor or wife too often. OP MC suits this type of novel more. Maybe author has plans to make MC grow fast or maybe he will write so well that I will have to change my opinion. If that will be the case I will change my review score.

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    14 Likes · Like
    Status: c120

    Too much copy trash count - table eating at early chap+going to bar reading book+buying bake

    Too much forcing coincidences - just go out meet characters and saving + go out blacksmith get accident + go out pet get rare egg, etc

    Antihero - really? MC who always being insult and just smile seemingly no care, hecs being insult in his territory openly by commoner, he's so kind, your everyday hero

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    12 Likes · Like
    Status: c77


    This is a decent story, or at least volume 1 is decent (c20 is the end of vol 1).

    It's a spin on transmigrating into a story as a character with a bad end. As the synopsis says, the transmigrator knows a bit of the story, but basically nothing about his character, except how the character died in the original story. He likely saved his life in vol 1, but given his fiancee's nature, one or two serious accidents could end up with him still getting killed, and vol 2 will likely be a school arc, where such accidents could occur.

    On the whole, the writing is decent, and the story flows well. The chapters are decent length, though they feel short. Probably the main complaint I'd have for the first volume is that there is a fair amount of drama but not really all that much action.


    Just finished c77, and this story is still good, and is getting better.  In fact this particular chapter is really well done, such that I felt I should update my review.

    Since my initial review, there has been some action, though with how this story has been going, it doesn't really need the action all that much. The action that is presented mostly just accentuates other ongoing story lines. 

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    10 Likes · Like
    Status: 118


    so far so good. The twist at chapter 16-19-ish was unexpected (for me). Keep it up author.


    Edit: start 10/10. But for me I think the following arcs have been constantly declining if that makes sense.


    the problem with me is that the author tends to give the enemies a bit of backstory that doesn't make sense, atleast to me.

    for the future villains that he "converted" I think its okay, bcoz he have knowledge about them which he shared to us the readers, but at some point even the assassins suddenly became a loving parent/family. Which is not wrong tbh, until u remember that these assassins just said some chapters ago sh*ts like "we would have raped u but our employer said don't" out loud lol. Does that sound like someone u can sympathize with?

    then next is olivier I think. This dude being hated. Like really hated. Bcoz he 1. Wants to rape the female lead basically 2. Almost killed a kid by squashing her head for the lulz/ to make a more dramatic effect 3. Almost made FL kill herself or the daughter while laughing in the side. The hate to this dude have been brewing since his introduction. And what did the MC do when he beat him? In almost half a chapter, MC cut off his arms and legs then crushed his balls. You would think thats what he gets for doing a lot of sh*ts (also he seems to be the mastermind of the bombing) most of us thought "haha serves u right, suffer more" then a few lines later after a half ass "begging" MC just beheads him. After all the he did he just suffered for a few minutes then died a painless death. Bummer.

    bummer indead, the author wants us to think that not everyone is just bad or good. But I think he cant properly do it. Some of these enemies are basically just evil, they dont hesistate or sh*ts like that, then the author would try to make them look kinda good the next chapters. I think he could do better. Also the half assed "backstory" of olivier doesnt really mean much. He's just a trash that people worship. Cant sympathize with that.

    tl;dr I think the author got a complex of trying to make villains more "gray" than just black. But even do this for minor enemies, but badly.

    rant end.


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    7 Likes · Like
    Status: c5

    TL;DR: Managed 5 chapters, MC ruined it for me. Also read too many similar stories.

    Beginning of the novel follows the standard route of;

    'I was transmigrated to a death flagged person' -> 'I must avoid the death flag' -> 'Instead of being smart about it, I will follow the story I know' -> 'I am being dumb and cannot avoid the obvious pitfall of the story' -> I don't know what comes after this, didn't read this story. But my guess is lots of misunderstandings and plot armor.

    Honestly, the MC would been GOOD if he would have decided to be a good man for his fiancee, instead. I mean the character died because he was unfaithful and fiancee stabbed him, a minor problem that is easily avoided by being a faithful towards the beautiful fiancee. But no, MC decides to 'avoid the fiancee' and/or 'not get the girl interested about him' but fails spectacularly by being caring towards his family, and charming towards his soon-to-be fiancee on their first meeting.

    MC could also just been an ass on the first meeting. But that is just too simple solution. So instead the MC seems to think that: The girl that met him for the first time would stab him instantly (while visiting at his noble house, where he is being protected by guards) if he says anything even remotely along the lines of 'I don't like you, please go away.'

    All this just because he knows that the girl stabbed unfaithful fiancee in the story. I know dumb people, but this is pretty bad.

    Following is guesstimate: Author wants to follow the cliche of 'otome games/ reincarnated as villain' novels (yes, the ones with death flags and dense characters) but with male MC. A Beta MC that will always be weaker than his 'stabby' fiancee and all the other characters that might try to kill or love him later. So to survive he will either get a magical OP pet or is constantly gonna be protected by fiancee adn/or other people who will fall in love with him later.

    I have read too many stories like that and I just can not continue to 6th chapter.

    If I change my mind at some point I will come back and fix this review. Also if I was completely wrong about the MC, someone please gimme a message or something so I can check this out later. 4.3 is a good rating, but if MC stays as he is I just can't.

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    6 Likes · Like
    Status: 20. a whole new world

    The first volume is looking great. The grammar is good and even with some strange paragraphs, history makes up for everything and a bit more.

    2-dimensional characters? Comparing with some JP novels I read this is some Warhammer 40K level sh*t.

    Romance level: you're crying dumbass. It's raining from my ceiling.

    Conclusion: Let me say something. I always wondered what made me, someone who read and studied books, unable to write even a simple history. Wandering on sites like scribble and RR made me realize it with some new works.

    I just don't have even a bit of the creativity these authors have. This book is one of these. 

    Looking forward to the second volume

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    6 Likes · Like

    first time I've read a yandere story where

    1. MC actually likes the yandere

    2. Yandere doesn't have some death/blood fetish

    3. It's actually a story and not just an abandoned concept

    4. It's not harem cringe

    I really like it so far and I'm sure I'll enjoy it in the future

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    5 Likes · Like
    Status: --

    This novel is very well-written and deserved a lot more attention. You can tell that the author-san has written this novel with passion.

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    5 Likes · Like
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