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/ Series / Unfathomable Senior
Unfathomable Senior
Unfathomable Senior
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4.1 (395 ratings)
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It all started after I received that weird email...

What? Click the boxes to select the body type?

Want me to select a starting point?

Let me put in the name and be done with this, it's getting late...

I always was bad with Chinese names... how about... Zhang Dong ... Hehe...

Wait why is everything going dark...

***I don't own the art, first time writing anything and English isn't my first language... so plz no bulli...

Made a discord server for the story:
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Clan Building Comedic Undertone Cultivation Fantasy World Game Elements Immortals Level System Mythical Beasts Naive Protagonist Protagonist Strong from the Start Sect Development Transported into Another World Xianxia Xuanhuan
Table of Contents 783
  1. Post Story Announcement!Apr 22, 2024
  2. Chapter 781 – EpilogueFeb 24, 2024
  3. Chapter 780Feb 22, 2024
  4. Chapter 779Feb 20, 2024
  5. Chapter 778Feb 17, 2024
  6. Chapter 777Feb 15, 2024
  7. Chapter 776Feb 12, 2024
  8. Chapter 775Feb 10, 2024
  9. Chapter 774Feb 7, 2024
  10. Chapter 773Feb 5, 2024
  11. Chapter 772Feb 2, 2024
  12. Chapter 771Jan 31, 2024
  13. Chapter 770Jan 29, 2024
  14. Chapter 769Jan 27, 2024
  15. Chapter 768Jan 25, 2024
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      New Iwanttoread
      Status: 570+ chapter

      first the title is "Unfathomable senior" which I assumed to be an MC who does his things cunningly or with some thousand year old planning given the xianxia novel but nooo,

      I instead got a wimpy "supposed gamer" that is generic as they come.

      Chapters also got unnecessarily expanded to the point that if only plot was being told and no more expositions it would be up to 150 chaps.

      Its the main reason I got tired of this shkit, I might find myself skipping more than 50 chapters if almost everything are just monologues of MC and very little plot. Might as well drop as to not get a sour mood.

       I cant imagine the pain other readers went through when going into a latest chap release only to find out that not much have happened just MC talking to himself or author saying what the readers already knew.

      There is so much flaws to point out or you can just review other comments,

      The only good points in this novel are comedic relief and the 400 chapter joke though I doubt it is funny to others you might just want to read a comedy based genre instead of this...  the rest are garbage 🗑️ 

      Now if you still want to read despite the many flags then it is what it is.

      Edit: I also noticed shameless author creating alternate accs just to rate it 5s with a few words explaining why the story is good and whatnot, well not like I can blame him.

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      1 Likes · Like
      New celt0123
      Status: some terms.

      Doofus MC. &Nbsp;Author is good, writing is borderline incredible every page, but poor judgment. &Nbsp;MC is broken, too nice, too naive, doesn’t learn/evolve/change,  I have no complaints that aren’t in other reviews. &Nbsp;I just want to say the writing is great, the world building is great, so I’m going to try another novel by this author.

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      0 Likes · Like
      Status: chapter 88

      Dropped this because MC is as generic as they come. Even after everything that happened, MC is still a pushover loser. MC barely learns his lessons and keeps making same mistakes over and over again. It also seems that the author doesnt know the diff between certain words like introvert and antisocial, innocent and naive as MC is always being described as an innocent introvert  but the truth is he's just a naive antisocial loser. Hes also ignorant. (pls do a research next time and use words properly...)

      Other characters are also generic and they only make things worse. In short, MC is a naive ignorant immature generic isekaid ret*rd with unrealistic ideals and a system reliant wussy. Comedy is ok but its not enough to cover for a crappy MC.

      I really tried enduring mc's personality and kept reading but the experience was torture (to me). Even though MC is in his mid-late 20s (forgot exact age I dont wanna backtrack cuz its just too horrible for me) hes acting like a 12 yr old who doesnt know crap about how the world works... This story wouldve been better w/out this kind of MC. If mc's character setting was a little bit diff and he became a little bit better that would be enough to make this story wholesome and interesting (for me)

      If you can tolerate this kind if MC be my guest but if not, stay away.

      BTW MC loses his virginity but it doesnt do anything much to improve mc's crappy personality... 

      Overall this is a huge NO NO for me.

      (This review is my own personal opinion and I dont give 2 craps about what anyone would say about my review on this novel. You can also do the same to me and not also give a crap about what I said as we all have diff mindset, circumstances, experiences, taste, etc... And I will respect that.  Who knows, you might even like this novel, but I certainly dont)

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      66 Likes · Like
      Status: passed 100

      Had a lot of potential. But @Atryx10 is right. Matt is supposedly a gamer, and not just a casual gamer either, he's supposedly one of the jobless home shut in's that plays games so much he actually gives spam game adds a chance go.

      In C92 he finds some people who have misinterpreted High school romance manga as if they were real teaching texts. He is shown fully understanding what the material is, shown to be 100% aware of what they misunderstood and takes them aside to explain the mistake.

      What follows however is him making up a BS story that the "texts" are supposedly teaching them a Dao! AND MAKES IT 1, 000, 000X WORSE.

      The actions, internal monologue and literally every action leading up to their talk showed that he would in no way at all say such unbelievably stupid and impossible to occur connections. He explicitly intended to explain to them that the texts were not meant to be taken seriously and were just entertainment, or at the very least not meant to be used as reference in romance.

      But no, the writer must have suffered extreme blunt force trauma to their skull just seconds before writing the actual conversation. As that is the only explanation other than he left his computer open while in a special-ED class. What's worse, the writer couldn't tell the difference when they came back and kept on trucking on.

      Also later on when this random thing he finds is overwriting his system in order to save his life, it says it needs more power and must delete "redundant systems" than proceeds to Not delete his stupid, ridiculous and utterly bonkers dancing crafting system, nore any of the other totally useless yet obviously power heavy systems. No, it deletes the store. The one system that arguably doesn't actually hold much of any actual power at all in and of itself but is clearly just a connection for exchange from a higher power. And the only system the MC's powers literally don't function without due to them all using it heavily in their GUI.

      For those of you who are not knowledgeable about coding or system making. The GUI Is literally just a display box that shows you the WHERE to find the things that are actually using your computers energy/memory Ram and graphics video ram. It uses literally 1/10000000 of the systems total resources. But without it, you can't click on anything to start those power hungry programs. They still exist, they didn't go anywhere. You just deleted the display shortcut.

      To explain further. If you did this to a real video game / computer system. Lets say all your passive programs in action take up 5% of your ram, and 5% of your total power draw. Less than 0.0001% of that is being used for the display function, the function that lets you brows your computers programs, your photos, your desktop, etc, etc. The shop is literally just that, a browser. It has no actual function other than to call on Another program from your list of programs.

      So seriously, the writer just deleted his browser and said "That's a lot of energy right there, mhmmm" while breaking his entire system and making it utterly useless for literally no reason and definitely not even achieving his main goal in the first place.

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      38 Likes · Like
      Status: chapter 140

      Tldr: Interesting basic story which slowly grows into a really good story, and then gets killed by the cliffhangers. Not recommended. 

      It starts off with a very naive, cowardly and soft MC. So if you're looking for the typical "badass" MC who is great at everything, faceslaps/kills everyone around him, is a hipocrite and grows into an evil and arrogant prick, this is not for you.

      Characters: The MC and others around him have plenty of character development, which isn't fast. Because of this it can be irritating during the first chapters, but the end results are great. The author also takes the time to deepen and flesh out other characters. So you will read plenty of chapters without the MC, focusing on side characters. All of this makes for really well developed and entertaining characters. I personally like that you don't see the MC doing amazing things and appearing in every single chapter. 

      World: Starts off a little basic, since the author focuses mostly on characters and their deeds. But as the chapters go on the author improves greatly and covers this issue. 

      My problems with it:

      1. The repetitive cliffs. Way too many. So many that the story was ruined for me. The author makes it clear that there is an inminent threat which raises the tension, and the proceeds to write about something else. Then it seems the threat is coming again! Wait, no it's not. Threat! Tension! Just kidding guys. The author doesn't seem to know how to properly manage de tension yet and the story stopped being enjoyable. I think the author may be trying to maintain a high tension to keep the story "exciting". But he went overboard. 

      2. Explanations of things which can be inferred. I get that the author would want everyone to understand, but if you already get it, it's not enjoyable. 

      3. Long descriptions which could have been short, which makes me just skip paragraphs now and then.

      4. The grammar errors (which are fewer as you go on).  

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      32 Likes · Like
      Status: c46

      Story has many glaring issues and uses overused tropes.

      MC is supposed to be a gamer, behaves like he's spent his whole life inside of a cardoard box, and when he finally came out of his "cocoon", he came out as a 1D jap MC, isekaid to a xianxia world, only he fails in every regard as a gamer and a human being.

      Pathetic loser is a pretty apt description for him.

      The start the MC selected gave him a clan in decline, which if you have any braincells would have you go "oh, that is pretty good", but when he arrives to the clan after traveling hundreds of thousands of kilometres to get to it, in the span of a scant few months because he spent a couple months fuffing about in a tribal village, he arrives to a, you guessed it, clan on the brink of destruction, the shield around the clan breaks from its attackers as soon as the MC arrives.

      Might be some potential for a decent story if it gets rewritten in the future by a, by then, more experienced author.

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      24 Likes · Like
      Status: c506

      Excellent (a bit lower now) novel, MC is not a murderhobo, he is actually a likable guy. There are some cliches for comedic relief but MC is above them. He acts quite nice to others and is not a hypocrite like in CN.

      Fights are quite descriptive and nice to read, MC has plenty of cool techniques he does use and that have relevance in story. Other characters have their own goals and personalities.

      MC cheat is grindy kind and quite interesting. He also has crafting system with an interesting and funny way of making items.

      Overall I have nothing but praise here, CN and other authors of cultivation novels should learn from this story. It's diamond found inbetween trash arrogant murderhobo genocidal hypocrite main characters of other novels.

      Update: My opinion is a bit lower now due to author making MC quite horny later and overfocusing on descriptions of girls bodies.  


      Update 2 (176-506 chap) : Author started doing things like chinese authors, meaning often repeating things we already know just to boost word count along with making more and more cliffhangers and writing in such a way so as to lengthen the plot while nothing happens, just some exposition. So it went from 4 to 3 stars.

      Read More

      21 Likes · Like
      Status: some terms.

      Ive been sticking to reading this hoping that the mc's mentality will take a turn for the better. In the first chapters he was cowardly and awkward. Im not hoping that he would just go on a killing spree or something but theres a lot of instances where he can just kill one or few people to save a lot of time and trouble but he just smack them and let them go hoping they would take a turn for the better. While his mentality did improve alot (ch112 while writing this) I still think the character development is lacking. This should be titled "the pacifist in a cultivation world" or "spreading love and peace in a cultivation world"

      The reason as stated by the MC on why he just lets people run free (on the latest-ish chapters) is to test his people if they can handle situations which I think is only there as a filler as most of this people that he's trying to test are no name juniors that we probably wont see again. So instead of getting a character development of the side characters we know of (like gramps or the secretary guy I forgot his name coz what do u guess? Yea he doesnt even have a chapter for him) we get chapters like "no name junior police helps someone" "some people got helped by zhang clan juniors" while in the background we have the villians threatening to beat up MC (lol) or just planning to do this and this to ordinary peoples.

      That was long. In short ill give this a 3/5 its not bad but if u want a MC thats active and have a rapid or fast character development better look for something else.

      Read More

      11 Likes · Like
      Status: c29

      this lacks an editor.

      That wall of text, there is only a 5 to 10% conversation and MCs inner monologue going on. The rest is just walls os exposition. Its a hassle to read. 

      I am not a gamer, but the first thing I do when playing a game whether with instructions or not, is to figure out what makes what work. With so much exposition, even idiots will do some experiments to look for fun. We get those moments but nothing really happens. MC reads explanations but does nothing to make them his own, nothing deep is done or shown.

       If there were chapter titles in this work, I could have read them and skipped the chapters. Cause its not worth it.

      My points may look extreme,   but this novel isn't doing anything praiseworthy. Just explanations and MC doing the worst possible thing or just bare minimum thing.

      I wasted my time trying to read it.

      Read More

      6 Likes · Like
      Status: chapter 107

      The first volume was fantastic (almost 5 star)

      the wuxia fantasy mix with system element was amazing.

      But the second volume, became a mess. It is just politics, propaganda. (1 star at most)

      I suggest the readers who like fantasy stuff, to read the first 100 chapters. It is very engaging and good read.

      After the 100th chapter, it is not my cup of tea.

      Read More

      5 Likes · Like
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