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4.91M Views 49691 Favorites 526 Chapters 3 Chapters/Week 5824 Readers 16 Reviews 705.2k Words 11 hours ago Kirbyisgreen
A young man finally managed to become an immortal, a powerful cultivator able to lord over millions of souls. He took advantage of his tremendous luck and fortune to become the youngest immortal in history. He now wants to create his own sect and enjoy life, one filled with female disciples!... more>>
4.79M Views 90237 Favorites 318 Chapters 3 Chapters/Week 6794 Readers 46 Reviews 926.3k Words Mar 31, 2023 Kuropon
What happens when a man gets transported into a foreign world filled with magic?... more>>
3.49M Views 55340 Favorites 294 Chapters 4 Chapters/Week 3928 Readers 45 Reviews 624.9k Words Mar 29, 2023 Akaichi
He has returned to the past. And this time he will live up to his role as a young master, which he lost in the past.
He will use all the resources of his family to his advantage. He will cheat the world itself.
This is a harem and intrigue story, where he will get what he wants, he will build his own super hidden power and he will protect his loved one's this time.... more>>
2.93M Views 54889 Favorites 630 Chapters 4 Chapters/Week 3922 Readers 30 Reviews 1.22M Words 11 hours ago Kuropon
It all started after I received that weird email...... more>>
2.57M Views 45682 Favorites 426 Chapters 2 Chapters/Week 3082 Readers 15 Reviews 657.9k Words Mar 13, 2023 ForgottenLife
A medical student died because of negligence of the authorities. Later, he is granted a second chance in life with some boons. But being an Otaku and Naruto fan, he chooses to live in the chaotic world of Naruto.
The story will follow canon for the initial part with a new plot. Major changes will reflect in the later part as our MC grows up. The story has strong AU elements and the power scaling is ramped up to explore various foreign elements in Naruto. Everything in its entirety will be a part of the Naruto series with details and speculations of my own.
This story is my original creation, and I post it on... more>>
2.42M Views 42386 Favorites 165 Chapters 0 Chapters/Week 3350 Readers 26 Reviews 133.7k Words Jul 5, 2021 CrusadeAgainstFurries
1.98M Views 30104 Favorites 478 Chapters 16 Chapters/Week 2139 Readers 24 Reviews 342.8k Words 23 hours ago placeintime
Laying in his own pool of blood, Lu Chen watches his wife being embraced by another man. He couldn’t believe it. If there is any way possible, Lu Chen wanted to tear them apart from each other, yet nothing. Lu Chen couldn’t do anything as he slowly dies. And the final words he will ever hear was,... more>>
1.98M Views 24516 Favorites 276 Chapters 4 Chapters/Week 3829 Readers 27 Reviews 689.1k Words Mar 31, 2023 D.C.Haenlien
On the surface, Xi Tianyi was the only son of Sword Empress Xi of the Buzhou Immortal Sect, the number one expert in the Huang Realm. His birth was noble, his status exalted. But the truth was that Xi Tianyi was actually a reincarnated man from a world known as Earth.... more>>
1.79M Views 41398 Favorites 264 Chapters 0 Chapters/Week 2546 Readers 23 Reviews 442k Words Jan 31, 2021 Owl
Due to his foster guardians' plot, Xie Yi grows up never noticing he was the leader of a Demon Sect terrifying the country. Missing any... more>>
1.62M Views 27102 Favorites 716 Chapters 0 Chapters/Week 1865 Readers 10 Reviews 1.13M Words Feb 5, 2023 Riixhiie
* This is my first novel, so you can expect a lot of mistakes and even dissatisfaction, (like some people say for only reading about 5 chapters and saying that the story has not been built well.)... more>>
1.24M Views 31889 Favorites 247 Chapters 1 Chapters/Week 2593 Readers 32 Reviews 474k Words Mar 23, 2023 MrProper
With No Cheats, No Perks, No Gifts...How would you survive in this chaotic world?
(After reading countless fanfics I finally thought to myself, "Why... more>>
1.07M Views 11979 Favorites 290 Chapters 1 Chapters/Week 2707 Readers 12 Reviews 703.1k Words Mar 22, 2023 Chunwa
The world of Ator is ruled by the strong. Through the cultivation of mana and aura heroes emerge and legends are born every day in the battle of civilization against the wilderness. Humans, elves and other humanoid races band together to face the threat of monsters and beasts hiding in dark places.... more>>
997.7k Views 14100 Favorites 69 Chapters 0 Chapters/Week 2633 Readers 17 Reviews 69.6k Words May 31, 2020 ExSolderLv99
A college student was returning home after studying abroad for several years when the end of the world happened. A dragon appeared out of nowhere and attacked the plane he was in, thanks to an incredible amount of luck and his quick-thinking, he managed to survive the plane crash only to get stuck on a tropical island.... more>>
940k Views 29929 Favorites 743 Chapters 7 Chapters/Week 1641 Readers 12 Reviews 1.45M Words 8 hours ago akikan40
Hello, this is Akikan40. ... more>>
763.4k Views 24411 Favorites 194 Chapters 3 Chapters/Week 2197 Readers 17 Reviews 457.5k Words 13 hours ago MonkWithAPen
The universe gave me another chance after life screwed me over. My second life brought me to a world where people breath fire, walk on... more>>
749.9k Views 7480 Favorites 118 Chapters 1 Chapters/Week 2485 Readers 3 Reviews 162.9k Words 9 hours ago N0R0B0
Arthur finds himself being reincarnated into an erotic, fantasy game called [Oriana] and not to mention, he had reincarnated into a thick femboy called Willow?! ... more>>
742.6k Views 9122 Favorites 153 Chapters 0 Chapters/Week 2695 Readers 19 Reviews 473.5k Words Sep 13, 2020 Jemini
In his 60 years of life, he'd built up a good legacy and looked on to spending his later years quietly teaching his students the martial arts he'd cultivated over the years while working as a nurse for his day job. He'd long since saved enough for his retirement, but he just could not leave the profession of helping those who needed it.... more>>
659.8k Views 11867 Favorites 383 Chapters 0 Chapters/Week 1399 Readers 6 Reviews 998.7k Words Feb 22, 2023 ShiranuiShukumei
Liang Chen was a normal youth, one could easily find countless others like him in the Qing clan. He thought that his normal and unremarkable existence would continue for the rest of his life, a thought that was shattered when he was 12. His parents were forced to take the blame for something that they had not done, causing them to be publicly executed.... more>>
659.8k Views 19381 Favorites 202 Chapters 1 Chapters/Week 2026 Readers 9 Reviews 226.5k Words Mar 12, 2023 TheOnlyMonarch
Eridel Domicus was the trash of the Domicus family, an extremely powerful family that had dominion over a large part of the world, having riches upon riches and ways upon ways. However, it was their greatest pride turned biggest shame to have a young master that... no. Let it not be said.... more>>
628.7k Views 4886 Favorites 135 Chapters 0 Chapters/Week 1860 Readers 6 Reviews 241.8k Words Jun 28, 2020 TheBoredDreamer
Shen, who transcended dimensions and arrived in the world of AST, Kyushu. He will conquer beauties and treasures as he will surpass the power of nine continent.... more>>
624.1k Views 11686 Favorites 200 Chapters 0 Chapters/Week 1982 Readers 17 Reviews 533.9k Words Aug 13, 2021 shixuan
Kidnapped and sent to another world, he finds himself right in his element.... more>>
608.8k Views 17239 Favorites 232 Chapters 1 Chapters/Week 2525 Readers 12 Reviews 1.16M Words Mar 27, 2023 AuthorSME
It was an average day in Miami—then fractures in the sky appeared. A pulse from those cracks altered the population; some people's biology changed... more>>
561.9k Views 5817 Favorites 258 Chapters 0 Chapters/Week 1647 Readers 10 Reviews 655.6k Words Apr 21, 2020 SociableHermit
A prince sent into exile, without the means to fight back.... more>>
547.9k Views 4191 Favorites 77 Chapters 0 Chapters/Week 1812 Readers 6 Reviews 96.6k Words Jan 20, 2023 DevilSword
Shi Tian's soul traveled to the fantasy world and occupied the body of a young body. A world filled of monsters, demons and super strong human, the danger was lurking everywhere.... more>>
541.4k Views 15492 Favorites 450 Chapters 0 Chapters/Week 1739 Readers 8 Reviews 2.08M Words Dec 25, 2022 Oculus
A million years ago, the Western Continent was forever changed by the establishment of Yi City, the largest nation in recorded history. Split into many districts, it was the greatest accomplishment of its creator, but its glory did not last long.... more>>