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/ Series / The Runesmith
The Runesmith
The Runesmith
8.4M Views 156855 Favorites 462 Chapters 3 Chapters/Week 9110 Readers
4.5 (1082 ratings)
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What happens when a man gets transported into a foreign world filled with magic?

Will his knowledge in hardware technology help him out after he discovers its correlation to the words of power?

How will he fit in with the other noble houses as the lowly 4th son?

How will his story play out in a world where stats and skills equal power and status?

Come and find out as we embark on his journey.

Cover art done by :

ActionAdventureFantasyIsekaiLitRPGMartial ArtsSlice of LifeSupernatural
Alchemy Artifact Crafting Blacksmith Comedic Undertone Crafting Demons Distrustful Protagonist Game Ranking System Level System Magic Magical Technology Management Nobles Reincarnated into Another World Strength-based Social Hierarchy Sword And Magic Transported into Another World Underestimated Protagonist Wizards
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Table of Contents
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    New Rizeres
    Status: chapter 407 – time for departure.

    What if Tony Stark wanted to be a wizard?

    This is a great story. A good consistent burn of progress, MC gets stronger, but it's earned through time and struggle. The plot is good, slowly you learn new bits, and you hunger for more. The other characters make you want to know more about them and wish them well. Overall this story has well earned it's place near the top of most "fantasy" searches. I don't think my review will be the one to sway someone into or out of reading this. If you like series like "Arifureta, Chaotic craftsman worships the cube." or realy any "crafting" themed story, you will like this.

    If I give any negative points it would be the slow start. With no real plot other than "don't get found by family" and "make money to not die" it can feel a bit slow and dry. However it does not take long to start ramping up, and once it does you will eat up chapters like candy. Looking forwad to seeing what is next for our cult prone MC.

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    0 Likes · Like
    Status: chapter 52 – making a decision.

    There does seem to be a fairly simple formula to the story so far. Protagonist progresses, they stagnate (by the almighty power of the idiot ball!), the plot kicks them up the bum with some action, and then we start the cycle over again. It's honestly sort of frustrating, but also not.

    It's interesting if nothing else. Though it does annoy me how strongly the author seems to be avoiding character interactions. Like the protagonist just starts getting involved with characters, starts making friends, and then they go away and those characters the author spent however many chapters building up aren't relevant anymore. And it's more annoying because they seem insistent on the irritating gnome girl being a recurring character, to the point where it is detrimental to the story as they take every opportunity to reintroduce that character into the protagonist's life for some reason, instead of using a random throw away character or whatever to make the world feel like there are more people in it than I can count on one hand. Are they going to be friends or whatever with the protagonist and a character that'll stick around or not? Just decide already, because I already hated her and this isn't making me hate her any less for crying out loud. My god, it's frustrating.

    As is common for webnovel authors the author has some odd ideas about how people act and what makes a compelling story. It's very hit and miss, and I'm beginning to realize this entire story is a big miss for me. It's really just not interesting to be. There aren't any meaningful character interactions, the action scenes all seem horribly forced and I just hate the plot going on in the background with whatever that noble guy is trying to achieved for whatever convoluted reason the author dreamed up. The fact that the protagonist started working for the gnome guy in the first place and that the town was so closed off to the protagonist, to the point where they essentially got threatened into working for someone, was just not interesting to me.

    More and more it just feels like this story is engineered to bore me and string me along the many tiny interesting things and ideas the author manages to sprinkle throughout the story. In all honesty this is a solid case of great idea, poor execution. And it was just so incredibly saddening when I realized that.

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    62 Likes · Like

    World building is.... not that great. essentially never mentions anything unless it's directly in the way of the MC. which is basically never.

    Pacing... slow. very, very, very, very, very, very slow. 

    The writer puts way to much detail on unimportant or boring aspects of the crafts while not actually being very well informed about said crafts. Will write 3 PARAGRAPHS about how the MC smelts, shapes and hammers some materials but avoids at all costs actually talking about the real technical work or any of the real process's. All while talking about the most bare bones aspects that any layman might possibly think is needed to craft said object. 

    I have read other craft heavy stories before and all of them tried their best to focus on explaining to the reader the parts that were actually interesting, talking about chemical reactions, talking about the tools needed or substituted, talking about the history of the item in our world or heck even just explaining the emotions of the crafter during and leading up to the crafting. 

    NOT HERE. This story never goes into any details that are actually interesting or useful NOR correct in some cases. 

    You would think that explaining magical circuitry or REGULAR  circuitry would be on the table... but no. It just blandly states things like "The MC looked at the work in his hands, it appeared to be similar to transistors, resistors and capacitors" And done. Nothing else. I think I may have literally quoted the writings right there. and that's where any explanations or details about crafting in this book end. After that its just long winded writing of events that literally can be broken down to "He did the thing and now he holding a finished product" 

    Go read Craft maister or Upgrade Specialist in Another World, Overgeared or even Weakest Occupation "Blacksmith" Become The Strongest. 

    Especially go read Ascendance of a Bookworm. Way better crafting explanations and actually useful knowledge to be gained in all of these other books.

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    36 Likes · Like
    Status: chapter 6 – change of plans.

    MC is kinda like this regular Japanese MC's. Stupid, uninitiative, dull and boring. And despite having high buff to logic he is never logical. 

    It's just trashy. Maybe there is something interesting later, but I don't want to endure this boring bullsh*t in the hope it becoming something good. 

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    31 Likes · Like
    Status: chapter 26 – examining scrolls

    Overall, it's an underwhelming and very uninspired work. I'm really not against the use of clutches like game systems, fantasy tropes etc., but those are tools with which you should build a story - instead, what you see here is mostly that the author revels in the clutches themselves with little to no care to the story. Worldbuilding is basically a collage of tropes, characters are all tropes, magic mechanics are tropes, plot is a trope and so on and so forth, there really is no originality whatsoever in this piece, almost as if it was being written by an algorithm.

    Now, though it's mainly bad, it's not ALL bad. The writing itself is cute (not groundbreaking in any shape or form, but it's casual and clear-cut; I've never had the notion that I couldn't understand what the author wanted to convey or how to picture in my mind a scene he was describing) and MC is not a disagreeable Mary Sue. Quite the contrary, he's relatable to some level, though the author drops the ball very hard on the way the world interacts with the MC's quirkness and age - as I said earlier, the world is just a fantasy trope running on automatic, so don't get your hopes up for that.

    On a side note, I gotta give the author a thumbs up for the audacity of having the MC being reincarnated in a game-like fantasy world, just to then go to a virtual/magic illusionary copy of his previous world so that he could then use a VR set to simulate a videogame-like trial. Bonkers. That was good. Rest is bad.

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    23 Likes · Like
    Status: chapter 99 – getting emotional.

    I'm really enjoying this story so far. It's managed to avoid the harem trope, and exchange it with actual character growth as the MC gets older and becomes more mature. Although he's still wary of other people (for good reason), he's finally starting to learn to relax and talk to others, without just suddenly changing his personality. It's been a good, well-paced change.

    I have also enjoyed the mix of action, drama, and crafting. Especially the crafting as the author has yet to fall in to the "OMG, I can make anything and I'm ridiculously OP, forever!" trap. The pacing of the MC's equipment upgrades has been solid and logical, which seems like something that's incredibly difficult to find in most crafting stories. I enjoy his growth through making logical mistakes. It males him more relatable.

    If I were to give any somewhat negative points, it would have to be that the sub characters tend to be easy to get attached to, but go away and seem to not be heard from again, but honestly: that's the way life works sometimes. People come and make an impact in your life, then they might move away and you never hear from them again. It's a solid touch in the author's world that can seem rough, but is very realistic.

    Overall, I recommend this story for people who want a well-paced, enjoyable read about an MC who isn't OP, has relatable trust issues, and has to actually work for and make the power he gains, by himself. If you're looking for a very fast-paced "MC crushes all and gets every girl in existence", then this is not for you.

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    19 Likes · Like
    Status: chapter 182 – meeting the city lord.

    I am confused, this story feels confused, just why?

    On the one hand it's great! It has an interesting take on the genre, I like the progression and the author is clearly very talented.

    On the other hand it just feels like it tries pulling too many ways and then gives up before any payoff, here's an example: it takes 5 paragraphs to describe the way he lays out his trap without explaining anything remotely interesting then the trap never gets used, then rest of the chapter is repeating the details of something he's done before with a new coat of paint. Now apply that to EVERYTHING. 

    Likable character gets introduced, is present for like 4 chapters, MC spends 20 chapters achieving a grand total on barely anything, likable character gets houdinied, rinse and repeat

    It tries to be action but barring like 2 exceptions in 190 chapters, MC either blasts everything or doesn't. 

    It tries to be slice of life but MC is a paranoid loner that hisses like a cat at any interaction and runs out of new situations causing the author to either drop slice of life or be boring.

    It tries to be a 'genius engineer' story and it almost succeeds but the MC isn't as clever as he is described to be, the story takes ages to describe something no one cares about and then takes 30 chapters of 'working in the background' to drive something you were excited about into an unsatisfactory result.

    Spoilery examples: 

    GOLEMS! Hyped for at least 30 chapters, take nearly twice as long to research and make. Result: barely walking spider thing that falls over if you breathe on it enough.

    Guns! Not hyped but still expected, does the exact same thing as some ghetto workaround he made 130 chapters ago but with a battery of mana instead.

    Runic business in general! For the whole 190ish chapters we're told how lucrative and expensive runic stuff is and that the price margins are thicc. Result: complains about lack of money every 5th chapter, decides on new solution every 20th chapter, spends whole time implementing said solution and then keeps lacking money, repeat

    It just feels like a waste

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    18 Likes · Like
    Status: chapter 173

    - I like how the level up system works, the skills just don't magically increase in levels and require an actual practice. 

    - The other characters also has some degree of depth on them, although they still follow your usual cliché Isekai SCs, at least they have more range when it comes to their interaction with the MC. 

    - The pacing is still okay for  now, it's also explained Roland's level discrepancy among his peers. Utility classes has more advantage during the early phase when it comes to levelling.

    - The story telling is also interesting despite the formulaic plot.

    What I don't like about this novel would be the MC's personality and paranoia, this lead to the ff:

    - His distrust towards other people made him a recluse and anti-social, which heavily affect his knowledge towards the current events.

    - His ignorance lead to so many stupid decisions and being taken advantage of. 

    - His all work no play attitude also made him so dull and boring, majority of the novel would revolve around him levelling his Utility classes due to the lack of interesting dialogues. 

    This wasn't my main reason why I rated this 3 stars, it's still 4 stars for me until tje novel reached the arc where he got his Runesmith Lord class.

    - The novel starts to move at a snail pace, so many filler words and unneccessary details. Every time something happened in the recent chapters, there will be a repetitive explanations that were already explained in the previous chaps. There was even a chapter where he just listed his skills and wrote the details, just a tad bit longer than what's written in the Text Box. It's not much of a problem if there's like a daily release, but waiting for 3 days and read a bunch of step by step process on buying something that could sometimes take 3-4 chaps, and I'm left with "that's it?" feeling, it is really disappointing. 

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    Status: --

    The premise was very interesting, but the various holes found throughout the storytelling make it very hard to enjoy it. Most of the situations displayed have a feeling of deus/diabolos ex machina, with little reason behind them.

    Added do that is the author's abysmal grasp on grammar, especially in regards to structuring and punctuation, which makes pacing very jarring if your brain isn't turned off. It's a very bland experience, at best.

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    9 Likes · Like
    Status: chapter 25 – making a deal

    This has the potential to be a cornerstone of the genre; nay, it doesn't just have the potential, it's starting to be the cornerstone of the genre.

    The writing is flawless and very professional-looking while the Game Elements are well pondered and easy to understand without being simple. The MC is not overpowered and needs to put in lots of effort to reach his objective. The only complain is the "low" release rate of three chapters/week, not enough for avid readers.

    It's a serious novel, without smut or similar tags, so it's criminally underrated: give it a shot and it won't fail you.

    Excellent work Kuropon!

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