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/ Series / A Chance To Become An Adonis
A Chance To Become An Adonis
A Chance To Become An Adonis
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Laying in his own pool of blood, Lu Chen watches his wife being embraced by another man. He couldn’t believe it. If there is any way possible, Lu Chen wanted to tear them apart from each other, yet nothing. Lu Chen couldn’t do anything as he slowly dies. And the final words he will ever hear was,

“You will always be nothing but second place.” Then a bullet went through his chest.

Before Lu Chen had lost all consciousness, endless regret begins to flow through him. The people that cared for him he ignored, people that trusted him he betrayed. The only thing he had on his mind was; a second chance.

However, it is as if somebody had heard him plead. Lu Chen was sent back to his 18-year-old body. He didn't want to believe it, yet he had to. Lu Chen couldn't waste this opportunity. What will the young man do to change his future?

Hello guys. I will be posting 2 chapters every 2 days somewhere between 9:00-10:00 pm.
Also Penname will be Cai Xi Peng.

Illustrator of my cover: Famahima

(This novel is all rights reserved)

Please note that I will be posting on RoyalRoad and Webnovel as well.

ActionDramaHaremMartial ArtsRomanceSchool LifeSlice of Life
Brotherhood Character Growth Childhood Friends Childhood Love Childhood Promise Dense Protagonist Determined Protagonist Handsome Male Lead Male Protagonist Military Past Plays a Big Role Second Chance Stalkers Ugly to Beautiful Unrequited Love Weak to Strong Yandere
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Table of Contents
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    Status: chapter 203

    Edit: I took a break for a while. Read from 83 to 203 to see if things got better quality wise and if the author began living up to his tags. Nope. Don't waste your time on this one. He's actually admitted to deleting negative comments too. Not negative as in vitriolic comments either. Pretty low. He actually blocked me claiming I was name calling him and being rude after I made a comment on 203 criticizing the series. Though, he deleted the comment he replied to for that and I obviously wasn't. It was much like my review here; 

    "Lu Chen couldn't overpower her, and he was forced to agree with her without any resistance."

    "But Lu Chen glares at her, "Lao Ma, I am not a playboy. If I'm getting married, then I will marry only one person." Seriously, why do people keep thinking that I would become a playboy?"

    Good premise, poorly implemented, short chapters with some less than a thousand words, little actual substance, poor pacing, unlikable MC with a beta personality, no use of future knowledge, and generally a bit boring since nothing is happening. It could be good if it was condensed, pacing was done better, he grows a spine, but overall its annoying to read.

    Edit: Luo Ai is such a terrible friend. Even if you went harem with this cast none of the readers would be able to forgive those two unless they get a serious punishment.  Also there's so many pov changes that you didn't even need. Trash of trash tier. This author claims he's going to write 2k chapters, but it took him over half a year to write a hundred. Avg word count 700. ?

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    55 Likes · Like
    Status: c28

    I like second chance

    I like villain

    But not this one.

    1. He said his family blah.... Corporation and have butler. If you have money gave to gangster or what to beat long something (he afraid everyone suspect him - idiot as long as no one have a proof or he just ned to not go to school)

    2. This should be second chance, but the moron and mongrel the son of poor family MC was, he just endured being bully in school. If you rich and your family powerful why every mob bully you? Illogical. His family was poor villager not corporation sh*t. 

    3. This should be second chance, but until 48 chap he just did 2 things, cut his hair and study, so his father could saving money when he go to college. His family poor

    4. This should be second chance, yet he still pathetic where everyone bully him, villain speak with fist (of course others fist, asking soemone to beat his enemy)

    5. This should be second chance, again no revenge mode and no hating someone, just smile and acting like he and his murdered as stranger

    6. MC persona was sh*t licking dog, loser, coward, what he do is simple (absent from class stomachache from playing ps5 and give someone money to beat the enemy and throw him in river and still absent from school until 1 month and no one gonna ask you as long as no proof)

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    33 Likes · Like
    Status: chapter 500


    Checked in and read up through chapter 500; this covers chapters after authors first/soft "ending". Still a virgin, no girlfriend no "harem" (PG girls crushing on him; not merely a love triangle... think octagon... and this wuss hasn't made a move). No significant combat or supernatural elements; schoolyard tussle and a friendly spar are the extent of the action over 500 ch. Mostly social face-slapping fueled by deus ex machina. Author does resolve some of the issues plaguing the story the first few hundred chapter and presumably saves himself while resolving his engagement crisis.


    The first two chapters are written to hook and excite the readers.  Thereafter, the author sets up interesting opportunities, dangles hope just within reach, occasionally shows minor progress, and quickly pulls it away inexplicably.  Or, a chapter teases an interesting relationship, and following chapters have the MC react in a counterintuitive and oblivious manner. (Spoiler: Post reincarnation, the MC has no interest in women, not really a beta, but not interested because he was traumatized. Also, in his mind the girls around him are children and he seems to view himself as an adult in a young body.  So you can pretty much skip the dumb slice-of-life crazy girl drama, because it is obvious it will go nowhere.) The fact that this story still has readers after 240 chapters is a testament to the author's writing skills because the story is a frustrating masochistic exercise for only the most twisted readers.  The things that characters in this story do, or don't do, and how they behave, will drive you insane again, and again, and again... Honestly, it is like you're reading the story of humanoid creatures whose social norms are completely different and/or who have brains that don't process information in any rational way.

    After the setup life and reincarnation (from ~32 back to age 17), 242 chapters into this story and the main character is no closer to resolving the issues presented in the first two chapters (1) Cheating wife who originally cuckolded him, helped her lover steal his family wealth and company, and then she fatally stabbed him and he shot him, while they made out as he bled to death... apparently the MC was being cuckolded by them since before they were married; they were in an arranged marriage since he was young.  (2) Also, probably related to the above corporate takeover, his entire family originally was  systematically murdered has unfortunate accidents and ALL died.

    The characters are all apparently irredeemably stupid and/or evil.  I stopped believing that this story would go anywhere around Chapter 140 and now check in on it and binge periodically out of sheer morbid curiosity; much like one might click on ad-bait for a video of some guy who gets kicked in the testes or peeking at the national enquirer in the checkout asile, you may be tempted to peek occasionally, but I wouldn't call this a serious story.

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    26 Likes · Like
    Status: chapter 99: processing

    OK the good the bad and the ugly!

    1 The good! It is well written, good grammar, and a good plot. I will continue to follow this great story!

    2 The bad! The MC is so smart and likable but he is a ret*rd when it comes to girls.

    3 The ugly! Based on the MC and the tags the author has put up this is a fake harem.. I.E. dense protagonist that probably will star in the movie the 40 year old virgin... so do not expect him to have s*xy time!

    Despite ponts 2 and 3 I love this story!

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    24 Likes · Like

    Updated review: 



    •the story is everywhere

    •ret*rded characters

    •stupid MC that it feels like he was forever stucked as a kid on his past life


    Oh you mean revenge? On the bitch childhood friend and that long d*ck? Heh, wait a bit more years on it, maybe on 3040 we will finally see him confront those two idiots, oh I mean the three idiots will now fight

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    21 Likes · Like
    Status: c185

    The Idea is great

    The characters are okay

    Overall the plot is good.


    Over 185 chapters we haven't have much progress. Barely a month has passed in the story. We get many filler Chapters we don't need at all, which have no consequence to the overall plot.

    Then the MC had a woman die protecting him in his past life, who confessed with her dying breath that she loved him, yet in this life, meeting the same woman he wonders if any woman on this world would love him?

    His mentor, the butler just watched a bunch of thugs beat the living sh*t out of the MC with baseball bats and what not. Understand that at any moment a bat could have hit the MC in a bad spot and he would be dead. But the senile butler thinks "nah it will be fine, let him get tortured" and allows that to happen. What can I say, I call boolsheet at this.

    Seriously, Author you have such a nice premise and good talent, but you are wasting it because of this needless stretching out and lack of common sense. Hope it gets better.

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    7 Likes · Like
    Status: chapter 294

    It started off with a good premise but the heroines in this story are just horrific... Normally each person has their own favorite type of heroine but in this book I wish all of them would die, every single one is insane. This would have been a great story in my opinion if all of the women weren't psychopaths, the MC needs to just run away from all of them. I have no idea why the author decided to make every single woman be willing to do almost anything for the mc

    tldr: every single woman is a yandere, except for Ai or whatever her name is who is just an enabler 

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    5 Likes · Like
    Status: chapter 427

    For harem and ntr:


    Harem: This is a very fun and interesting harem story. However, the MC has an anti-harem mindset. Basically, you'll see it around chapter 131. The MC is against having multiple women, which his mom, as well as other girls wants him to have. And he'll act in a way that's extremely cringe, or something to make you facepalm. However, the author has said, this will have a harem in it. So even though other reviews say otherwise, the protagonist will get one... eventually.

    ntr: The ntr consists of a protagonist who was ntrd so hard it literally sent him back in time. If there's another explanation for why he goes back he hasn't explained it. So the ntr in the prologue, expect it to be brutal. Honestly it really, really is a bit much. If you can't stand it, I recommend not reading. It's technically "undone" through time travel, but it's really, really extreme.

    EDIT: As of Chapter 293, it seems one of the love interests tried to have another love interest date raped by a creep.


    Story and love interests:


    The MC is the most handsome guy in the universe, no doubt. All it took was a haircut. As a child, he had three friends, who he deeply cherished. One of them, Liu Feifei, is the most beautiful girl in school. So what's her deal? She was the bratty childhood friend the MC loved. Both his and her grandfather served in war together, cementing a friendship they shared even through businesses.

    However, Feifei doesn't like the MC. She instead loves a guy named Long shen. In fact, her love for this guy was so extreme, that she would openly kiss him in front of the MC. They dated. The end of the prologue has ntr where that guy stabs him in the back, and while the MC is dying, he talks about how he took her virginity while the MC wasn't able to touch her for all eight years of their marriage. On top of that, he f**ked tons of other women while the MC was a virgin. Then as he's bleeding out, he watches his wife kiss the man and talk about how much she hates the MC. It doesn't even end there. The ntr antagonist even tells the MC, he was the culprit behind how his family lost everything, including their lives. Feifei is completely ok with this.

    To an extent, she's actually right about one thing. The MC doesn't love her, he's completely obsessed with her at least until the end of the prologue.

    As a character, Feifei is established as a wicked, subservient girl to the ntr antagonist, Lu shen. If the author tries to re-establish her as a worthy friend or love interest I think I'll drop the story. There's no redemption arc I can ever imagine her having. And everyone who supports her or takes her side, is basically dead to me. That's where Loa Ai, another childhood friend of the MC comes in.

    Lao Ai is considered the #2 beauty of the school with a massive stacked breasts and can fight like a soldier. She doesn't hang out with the MC. She hangs out with Fei Fei. She seems to have lesbian/bis*xual feelings for the girl. And on top of that, she hangs out with the ntr antagonist as a direct result of that. As such, a lot of people despise her. Now the MC is written to have the idiot ball, pushing away anyone who didn't support him, leaving him with one friend. I could have forgiven her all things considered, yet she is still supporting Fei fei and hanging out with the ntr antagonist even when the MC has finally gotten over her and isn't acting like a licking dog. 

    A user came up with an interesting argument: Each choice she's made throughout the story seems meant to benefit Fei Fei. "makes me wonder if she also had unrequited love for Lei Lei and enjoyed the controlled misery she could see being inflicted on Chen." It's insightful, and honestly gives her depth as a character, but also makes me like her even less knowing it seems to be the case. When did she ever say, "Fei Fei, you're going too far dating another guy while engaged?"

    You'll see it around ch 180. when thugs attack the ntr antagonist, she fights for him and protects him from harm. It left a really bad taste in my mouth, because I figured she'd be upset at the rift Lu Shen causing in the friendship she wanted so desperately to revitalize. When it looks like the MC is about to kill another antagonist, a fat wealthy guy who makes fun of the MC, she protects the fat guy and is about to knock out the MC. The only reason she doesn't, is because someone convinces the MC not to.

    Honestly if she did something redeemable, maybe I would like her more. But so far she's just slightly discouraged them from bullying the protagonist.

    Another user remarked something in particular about Fei Fei, I read his chapter comment in 242.



    You did a great job setting up everything and having everything fall into place. But so many chapters have been used and you made Lu Chen this unbeatable power house.

    If he trained for a month he could be unbeatable by any human

    He allowed Liu feifei to dictate his life and now that he doesn't he's seen as a prince charming so all girls love him

    He knows he was an asshole before and now he is more level headed

    He has the future knowledge of so many businesses that he can invest and make money.

    He desires no women because none are worthy (his words) and I'm assuming that included shuchan.... (a lot of the descriptions could be misunderstandings because all Lu Chens feelings are EXTREME, no inbetween and that might be a translation thing)

    Now even with all that he has accomplished, he was constantly compared to his GENIUS grandfather who was a playboy. Yet Lu Chen focuses on no woman and still falls short of him.

    With all the money he can make its nothing compared to the Liu family, who would crush the Lu family if Lu Chen breaks it off with feifei even though feifei openly cucked teenage Lu Chen.

    And with his entourage killing goons out of no where and easily they can remove threats at any time......

    So 250 chapters in and Lu Chen can crush all his enemies at any given time... yet he doesn't

    He can kill Long shen, yet he doesn't (neither does his grandfather who can allow his future granddaughter in law to cheat and his grandson to be cucked, yet talked about Lu Chen bringing ruin to the family with HIS actions)

    I think what people are frustrated with, is how power Lu Chen is and the fact that all he's doing is dancing around his issues. He's allowing threats to linger and build power because he wants to "crush them slowly". He hides all he knows from his family.

    We have all these characters and they are all loving Lu Chen for almost no reason. He barely interacts with people on a personal level and even treats people as bothersome even though they are trying to be nice.

    If he truly didn't care about Liu Feifei anymore, why not get rid of Long shen? Why need revenge if the girl means nothing to you?

    In the first chapter it seemed like Liu Feifei moved up I. The world thanks to marrying Lu Chen. But now we're are hearing that the Liu family is above the Lu's?

    Liu Feifei was worried about her parents finding out about Long Shen, but Lu Chens grandfather could care less?

    The Liu family doesn't need the Lu family so why doesn't Feifei break the engagement??

    Lu Chen is all powerful and can actually do ANYTHING he wants. But the plot is just Him ALLOWING a weak, low birth, murderous Long Shen live for no reason. And listening to his grandfathers forced engagement.

    So all this means is that in Lu Chen's first life.... his grandfather KNEW what kind of relationship Lu Chen had with Feifei and he ALLOWED his family to be killed off.


    Finally, the last girl Meixan (I might misspell her name.) She's the smartest girl in school, really loves the MC, and the #3 beauty. She stopped hanging out with the MC because he loved another girl and seeing them together hurt her. So she had a good reason to not hang out with the MC, but at the same time avoids Fei Fei and the ntr antagonist. She and the yandere bodyguard are probably the only redeemable love interests. She's also extravagantly wealthy.

    So, the story is about the MC becoming a better person, getting a harem, protecting those he cares about, and getting his revenge on those who hurt him. The plot can be gripping at times, but falls flat due to its slice of life nature. A lot of chapters can be dedicated to minute details in a plot to slow down the story. The hatred the MC should feel should cause him to be a bit more aggressive with his desire to get revenge, but instead he's slacking off, acting nervous. People are getting upset at a lack of progress in his goals.

    Having said that, I will mention the progress he has accomplished so far (200 chapters in).

    Self improvement: he improved his appearance from ugly to handsome. He trained well and was able to fight against thugs. Although he would have lost alone, he had a friend come to his aid. He also tricked some of the thugs into attacking the ntr antagonist. His grades are dramatically rising. As of ch 400, he gains a corporation.

    Harem: He's gone out with one of the girls on a couple dates, he's done a lot of charming to other girls. Many are falling for him left and right. as of chapter 400, he's become intimate, including kissing some girls from his harem.

    Protecting those he cares about: He beats up people who talk sh*t about the people he cares about. The only problem is he doesn't seem to care about himself enough. He protected members of his group from a scandal.

    Revenge: He tormented a fatty who bullied him, and almost killed him. He left him terrified, and planned to torment him further. He blackmailed Fei Fei with the life of her boyfriend. He told her if she "green-hatted" him he'll kill her boyfriend. At the very minimum, he scared the ntr antagonist a bit, and tricked thugs into beating him. He exposed Long Shen's cheating for her whole family to see, so they'd always compare him. As of chapter 420ish, he finally ended the engagement with her.


    Edit: thoughts at chapter 300



    I said this myself, for a lot of people the love interests are going to be "ruined."

    Lao Bai: MC gets attacked? Support his enemies and Fei Fei all the way through. Even fight to protect the ass whos dating his fiancé. Watch Fei Fei attack him? Protect Fei Fei in the conflict.

    Meifeng: MC tries to apologize? Knee him in the balls and accept a date from your creepy stalker.

    Shunchen: MC gives you a kiss? Make him wear a mask and help a thug try to ntr him.

    Meixaun is left, the worst thing she's done is tell Meifing she's not worthy. His secretary is also worthwhile, but we haven't seen much of her.


    Edit: thoughts at chapter 400


    Well, the CEO arc is the new highschool arc. Or rather, you could say the author hasn't written about the MC going to school in 70 or so chapters. What makes this particularly interesting is how large this story is. For the most part it's focused on Zhang Jian, his friend, becoming a successful idol. The antagonists of the previous arcs, have been summarily dismissed. Long Shen and Fei Fei seem to have vanished.

    And I mention in my comments inconsistencies seem to be spreading. One of the antagonists in this arc is his senior from high school (Yin Diang or something.) When Lu Chen found out he was pursuing Fei Fei, he had thugs ambush and harm him. What's inconsistent is how, despite Long Shen and Fei Fei literally making out in front of Lu Chen, he never thought to use thugs against him. Although it's a bit more minor, characters from the past like this shouldn't even be able to recognize Lu Chen. His own family didn't when he got the haircut. Meixaun is unusual because only she could. But this guy is immediately able to.

    Another thing that's very, very dramatic is how it seems the author might be writing Fei Fei as a Mayadere. Basically the MC seems to still love her, even rescuing her when he thought she would die. It's a dramatic moment in the story, because he admits despite her cruelty to him, he's still not over her.

    It also seems a bit odd. The author dropped his training/revenge/etc arc and decided to do this really long CEO arc. A lot of the chapters are pure filler. The MC meeting this random guy from high school to intimidate him about how he's attempting to s*xually blackmail his love interest doesn't add too much to the story except give Feiming more screentime. And she's getting a lot of it too.

    From What I usually see, authors pick 1 of 2 options with harem. A focused harem with a small cast of 3-7 girls. Or an unfocused harem with bloated cast of 30+ girls. I wouldn't call this either bloated or focused, it's sort of like a dream experience where the focus seems extremely pointed at one girl, then drifts to another girl. It's hard to explain really, it feels like the author is fleshing out some side characters in excess, yet the important characters he avoids writing about.




    A big issue with this story is the author's spelling. "She forgot one of her adjectives." should obviously be "she forgot one of her 'objectives.'"

    "Do you have a deaf wish?" Obviously you meant "death wish."

    "Tho" should be spelled "Though." And this happens constantly. Please author get an editor or something.

    I will say in the later chapters, it dramatically improves.


    Overall, while this is by no means a perfect story and the spelling can be annoying, it is something very enjoyable to read at least so far. I will update my review as I progress. 4/5

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    Status: chapter 13: hated name

    The 2nd chance concept is ok but there are a couple of problems with the execution.

    1) Slight grammatical errors here and there, nothing too major

    2) The protagonist somehow never picked up that his wife never loved him despite all the obvious signs which is highly immersion-breaking.

    3) The story takes a while to start. At chapter 13 nothing really happens apart from people being surprised about the protagonist changing.

    Read More

    4 Likes · Like
    Status: chapter 252: come out now

    Lets start with the positive. The author has an above average grasp of the English language compare to most authors writing on this site.

    I'm not sure if the author tries to imitate the Chinese or Korean way of writing novels, maybe it's a mix of both? Anyway, I believe that the author has fused his story with all the bad things about both genre.

    His characters are very one dimensional. Most characters are  very simple, they react the same way in every situation and they more or less don't even act like human beings do, which is no surprise as real humans are not one dimensional.

    The story is filler galore. It's impressive being able to write a story of 250+ chapters with nothing really happening. This is part of the genre as well I guess, where you are supposed to chug out thousands of chapters before finishing your story. Which will probably lead to the usual, story arc upon story arc of repetitive filler content.

    The story is really complex and convoluted, which is also part of the genre, where you write a "genius protagonist" with knowledge of the future. The author spends a lot of time building a house of cards plot, full of plot holes, to show off his "genius protagonist". Another author showing yet again that it is really hard to write a "genius" unless you are one yourself, this might sound insulting, but it's not meant to be, the author is probably around or slightly above average intelligence like the rest of us, I mean, most people are.

    Read More

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