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/ Series / A Chance To Become An Adonis
A Chance To Become An Adonis
A Chance To Become An Adonis
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3.5 (157 ratings)
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Laying in his own pool of blood, Lu Chen watches his wife being embraced by another man. He couldn’t believe it. If there is any way possible, Lu Chen wanted to tear them apart from each other, yet nothing. Lu Chen couldn’t do anything as he slowly dies. And the final words he will ever hear was,

“You will always be nothing but second place.” Then a bullet went through his chest.

Before Lu Chen had lost all consciousness, endless regret begins to flow through him. The people that cared for him he ignored, people that trusted him he betrayed. The only thing he had on his mind was; a second chance.

However, it is as if somebody had heard him plead. Lu Chen was sent back to his 18-year-old body. He didn't want to believe it, yet he had to. Lu Chen couldn't waste this opportunity. What will the young man do to change his future?

Hello guys. I will be posting 2 chapters every 2 days somewhere between 9:00-10:00 pm.

(This novel is all rights reserved)
Discord link:

Please note that I will be posting on RoyalRoad and Webnovel as well.

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Brotherhood Character Growth Childhood Friends Childhood Love Childhood Promise Cooking Dense Protagonist Determined Protagonist Handsome Male Lead Male Protagonist Military Past Plays a Big Role Second Chance Stalkers Ugly to Beautiful Unrequited Love Weak to Strong Yandere
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      Status: c28

      I like second chance

      I like villain

      But not this one.

      1. He said his family blah.... Corporation and have butler. If you have money gave to gangster or what to beat long something (he afraid everyone suspect him - idiot as long as no one have a proof or he just ned to not go to school)

      2. This should be second chance, but the moron and mongrel the son of poor family MC was, he just endured being bully in school. If you rich and your family powerful why every mob bully you? Illogical. His family was poor villager not corporation sh*t. 

      3. This should be second chance, but until 48 chap he just did 2 things, cut his hair and study, so his father could saving money when he go to college. His family poor

      4. This should be second chance, yet he still pathetic where everyone bully him, villain speak with fist (of course others fist, asking soemone to beat his enemy)

      5. This should be second chance, again no revenge mode and no hating someone, just smile and acting like he and his murdered as stranger

      6. MC persona was sh*t licking dog, loser, coward, what he do is simple (absent from class stomachache from playing ps5 and give someone money to beat the enemy and throw him in river and still absent from school until 1 month and no one gonna ask you as long as no proof)

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      Status: chapter 203

      Edit: I took a break for a while. Read from 83 to 203 to see if things got better quality wise and if the author began living up to his tags. Nope. Don't waste your time on this one. He's actually admitted to deleting negative comments too. Not negative as in vitriolic comments either. Pretty low. He actually blocked me claiming I was name calling him and being rude after I made a comment on 203 criticizing the series. Though, he deleted the comment he replied to for that and I obviously wasn't. It was much like my review here; 

      "Lu Chen couldn't overpower her, and he was forced to agree with her without any resistance."

      "But Lu Chen glares at her, "Lao Ma, I am not a playboy. If I'm getting married, then I will marry only one person." Seriously, why do people keep thinking that I would become a playboy?"

      Good premise, poorly implemented, short chapters with some less than a thousand words, little actual substance, poor pacing, unlikable MC with a beta personality, no use of future knowledge, and generally a bit boring since nothing is happening. It could be good if it was condensed, pacing was done better, he grows a spine, but overall its annoying to read.

      Edit: Luo Ai is such a terrible friend. Even if you went harem with this cast none of the readers would be able to forgive those two unless they get a serious punishment.  Also there's so many pov changes that you didn't even need. Trash of trash tier. This author claims he's going to write 2k chapters, but it took him over half a year to write a hundred. Avg word count 700. ?

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      12 Likes · Like
      Status: chapter 99: processing

      OK the good the bad and the ugly!

      1 The good! It is well written, good grammar, and a good plot. I will continue to follow this great story!

      2 The bad! The MC is so smart and likable but he is a retard when it comes to girls.

      3 The ugly! Based on the MC and the tags the author has put up this is a fake harem.. I.E. dense protagonist that probably will star in the movie the 40 year old virgin... so do not expect him to have s*xy time!

      Despite ponts 2 and 3 I love this story!

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      11 Likes · Like

      Updated review: 



      •the story is everywhere

      •retarded characters

      •stupid MC that it feels like he was forever stucked as a kid on his past life


      Oh you mean revenge? On the bitch childhood friend and that long d*ck? Heh, wait a bit more years on it, maybe on 3040 we will finally see him confront those two idiots, oh I mean the three idiots will now fight

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      7 Likes · Like
      Status: chapter 242

      I'm now convinced the author writes this story to troll the readers.  The only explanation for this work is that he is f-ing with us.  The first two chapters are written to hook and excite the readers.  Thereafter, the author sets up interesting opportunities, dangles hope just within reach, and quickly pulls it away inexplicably.  Or, a chapter teases an interesting relationship, and following chapters have the MC react in a counterintuitive and oblivious manner. (Spoiler: Post reincarnation, the MC has no interest in women, not really a beta, but not interested because he was traumatized. Also, in his mind the girls around him are children and he seems to view himself as an adult in a young body.  So you can pretty much skip the dumb slice-of-life crazy girl drama, because it is obvious it will go nowhere.) The fact that this story still has readers after 240 chapters is a testament to the author's writing skills because the story is a frustrating masochistic exercise for only the most twisted readers.  The things that characters in this story do, or don't do, and how they behave, will drive you insane again, and again, and again... Honestly, it is like you're reading the story of humanoid creatures whose social norms are completely different and/or who have brains that don't process information in any rational way.

      After the setup life and reincarnation (from ~32 back to age 17), 242 chapters into this story and the main character is no closer to resolving the issues presented in the first two chapters (1) Cheating wife who originally cuckolded him, helped her lover steal his family wealth and company, and then she fatally stabbed him and he shot him, while they made out as he bled to death... apparently the MC was being cuckolded by them since before they were married; they were in an arranged marriage since he was young.  (2) Also, probably related to the above corporate takeover, his entire family originally was  systematically murdered has unfortunate accidents and ALL died.

      I stopped believing that this story would go anywhere around Chapter 140 and now check in on it and binge periodically out of sheer morbid curiosity; much like one might click on ad-bait for a video of some guy who gets kicked in the testes or peeking at the national enquirer in the checkout asile, you may be tempted to peek occasionally, but I wouldn't call this a serious story.

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      4 Likes · Like
      Status: c185

      The Idea is great

      The characters are okay

      Overall the plot is good.


      Over 185 chapters we haven't have much progress. Barely a month has passed in the story. We get many filler Chapters we don't need at all, which have no consequence to the overall plot.

      Then the MC had a woman die protecting him in his past life, who confessed with her dying breath that she loved him, yet in this life, meeting the same woman he wonders if any woman on this world would love him?

      His mentor, the butler just watched a bunch of thugs beat the living sh*t out of the MC with baseball bats and what not. Understand that at any moment a bat could have hit the MC in a bad spot and he would be dead. But the senile butler thinks "nah it will be fine, let him get tortured" and allows that to happen. What can I say, I call boolsheet at this.

      Seriously, Author you have such a nice premise and good talent, but you are wasting it because of this needless stretching out and lack of common sense. Hope it gets better.

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      3 Likes · Like
      Status: chapter 30ish - kinda skimmed...

      Reviewer / user TDM  says it quite well.

      This is a face slapping novel. I has the elements, of second chance / do-over / return to the past qualities. Coupled with the famous Chinese school interactions (both in JP and China) of a rich person. Honestly better than most of the actual Chinese one's, but... (I'm not going to mention it). I'm not surprised people find it boring, but grammar, pacing and story is good. This is really oriented towards a specific reader / niche. Author has some cool ideas though.

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      3 Likes · Like
      Status: chapter 13: hated name

      The 2nd chance concept is ok but there are a couple of problems with the execution.

      1) Slight grammatical errors here and there, nothing too major

      2) The protagonist somehow never picked up that his wife never loved him despite all the obvious signs which is highly immersion-breaking.

      3) The story takes a while to start. At chapter 13 nothing really happens apart from people being surprised about the protagonist changing.

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      Status: chapter:135

      As a second chance novel in a more standard urban world, I greatly enjoy it.

      some stuff I like about it:

      • The fact that the MC is pretty beta is put off for some but tbh It makes it 10 times better with how the novel follows.
      • the mc's density in most situations is actually understandable with what we know of his previous time line and his emotions state.
      • Character development is good and not much to critic about it as it is what I would expect from a good read.
      • Im also an avid yandere fan so id definitely give this 5 stars.

      i dont have much to comment on what can be improved asides from the fact that there is bit too much filler for my taste but provides a good background of what maybe to come.

      p.s. Please make the chapters longer if you can id rather have longer chapters instead of more of them...

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      1 Likes · Like
      Status: c34

      So far the overall development is great between characters and the tone set. No grammatical errors from what I can see either. Only problem is the chapters are too short but the frequency of the updates makes up for it in a way. Lastly looking forward to how the romance is developed as there have been no hints towards any yet but from the pace it is looking promising.

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