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/ Series / Monarch of Heaven’s Wrath
Monarch of Heaven’s Wrath
Monarch of Heaven’s Wrath
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4.2 (78 ratings)
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Liang Chen was a normal youth, one could easily find countless others like him in the Qing clan. He thought that his normal and unremarkable existence would continue for the rest of his life, a thought that was shattered when he was 12. His parents were forced to take the blame for something that they had not done, causing them to be publicly executed.

Liang Chen had been told about how just the heavens were, how they would punish evildoers and those who killed the innocent. But now his parents were dead, and the man responsible for it walks free without suffering anything. That was when Liang Chen learned the truth. The heavens aren't just, they are indifferent. That was when he decided, if the heavens won't send down their wrath on the man who caused his parents to die, then he would.

If the heavens have no wrath, then he will become that wrath.-

ActionAdventureFantasyMartial ArtsRomance
Cultivation Male Protagonist Power Couple Protagonist Loyal to Love Interest Ruthless Protagonist Weak to Strong
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Table of Contents 382
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Table of Contents
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    Status: chapter 171: death is timeless.

    This is one of the best xianxia themed novels I've read in a long time.

    Plot- The plot is cliché but it's just what I'm looking for. It's not quite the wish fulfilment and face slapping generic novels which I appreciate. Much of the situations the MC face don't feel contrived but feels as if it is natural progression. Some scenes felt rushed but tolerable. 

    Romance- I am so glad this wasn't harem because that's one of the reasons I turned away from xianxia novels. I can say the romance was well done for the genre and it wasn't contrived. I love the build up and I love their interactions. They actually resemble real life couples. I love the fact that they started as friends and actually took time to open up to each other. Some scenes were kinda awkward for me but that's just me. 

    Characters - Most of the characters are quite fleshed out. Most of them don't just end up as one time thing. Each one of them serving as a learning experience for the MC. There were several minor characters who were mentioned in the early chapters and were then mentioned in the later chapters. Villains aren't one dimensional either. I do hope Liang Chen had more interaction with the sect people but it's okay. 

    MC- I love the MC. He is ruthless but not an indiscriminate killer. I really like it when the author shows Liang Chen's soft side. It makes the readers connect with him more. He is OP and has plot armor protection but not so OP as to overpower everyone. His strength progression did not make me feel that it was super contrived.

    I wouldn't call this a masterpiece, it doesn't quite give me the heart pounding excitement I used to feel. Probably because this wasn't pure face slapping, wish fulfilment novel with a super OP arrogant protag. Nonetheless, this is a very good novel. 

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    12 Likes · Like
    Status: c0

    I didn't read the whole novel but I can already assume that the FL is Qing chun and I hate it.

    Such a useless Fl, even a harem is better than her. I hate how she can control the MC, I hate her entire persona. 

    I hoped the FL would be that illeggitimate child who he will meet years later maybe when the age gap won't be a problem. 

    The MC also grows up to be particularly annoying with questionable decisions. What an ingrate.

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    2 Likes · Like

    That's a temporary note, and it may change after I read everything.

    That's a surprisingly nice xianxia, plot cliché but it's nicely done, much better than the chinese classic out there. Personnages aren't 1D, at least majority. World building felt nice, not rushed. 

    However there are some bad points, and I'm afraid the more it goes on, the worst.

    The MC is acting like a prick, knowing all and everything. I'm becoming tired of seeing him moralize as if he had the universal answer to everything. 3 chapters ago he said there was no real bad or good and yet again he is contradicting himself. 

    There are some incoherence, at chapter A he see people raped/killed but he doesn't care. That's okay, but then why at chapter B, when a random girl maid get raped and nearly killed, did he act so crazy ? Knowing that at chapter C he see yet again people killed/kidnapped/raped (MandF) but yet again act extremly cold about that. The "Oh yeah he experienced many things between the 2 chap so it can explains", doesn't work, that was clearly made to make the plot happens. It was ugly and awkwardly done, only add to the ressentement I had for the kids acting knowing all.

    If it goes worst I may drop and change the rating.

    EDIT : Chap 89 : I'm getting tired here, this is not going the way I would like. Not trying to make the sasuke fan SO DARK, but it's just far too light headed for what it was at the begining. I thought we would see a completly distopic/despotic story here, but for whatsoever reason it's going naruto shippudenish here, AKA good naruto and his good friends against a cruel world.

    The begining of the novel made me have certains hope about it and now it's just going straight another direction, and somehow it make me feel tired of this novel. If you begin like naruto and follow by naruto then it's okay, but if you start with berserk to end in naruto then there are some big issues, and I can't personnaly follow.

    It may only be a short moment (QUITE LONG NOW) of this, before going back to "berserk" like, but I can't help myself but stop a bit here. Don't know if I will ever come back but for now I'm a bit done.

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    2 Likes · Like
    Status: chapter 177: sun haixie.

    I usually don't like Xianxia/Xuanhuan/cultivation novels. I started reading this one because I ran out of stuff to read. I'm actually surprised that it's better than I thought it would be.

    The protagonist is not written to be a genius, he makes mistakes, but corrects them as he gains knowledge. There are quite a bit of plot armor at times though, maybe a bit too much. I like that the protagonist is not the plotting genius seen in most of these novels, where the plotting turns childish and outright dumb pretty fast, proving that the author is not capable to write a genius character. Luckily we have little of that here!

    I also like the fact that the author uses PoV changes during long story arcs, so that you still remember important characters when world hopping and so on.

    The author manages to write a story where both the story and characters are fairly consistent and as believable as you can make them in the genre I guess. The protagonist is a little more likeable than usual in the genre and not as one dimensional as is usual.

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    1 Likes · Like
    Status: c228

    For now, this is really good among xianxias. While cultivation and the world are interesting, what is truly refreshing is the MC's personality. He truly makes you wish to cheer for him, he's not some ruthless asshole like most of the heroes in xianxia. His feelings and emotions seem quite realistic and he has some moral compass. He also does not hesitate to kill those who try to kill him or he deems as complete scum. Also, side characters are pretty good and, like in real world, not every person in the novel evil or pure selfish bastard.

    Edit chapter 151 (warning, some minor spoilers)

    I changed 5 star to 4. Combat feels boring the amount of skills evolved are very low, as for cultivation it would better if MC focused on 3-4 at most after that it becomes too much and just annoying. Also, depending on his gf and element he himself does not have for cultivating body is just impractical. Also, MC now spends 24/7 with his gf, fighting, cultivating, breaking through, talking, sleeping... at some point, it becomes annoying. Give MC some space. 

    Edit chapter 228

    Fighting scenes improved, no more boring duo team fights. The story went to interesting direction and I will increase my score to 5 stars if this continuesa.

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    1 Likes · Like
    Status: chapter 220: fourth step pierces the...

    A hidden gem under the pile of trash of most xianxia stories out there.

    Read More

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