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The Way of The Dao
The Way of The Dao
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* This is my first novel, so you can expect a lot of mistakes and even dissatisfaction, (like some people say for only reading about 5 chapters and saying that the story has not been built well.)

+ You can also expect a somewhat poor or bad grammar, since English is not my native language, so you can find many mistakes but I will always try to correct them and write a good grammar. (In the first 10-30 chapters I think the writing and coherence of the grammar is poor...) +

The construction of the world, scenarios and so on is explained slowly as the story goes by, maybe at the beginning there are several things that are not understood but that is explained later and not only in one or two chapters, (please give it a chance to read more chapters and if you are still dissatisfied you can throw this away or say your reviews). Besides, do you know any story where the world and everything related to it at the beginning of the story is explained COMPLETELY? I think not, that's why it is explained slowly so as not to fill you with too much information that you would later obviously forget and have to read again to remember some things.

If in only 5 chapters you want to get a whole explanation from the stages of cultivation to even the mysterious laws and secrets of the heavens and so on, as well as finally criticize the story because it doesn't meet your expectations in only 5/10 chapters, then this novel is not for you ;) . You can look at other short novels where it is a total of 100 chapters and they quickly end up with many holes in the plot. Here I will take my time to explain the events and so on as the story progresses. I'm not an editor or an experienced writer, so I'm just getting started in this area.

The stages of cultivation are also clearly explained in the later chapters and not in the first 5 chapters, as well as other things mentioned in the first chapters. The identity and power of MC is also explained in the future and his specific strength is made known.

If there is any problem with all this then I will cancel this novel so that there will be no disagreement or rejection :) *

A great expert and powerful Immortal of the Immortal World, decided to sacrifice himself to save one of his disciples and send her away from the place, while finally he was dragged toward the immense and dark abyss.

But inexplicably he was moved to the void, where apparently the Great Dao itself would take his life and soul to show him the true meaning of the Dao, but thinking of his dear ones, he refused to die and defied the Heavenly Laws at that moment, resulting imminently in his defeat.

Later, he wakes up and realizes that he is still truly alive but has apparently fallen to a lower plane, a small world where the Chi spirit is scarce and there are demonic beasts that attack a City that seems to be the only possible human settlement in that whole small world, while humans practice a type of ancient martial arts to become stronger.

However, his cultivation is still there, but it is currently restricted and enclosed by the same Heavenly Laws. In short, he has a Heavenly Seal that restricts almost all his might.

What will Ling Tian do in order to return to the Immortal World while gradually removing his Heavenly Seal so that his cultivation and power return to him?

Ling Tian will slowly understand the mysteries and conjectures about the Great Dao itself, realizing that there could be great danger in the future concerning all forms of life and existence.

ActionAdultAdventureHaremMartial ArtsMatureRomance
Ability Steal Alchemy Beautiful Female Lead Bloodlines Calm Protagonist Cultivation Cute Children Dao Companion Demons Determined Protagonist Devoted Love Interests Engagement Fast Cultivation Heavenly Tribulation Hiding True Identity Immortals Male Protagonist Master-Disciple Relationship Mythical Beasts Pill Concocting Polygamy R-18 Sealed Power Sexual Cultivation Technique Strong to Stronger
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      Status: c172
      Nov 30, 2020

      It's a Xianxia novel, not much more has to be said as a lead.

      Immortal dude gets knocked to the mortal realms to discover that he's powerless and can't cultivate, but rather than needing to cultivate, he simply needs to "lift the seals" on his being to regain powers.

      The problems of xianxia plagues this novel quite heavily, but luckily the scenarios don't include ALL tropes.

      Tropes existing:

      -Jade beauties immortal fairies 

      -Uncle/Father/old ancestor/ancient hermit monster "IMPUDENT" (Offend one to start the chain quest)

      -Evil young masters who play pokemon to "catch beauties" and pretty much say "kekeke" in half of their sentences when monologuing their evil plans

      -Every "good" family has a "Goddess" in it, they're magically the same age and have all been childhood friends

      -Obviously the MC keeps secrets and wants to remain low-key when he can practically rule the city if he just asked.

      -"Special legendary rare physiques" Naturally the "jade beauties" all have infinitely rare "physiques" that appear once every billion years in the immortal realms that are inhabited by trillions, even though the story takes place in some undeveloped mortal realm with 20000 or so total population

      . Okay that's enough rambling. Author did avoid the "Tournament", "Oppressive young master in academy", "Auction", "Secret grounds opening every 50000 years", "Precious rare herb treasure" and a few other tropes.

      Writing quality is about the same as a translated chinese novel, 3/5

      Novel isn't really bad at all, it's probably in the top 30% of xianxia, but it's not particularly good either.

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      17 Likes · Like Permalink
      Status: Chapter 317 (Vol 2) – Recalling the Past (10)
      Nov 20, 2020

      One of the best wuxia stories on ScribbleHub!


      Riixhie has somehow managed to write a fulfilling Chinese inspired wuxia story, while still avoiding the many tropes that plague the genre. There's no reincarnated lucky protagonist, no/nearly no face-slapping, no standard trope system or grandfather-in-the-ring OP artefact. 

      The MC is OP, yes, and he has some plot armor/very lucky coincidences - but what makes this story great is the down-to-earth and easy to understand characters. 

      TWotD has quickly become my favourite novel, and I'm eagerly awaiting more chapters as the story progresses.

      *Edit at Chapter 317 (Vol 2) – Recalling the Past (10) :*

      So more than 250 chapters have passed since my first review and quality has been consistent, with the plot moving at a good and steady pace. No filler, nor useless arcs, unless you call good smut filler. But the best thing so far, has been crazy, insane, and absolutely mindboggling release rate that Riixhiie has been keeping up. I barely have time to read all of the chapters before another massive release burst is done. And mind you, quality spin both terms of writing answer plot have been consistently good. No shortcuts taken.

      Another thing, in the later chapters, is that there's a good amount of R-18 content, but for me that's perfect. I always wanted to find a good Wuxia/xianxia novel, with a decent MC, and feel-good smut, where the MC is devoted to love interests. This isn't Profany Prince of Domination or some other smut cultivator who rapes and f**ks every vagina on 2 legs; yea he has a harem of 5 girls, he has tried to keep it to 2, but through trials and effort the 3 other girls prove themselves and they end up together. Good thing is; he is devoted to them once they're accepted.

      While I can understand the POV of some of the other reviewers, one has to understand, that this novel doesn't reinvent the wheel of the cultivation genre, it just does the genre very well while keeping typical tropes to a minimum. So if you want something familiar, while still keeping things fresh, and can tolerate a little bit of convenient plot armor/lucky encounters, then I suggest you dive in.


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      6 Likes · Like Permalink
      Status: c35
      Nov 16, 2020

      It's an easy going series, good to read, plot armor? Yes but still different than other stories I read hear. Hope this one finds completion

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      3 Likes · Like Permalink
      Status: chapter 5 – more powerful than legend...
      Dec 6, 2020

      So far it's a generic xianxia. If you don't like overly detailed and kinda creepy (as someone commented) description of every potential harem member he sees, then this is not for you.

      The author didn't bother to build up or explain the world and just throws vague words around which is confusing. how are we suppose to know or react to things when we don't know what they represent/mean? oh oh? his power got sealed coz he fought the heavenly dao?  we dont even know how strong he is in the first place (other than he is an immortal) and what the heavenly dao represents in this novel so why would we care? oh oh? he got a tree inside him and then he got struck by lightning coz... why again? oh so he can be nursed back to health by a jade beauty lmao.

      tbh im no writer myself so I won't comment too much about how to write, but atleast build up your world first, we dont even know how strong the power rankings are and the author just throw around xianxia terms without context.

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      1 Likes · Like Permalink
      Status: 435
      Mar 3, 2021

      I really am enjoying this story! Even though it's sort a typical xianxia novel, I would still say that it's one of the best xianxia's I've read, since as someone else pointed out, there aren't as many of those annoying tropes that are commonly recurring. So author, keep it up, don't stop updating, and have a nice day!  :3

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      0 Likes · Like Permalink
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