Chapter 1 – Am I Still Alive?
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In the middle of a forest, where vegetation was somewhat abundant, the foliage of the trees and bushes spread around, forming a beautiful landscape in sight.

Some birds were singing freely when the space became turbulent out of nowhere.

The animals that were nearby got scared and ran away from the place.


The space in the middle of the whole forest started to crack, as if there was a power capable of destroying the void.


A young body full of horrible wounds everywhere, fell to the ground in the middle of a forest.

"ARGH!" Ling Tian groaned painfully.


Ling Tian gasped as he tried to breathe some air, while he could barely move his body. He immediately realized that he was too injured, so it would take some time for him to recover from his injuries.

'Am I still alive...?'


Ling Tian started laughing like crazy as a tear of happiness ran down the edge of his eye. That punch and gasp made him realize that he was really still alive, so he was happy and started laughing a lot more even though he was suffering all the pain from laughing.

Despite the fact that it was stupid to face the Heavenly Dao, he managed to survive.

He had really given up when he had fallen to the depths of the abyss of Samsara Bridge.

He never thought he could save himself from that situation.

As far as he could, he manage to get out the remaining immortal pills to recover faster. He started running his immortal cultivation technique to digest the wonderful healing medicine.


Instantly, Ling Tian realized that there was no immortal Chi around him, not even normal Chi. There was barely a trace of Chi.

But he had barely begun to digest the healing medicine when an amazing vitality began to coursing through his body.

Ling Tian was surprised and remembered that in his "battle" against the Heavenly Dao, his heart emanated a powerful vitality. He released his spiritual sense to see his heart.


He exclaimed as he saw what was within the space of his heart.

The space of his heart was tiny, but there seemed to be vaguely a spatial law that altered the space, making the space of the place immense.

The first thing he saw was a sea of the heart. The sea of the heart would make a cultivator have more vital essence, which would make his life expectancy increase a little more unlike those who do not have it. Even knowing the refining methods for immortal pills, they could use their blood to prolong someone else's life for several years.

But that sea of the heart wasn't the main thing that caught Ling Tian's attention. It was what was in the middle of the sea and was rising.

A huge tree with 9 colors in its leaves that measured more than a thousand meters at first glance protruded from his sea of the heart while, at the same time, it radiated the immeasurable vitality that quickly healed his body.

'This ... this can't be the real World Tree, can it?' Ling Tian thought as he saw that majestic and beautiful tree within his own heart.

Legend in the Immortal World said that the World Tree was the source of all spiritual seeds that gave off vitality and could recover you from most injuries, while the World Tree itself would heal you from any injury, even your sea of knowledge when it was damaged.

Even if you were lucky and kept the spiritual seed with you, in time you could completely combine the spiritual seed with your heart, and it would take root and become a spiritual tree that would help the cultivator heal his wounds whenever he is injured.

'But how can it be the World Tree, if the World Tree is supposed to be a huge tree, and this tree was born from that spiritual seed...' Ling Tian could not believe it, but somehow he was sure. From the records, he knew that the true World Tree was a magnificent tree with 9 colors, like the legendary 9-color Lotus. It was the origin of all nature. But here it was, in his own heart. There is no doubt that it was the true and legendary World Tree.

Ling Tian stopped paying attention, he would investigate it later. Now he needed to know where he was and quickly go back to his disciples and tell them that he was still alive.

In less than a stick of incense, his body was healed over 80%, so he decided to get up and leave.


Ling Tian was stunned when he tried to release his immortal essence to fly away from the place. He could not release his immortal essence, rather, he had none of his immortal essence. He had no power. His cultivation was gone. Now he was a mere mortal.

Ling Tian was baffled for several minutes before he quickly released his weak spiritual sense and checked every part of his body.

His meridians were somewhat damaged, but they were rapidly recovering thanks to the vitality provided by the World Tree.

He immediately checked his Dantian.

Ling Tian found something strange when he entered his Dantian.

His pocket world was gone, but now there was a tiny, glowing crystal sphere inside.

Ling Tian did not know what that thing was, although he was frightened because his pocket world was gone, so he thought it was related to that crystal sphere.

But now he decided to focus on the light radiating from the centre.

Floating in the middle of his Dantian was a bright spot, like a sun that contained powerful and unlimited energy.

Ling Tian directed his spiritual sense towards that sun. After several seconds, he instantly realized that the sun within him was his entire immortal essence, all his power cultivation of a powerful Immortal!

But there was something that was obstructing it, it was a mysterious power. It was as if it were sealed.

With his spiritual sense he verified this strange power that was sealing his cultivation.

'This is... The Heavenly Dao Law...?'

Ling Tian couldn't believe that the strange power that was sealing his cultivation was the Heavenly Dao itself.

'Shit'. Ling Tian pursed his lips.

After several hours of checking, Ling Tian found a way to break those shackles that sealed his strength and regain his power again.



The seal that was retaining his power was lifted, while the immortal essence slowly came out of his Dantian and began to travel his meridians.


Ling Tian gasped with exhaustion as he was able to break the seal and begin to regain his power.

Slowly, the Ling Tian's cultivation increased.

-First Stage of Chi Gathering-

Ling Tian quickly got up and started walking. He still didn't have enough energy to fly with a flying sword.

-Fourth Stage of Chi Gathering-

Once he reached the Fourth Stage of Chi Gathering, he managed to gather his immortal essence and drew his immortal sword from his space ring.

The immortal sword floated in front of him as it descended to the ground, allowing Ling Tian to step on the sword and slowly rise to the sky, looking for an address of a city to ask where it was.


Ling Tian flew into the sky and after several minutes, even with his drastically reduced spiritual sense, he could still manage to scan 100 kilometers around.

-Seventh Stage of Chi Gathering-

He soon discovered a group of people who were facing what appeared to be a demon beast in the shape of a tiger.

It seems that at first there were about 10 people in the group. But over time, they were killed by the demon beast.

The strongest man looked like an average 30-year-old. His cultivation was only in the Eighth Stage of Chi Gathering. Next to him, another man who was in the Seventh Stage of Chi Gathering had just died. Behind that man was another person, who looked like a young woman who was in the Fifth Stage of Chi Gathering. Only the two of them were still alive when Ling Tian arrived on the scene.

The demon beast they were facing was in the Middle Stage of Foundation Establishment.

No wonder they all died. The power difference was too much.

-Peak Stage of Chi Gathering-

Ling Tian arrived quickly as he got off his immortal sword and stood in front of the two people who were left alive.

He wanted to ask where he was and also the current date of the place. Although he was already sure that this was obviously not the Immortal World, he still wanted to know everything about this low-level plane because of the shortage of Chi.



Ling Tian fell from the sky, surprising the two people who were still alive.

He stood there, with a look of indifference and a weak smile in front of them while at the same time controlling his immortal blade and repelling the attacks of the demon beast to finally eliminate it without the need to turn to see it.

-Early Stage of the Foundation Establishment-