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/ Series / The Grandmaster’s weird disciple [BL]
The Grandmaster’s weird disciple [BL]
The Grandmaster’s weird disciple [BL]
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4.8 (56 ratings)
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Due to his foster guardians' plot, Xie Yi grows up never noticing he was the leader of a Demon Sect terrifying the country. Missing any sort of common knowledge other than cultivation, Xie Yi listens to their words without question. The only thing they can't control is who he takes an interest in. In his mindless pursuit of the Virtuous Sect's leader, Shi Yue, he ends up committing countless unspeakable crimes despite meaning well.
Finally, his path ends with his sect offering him the dead body of his beloved.
Terrified and finally understanding everything, Xie Yi commits suicide - and wakes up hundreds of years in the past.
This time, he won't become the leader of the Demonic Sect. He will... become the Virtuous leader's disciple! Yep!

(Fluffy/Funny novel with gory topics mixed in)

ActionAdultBoys LoveFantasyHistoricalMartial ArtsMature
Ancient Times Antihero Protagonist Black Belly Cruel Characters Cultivation Handsome Male Lead Hiding True Identity Master-Disciple Relationship Misunderstandings Overpowered Protagonist Reincarnation
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      Status: c12
      Aug 26, 2019

      Wow, I just discovered this, but it's amazing. I really like how Xie Yi is a blank slate and open towards developing in any direction. Although he committed a lot of crimes in his previous life, he is not evil but rather clueless and kind of amoral. He's definitely not a helpless damsel in distress or a white lotus that needs physical saving; instead, he needs saving of another kind: moral enlightenment. Luckily, we have Shi Yue, who is in exactly the right position to do that. I'm really looking forward to the master-disciple fluff and more of Xie Yi's obliviousness in all things common sense haha.

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      6 Likes · Like Permalink
      Status: ch.62: fury
      Oct 19, 2019

      So far, this story is promising. Themes of morality can be found: Are we inherently good or bad? To what extent are people influenced by their environment? I look forward to seeing how the author will continue this thought process. 

      I always get nervous whenever there is a somewhat anti-hero or morally unconventional protagonist. Hopefully, Xie Yi's efforts are not futile. 

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      2 Likes · Like Permalink
      Status: ch.11: playing around
      Aug 22, 2019

      So cute, Xiao Xi is so adorable with this master. This story is just so sweet and smooth.

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      2 Likes · Like Permalink
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