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/ Series / The Grandmaster’s weird disciple [BL]
The Grandmaster’s weird disciple [BL]
The Grandmaster’s weird disciple [BL]
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4.8 (171 ratings)
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Due to his foster guardians' plot, Xie Yi grows up never noticing he was the leader of a Demon Sect terrifying the country. Missing any sort of common knowledge other than cultivation, Xie Yi listens to their words without question. The only thing they can't control is who he takes an interest in. In his mindless pursuit of the Virtuous Sect's leader, Shi Yue, he ends up committing countless unspeakable crimes despite meaning well.
Finally, his path ends with his sect offering him the dead body of his beloved.
Terrified and finally understanding everything, Xie Yi commits suicide - and wakes up hundreds of years in the past.
This time, he won't become the leader of the Demonic Sect. He will... become the Virtuous leader's disciple! Yep!
-Updates Monday and Friday-
(Fluffy/Funny novel with gory topics mixed in)

ActionAdultBoys LoveFantasyHistoricalMartial ArtsMature
Ancient Times Antihero Protagonist Black Belly Cruel Characters Cultivation Handsome Male Lead Hiding True Identity Master-Disciple Relationship Misunderstandings Overpowered Protagonist Reincarnation
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      Status: c12
      Aug 26, 2019

      Wow, I just discovered this, but it's amazing. I really like how Xie Yi is a blank slate and open towards developing in any direction. Although he committed a lot of crimes in his previous life, he is not evil but rather clueless and kind of amoral. He's definitely not a helpless damsel in distress or a white lotus that needs physical saving; instead, he needs saving of another kind: moral enlightenment. Luckily, we have Shi Yue, who is in exactly the right position to do that. I'm really looking forward to the master-disciple fluff and more of Xie Yi's obliviousness in all things common sense haha.

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      Status: ch.167: my closest friend – part 3
      Apr 13, 2020


      1. It's not the typical cultivation novel. While the story sticks to all the main points of a the genera (swordsmanship, pill making, forging, virtuous and demonic sects, wandering cultivators, and the cultivating itself) it doesn't focus on the points that most cultivation novels would, giving a refreshing take on the subject. For example, when the main character attends an auction, instead of focusing the outrageous amounts of money being spent or having one character antagonize another in a bidding war (as is normal int the stories I've read), the focus is on conversation between the characters. This was refreshing both because it went against the standard and because it gave the characters something to do while the talked and also progressed the story. 

      2. The story has depth. A lot of it you don't get into in the main story itself, only finding out the details in the Author's comments at the bottom of each chapter, but if you pay attention you can see how these details influence the plot and characters. This also means that there are some events that aren't fully explained in the story itself, but the background information lets the reader fill in, or at least speculate over, most of the details. 

      3. Most of the characters have depth. Their backgrounds follow them throughout the story and influence their behavior in ways that aren't necessarily convenient for the plot and any changes that occur happen slowly over time. There are one or two characters that have been in the story for a while who I'd like to know more about, but for the most part the characters are fully fleshed out and you learn more about them as you go along. 

      4. The story is actually funny. Living up to the title, many of the comedic moments involved a discrepancy between what the main character, Xie Yi's, distorted sense of normal and what the rest of the world views as normal, but it's not repetitive and isn't overused. 

      5. No unnecessary characters. Sometimes in stories you end up with characters that are just... around, and they don't really do much. While this story does occasionally introduce characters that are only there for the chapter, the ones that stick around are active in the stories progression, even if only to clean up the little details happening in the background.

      6. The author interacts with the readers. This may or may not affect you depending on your preferences, but Owl does respond to a fair number of comments, so if you decide to post a question or theory, there's a fair chance of getting a reply. 


      1. Sometimes the comedy does fall flat. There are a few times when characters are passing banter that don't come off as humorous as I think it was meant to be. As a result, instead of being a joke to lighten the mood, it's just a thing that happened and you're wondering why. 

      2. Occasionally writing problems. Occasionally Owl (the author) falls into a pattern of simply telling the read "This happened then that happened" but it doesn't last long, and is probably just a result of following a publishing schedule. The story also doesn't seem to get edited before being published, leading to the rare double typed word or a sentence that's structure was changed halfway through and never fixed, but it's not often enough to be a huge distraction and, again, probably due to publishing so often. 

      3. The Gore isn't that gory. The story does contain its fair share of violence, but the impact of it varies, mostly because these seem to be the times when Owl deviates from the "show don't tell" method of writing. For example (Spoilers) it didn't have much impact when a character was literally being torn limb from limb, mostly because the character whose perspective we were seeing it through was more concerned about Xie Yi's mental state than the man being ripped apart. However, when another character found his lover in a medically induced sleep meant to save him from the pain of a shattered body, the focus was on that character's reaction to the situation and the scene had more of an impact (End spoilers). 

      4. Occasional discrepancies. This, I'm only beginning to notice recently and all serially published pieces are bound to have a few.  Thus far the discrepancies have been inconsequential (really minor spoiler), such as Xie Yi being adverse to the idea of dressing up as a girl in one scenario, but completely okay with it in another situation that didn't differ enough from the first to explain the change in opinion. There are also a few things that are mentioned and not fully resolved, such as She Yue's issues with his never-appearing sister, but then again it doesn't seem to have much effect on the story and the character didn't linger on the emotions involved. 


      The story has more good points than bad points and is defiantly an enjoyable read. Thus far its 167 chapters long and doesn't seem to be near the end, so I'm looking forward to reading it for a good amount of time to come.  

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      Status: ch. 125: avoiding the flirt
      Jan 31, 2020

      I adore this story! The sole reason for my account on ScribbleHub is this story. I'll try to keep it spoiler free (as I possibly can)

      For me, the thing that kept me waiting and hoping for this story is because of how much realistic it is, or well, as real as possible considering the whole cultivation stuff. Most reborn story is just MC died tragically, got reborn, revenge and tons of face-slapping. Most of the plot just repeat itself. The thing that differentiate this story and the rest is "experience". Here, we can see how Xie Yi's past life as a demonic cultivator integrated in his everyday life as a righteous cultivator. Also, his past life's trauma that doesn't just disappear like his past life was nothing but a dream like any other reborn story. 

      Now, continuing from that. The characters are amazingly created. My favourite characters would definitely be Xie Yi and surprise-surprise (or not)




      Both of them have memories of their past life. Xie Yi has no common sense due to what he had been taught as a Demonic Sect Master and his actual personality doesn't differ much from his past life it seems. Just less blood and gore. His habits and dispositions are still the same as in his past life because face it, people doesn't change easily and not even that much.

      I have to admit though, I kinda hate the author in some ways. Like, why is their past life so horrible! It pains me and I cried every time there's a scene or even a sentence that gives me an idea or how their past life were! One scene that touched me until right now is 


      when MingTian told Xie Yi "Let's not mess up in this life, little brother. Let's be happy."


      Then, there's also the plot. You could say that it's fast-paced but the arc is insanely long (not that that's a bad thing, of course). If you're expecting Xie Yi to grow up by the next chapter then sorry to say but you're not getting any. It's similar to one chapter per day inside the story and so makes it interesting because we can enjoy his interactions with other people. His daily life isn't exactly "daily" either. There's always something interesting going on around him. Well, he doesn't actually have any common sense remember? But it's comedic and just honestly, cute. Here's not much of a spoiler... 


      He's just a teenager still in the chapter I'm reading here. Started when he's 9 and then a minor timeskip till he's 10 and still another minor timeskip till he's 11. Finally a kinda major timeskip till he's a teenager (I don't remember his age) happens on chapter 70 or 80 I believe.


      So, yeah. Expect a really interesting and detailed life story of Xie Yi. It's a mix of fluff, cuteness, trauma, heart-wrenching story. You're gonna feel lots of emotions reading this.

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      Status: ch.62: fury
      Oct 19, 2019

      So far, this story is promising. Themes of morality can be found: Are we inherently good or bad? To what extent are people influenced by their environment? I look forward to seeing how the author will continue this thought process. 

      I always get nervous whenever there is a somewhat anti-hero or morally unconventional protagonist. Hopefully, Xie Yi's efforts are not futile. 

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      Status: ch.110: changing thoughts
      Jan 6, 2020

      This story is so complex. OwO I love how immersive it is! You're simply drawn into their world. The romance is slow burn. But you don't even feel it. At least I don't, because watching baby YiYi grow up from a psycho murder baby to getting accustomed to having a family is such a pleasure. Give me a chorus of D'awwww!

      The author has emphasized several times that the cultivation is only loosely inspired by Chinese cultivation and it's very true. Don't read this with expectations of heavenly treasures, grinding to get to power or other regular cultivation cliches. They don't exist in this novel. There are spiritual pets and even that concept is completely different from the usual way they are depicted. The spiritual beasts are their partners in this novel and they have equal rights and very protective tendencies and everything is so warm and fluffy~ 

      The story so far is mainly the journey of developing the psyche of MC into a barely normal one so that he can bear a decent level of social interaction without going berserk and killing people left and right because they were noisy. Lol. It's so interesting that there's no deception. He honestly can't hide his vicious personality and instead of condemning him for it, his family, friends and master help him deal with those tendencies so that he could lead a normal life. I really appreciate the amount of thought and care the author has put in to vividly display a completely unique world with intricate characters. Even the side characters are not NPCs that appear for a few chapters for the MC to level up and then disappear. No, they are very important and some are so adorable, they make me want to throw the MC away (MingMing, momma loves you too <3). Now, the ML. I have some words to say about him. He's so kiss perfect. Oh my Gawd. He's a perfect gentleman. Really! So righteous, it has me swooning. And it shows. Not through paragraphs after paragraphs lauding his character with descriptions but through his actions. There's this scene in a bar where it particularly hit me. 


      He is not prejudiced. Even though he just saw a man being brutally slaughtered, he took in the whole situation. He noticed that MC hasn't harmed innocent people and tries to shield him from hurting himself. There are so many people consumed by their own definition of what's right and wrong and are so rigid and prejudiced. But Shi Yue is not like that. He knows even righteous cultivators are hypocritical and there may be demonic cultivators who don't indiscriminately harm innocents. He makes his judgements based on what he sees.

      Ah, he's so awesome! And I don't mean he's perfect because he has no flaws. He does have flaws. He is selfish sometimes. Shields the people he protects too much sometimes. Has an inordinate amount of importance placed on the taste on food someti... no, always. Hahaha. He feels very real to me and that's a credit to the author because they shaped his character so well. Thank you for introducing this wonderful new world to me. 

      I will change this review after the novel is completed. But so far, I'm very satisfied. 

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      Status: Ch 121
      Jan 23, 2020

      I feel hooked when reading this story, slow romance my fave 

      Although sometimes I'm feel frustrated to see Xie yi and Shi Yue, "OMG, I WANT TO SEE BOTH OF YOU KISSING ALREADY" can see myself in the future when see  they finally together, and my reaction like "FINALLY :") "  

      The extra chapters make me more impatient 😂I can't wait to see both of them together. 

      This story is great and I can see the development, and I'm feel like want to protect XY from evil people :')

      The mostly that make me more hooked is the plot, characters, and their developments (oh XY and SY chemistry too)  

      Sorry for my grammar 

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      Status: ch.11: playing around
      Aug 22, 2019

      So cute, Xiao Xi is so adorable with this master. This story is just so sweet and smooth.

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      Status: ch.108: the second time
      Jan 4, 2020

      You, whoever you are, need this in your life! 

      Trust me, you won't regret it. 

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      3 Likes · Like Permalink
      Status: ch.183: fallen all the way...
      May 14, 2020

      This story is a perfect mix of cuteness and darkness. The grammar is great, there are little to no mistakes. I highly recommend this story!!

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      Status: ch.124: how to act timid
      May 2, 2020

      Hello. If you are wondering whether or whether not you should read this novel based on the reviews, then I want to put in a few words. READ IT. I can’t begin to express how amazing this webnovel is. 

      At first I was sceptical about reading this since it reminded me of a few other novels I had read and had a few cliches but me being me, I decided to read it. In case you can’t guess by the fact I’m writing a review, I have quite enjoyed it so far.

      The cliches and charecter development is unique and realistic. To be more specific, they took an interesting twist on some overused plots. Everyone loves a good ol’ screwed up protagonist, but this novel really took it in a realistic way. Most often a traumatic backstory is used to either excuse the protagonist’s actions, make the reader empathize with them, or it’s just something to keep the story moving. Very rarely do I see a novel actually realistically portray the effects of trauma and consistently make these events effect the actions and thoughts of the protagonist. This novel does an exceptional job with this. The fact it takes place in a cultivation world is just the setting, it isn’t everything. The charecters still cultivate weponds, have spiritual beasts, and draw talismans, but it’s not the focus of the story. Even the reincarnation is written well. The charecter shows his deep understanding of how the world works throughout the novel, but still shows some childish characteristics. Throughout the novel he really is growing as a person (or demon) and it’s so fun to watch. 

      Everything is realistic. Well, as realistic as a cultivation novel can get. The charecters never fall out of charecter. The protagonist’s interactions make sense with his past, and even the (very) slow rate at which the romance occurs is realistic. Just like the real world, sometimes the romance isn’t even visible, others it’s strikingly obvious. Both charecters are well balanced out. They are both quite powerful but still have some quite prevelant faults. They aren’t perfect, but they aren’t useless either. Their relationship is built upon trust and experiences, it’s not just some sudden thing. 

      Every charecter has a story. Even the charecters we see once or twice have depth. There aren’t any charecters who are simply there to move along the story, and even if they are, they continue to effect the main charecter. I was expecting multiple charecters to seem flat or stereotypical charecters, but each one has an impact. Each one has motivation, and each one is unique. 

      The author updates like a madman (no offense). Somehow owl manages to dish out three chapters per week. THREE. Usually if an author where to update that often their writing would be lacking in quality due to the lack of time to write. Owl manages to make consistently good writing quite quickly. 

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