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/ Series / The Young Master in the Shadows
The Young Master in the Shadows
The Young Master in the Shadows
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4.4 (803 ratings)
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He has returned to the past. And this time he will live up to his role as a young master, which he lost in the past.
He will use all the resources of his family to his advantage. He will cheat the world itself.
This is a harem and intrigue story, where he will get what he wants, he will build his own super hidden power and he will protect his loved one's this time.


The character's sheet... If you got lost. Be careful though, it is full of spoilers

- I may be editing this novel continuously and some times will need to change some details to accommodate later chapters.
- I am publishing this on RR and WN, but the first release is always here.

I added a ko-fi account, so if you want faster chapters, consider a little donation, It would help me a lot.

ActionAdventureEcchiFantasyHaremLitRPGMartial ArtsRomanceSlice of Life
Aristocracy Arranged Marriage Artifacts Assassins Bloodlines Clever Protagonist Complex Family Relationships Confident Protagonist Cunning Protagonist Dungeons Level System Low-key Protagonist Maids Male Protagonist Master-Servant Relationship Modern Time Nobles Overpowered Protagonist Polygamy Power Struggle Scheming Secret Organizations Slave Harem Slaves Time Travel
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Table of Contents
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    Status: chapter 105

    Decent novel at first but way too many arrogant young masters for my taste there's like almost one for every chapter in the latest chapters the author is clearly getting lazy and reusing plotlines again and again no different than those garbage cultivation novels.

    The rate at which the female characters get harassed and saved is greater than the number of chapters at this point what sort of hellscape is this where every single man in this novel is a deranged rapist who will stop at nothing in order to rape everything with two legs.

    The author has such a bad hero complex that if his MC doesn't save a fair maiden every chapter he goes into anaphylactic shock and dies. Or maybe he's at gun point where if he doesn't reuse the exact same plotlines every chapter he'll spontaneously explode or something.

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    Status: chapter 71 : lunch with father


    Edit: NVM, someone said as of more recent chapters, the author has rectified the issue... I'll give them a star back.

    Edit: Author says they don't feel that it's NTR since


    they intend to kill that one off later, just they want to have them stick around for a while, but this remains to be seen, as the story has yet to reach that point


    Okay, firstly let me say, I enjoyed the story until 66-71. The MC is an a-hole, but nothing too horrific. The action scenes... are okay, and the story is interesting and kind of unique. It's also a harem (primary reason I checked this story out).

    All that being said, if you enjoyed the prior story, and the below doesn't bother you... give it a try I guess? Just know that at the time of writing this review, the situation has yet to be resolved.

    THAT BEING SAID... IT'S NTR. AGAIN, IT'S NTR, and it pops up around 66-71. Spoiler ahead, be warned


    The MC has a fiancee, and due to family rules, he hasn't been able to do the dirty with any woman. His fiancee on the other hand... we come to find out she's been screwing someone who has been trying to kill the MC. And not once or twice. A lot. When that point comes up in the story, the MC rightfully asks to call off the engagement. He gets shot down and told to suck it up buttercup cuz family benefits. Considering they were promised to one another, regardless of their own personal consent, this is by definition, NTR. She was promised to him, and she went against that promise, ergo NTR. Worse still, the author said she would be doing more worse things later that would make us want to break our phones. Uhhhh, no thanks author, I'm not an M. I don't enjoy such feelings.


    For those that made it thru my spoiler, for the author to try and invent another Rachel (Tower of God reference), it makes me genuinely concerned about the author's mental state. I'm not trying to be insulting, but are you actually okay author?


    Pre-66 chapters: 4 stars

    NTR appears: -2 stars

    Adulterer gets to stay on as a lover candidate: -3 stars

    ... Acceptable Grammar: +3 stars (grammar is important)

    Author claims NTR isn't real, and will be fixed later: +1 star, while it's pending, if it actually gets fixed, +2 stars at minimum

    Final review: 4 stars, NTR was supposed fixed as of around ch 130

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    Status: chapter 95: confession?

    There are some reviewers claiming that there is NTR and giving it low rating because of it. I suppose they really did not think it through properly. In his previous life, the protagonist got her killed and it is very likely he plans to do the same in this one. So if he has no interest in the woman, does not treat her as a love interest, will never sleep with her and will successfully get her killed, do you still call it NTR. Just because he has an arranged marriage being pushed on him does not mean that it will happen as he knows how to deal with his grandma. Just my 5 cents as a reader.

    The fact that there are no super challenging rivals to fight against is a valid point. Whether it stays like that or will change in the future is still uncertain.

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    Status: chapter 12 : the evaluation

    Edit 2.2023

    I find myself sitting here frustrated. I was the first person to review this story and I feel that I have some accountability for having written such a strong review in order to recommend and promote a new story. The parts that I enjoyed, in the beginning, have mostly either deteriorated or changed into something else entirely. The humour is OneNote and the same types of jokes have been repeated without end. What I thought at first was a tongue-in-cheek subversion of the typical genre that we see so often nowadays in fact is the embodiment of all that is wrong with this type of storytelling. 

    The characters have had little development, especially the females, the world has gotten extremely complicated without any sort of depth being explored satisfactorily. The main gimmick of being a hidden power has become the major thing constraining the character's growth end has taken on disgusting attributes. The world is gross and uninteresting. The flow is jilted and it's a herculean task to remember all the unresolved plot points and story beats. 

    I'm sad to see the direction the story has gone in, and I regret having given it a push when it was just released.

    First review below

    Really enjoyable story so far. It is in the same vein as most isekai/transmigration/reincarnation stories but shadows run deeper here. 

    The MC is sent back in time to his childhood in order to right the wrongs his family committed against him as well as save them and himself from a harsh fate that awaits. 

    So far he hits the right notes as a cunning old monster who has seen hell and is back to avenge and reshape. It is still early days but he's off to a solid start with both his schemes, strength, and lechery. 

    I'm a sucker for a cunning strategist who wrecks his enemies before they even know they were blind before Mount Tai. 

    5/5 as of now but I'll keep checking in to adjust as needed

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    Status: c294

    The author has a great story on his hands. But I've found myself about as frustrated as I am entertained.

    If you like certain things or aren't bothered by certain things, here's what you're getting yourself into:

    1. A reverse trap disguised as a trap (A girl who magically altered herself to look like a boy who the MC dresses up as a girl)
    2. Arrogant young master mc
    3. The harem and cast becomes very bloated. It's at the point where I forgot at least a third of their names. There's a document online of all the characters you can find, there's close to 200 characters and many aren't even listed in the document.
    4. Brocon sister characters (The author has said no incest though) [Big spoiler, it seems like the MC is hooking up his sisters to his friend. It wouldn't bother me that much if they weren't brocon for victor I guess. For some of you it might seem ntr since their affection has been given away.]
    5. Tragic pasts in a very dark world
    6. Fight scenes and action (it impressed me, but I wanted more.)
    7. "Technically not" ntr stuff
    8. Other characters having s*x, but MC gets blue balls for a very long time

    The story is interesting, but the blue balled protag is insane. Everyone and their grandma is getting laid in this story but the MC is being a giant virginlord.

    For those concerned about ntr:


    For those worried about it, you might wanna give this novel a pass. Here's stuff you'll have to go through:

    There's a main love interest who has quite the dark s*xual past that you probably won't want to hear about, but it's not really ntr.

    Fiancé arc:


    This is a case where it's NOT ntr. His fiancé like so many other wuxia novels is an evil slut. The author emphasizes the MC used to love her deeply but eventually hated her. He later finds out she cheats on him with another guy in his family. Then after that, she goes for the next guy in his family.

    The author gives a small hint. when Victor appraises her, it says her name is Linda (?) He notices something is off about her name.

    It turns out his real fiancé was betrayed and swapped with a maid. His real fiancé and childhood crush was an innocent girl, and through his scheming he swaps them back.


    The worst arcs are with Tom, here are the worst offenses:




    She's a named character. And in the comments, he got a LOT of flak for her. She's described as beautiful, and at one point she mentions how she sees Victor as strong and handsome in her internal monologue.

    The MC arrogantly baits her into coming up to him, in which he pulls her in and steals her first kiss, overpowering her. Victor even implies he had a thing for her in his past life if I'm not mistaken. She blushes fiercely and runs off becoming a bit more docile in front of him in the future.

    Then, for whatever reason, the author describes Tom as becoming more intimate with her before adding her to Tom's harem. I mean wtf author? He even describes the scenes where Tom accidentally s*xually harasses her, how she finds Tom so handsome, and how she rubbed ointment on his ass.

    The author says he wrote it that way because in the rewrite he's planning to make it so the MC makes an attempt to change her fate and try to seduce Isabella, but will fail against Tom. Which kinda feels like a more clear cut case of ntr.

    When the MC is trying to seduce a chick, she shouldn't be lost to another guy. There's no *right* way to rewrite an ntr arc if you don't want to write ntr. That's all I got to say about that. 


    Tom's numerous s*xual exploits.


    Not really ntr, it's just... Tom is CONSTANTLY getting laid. Often time, he'll be with two girls and a third will be blushing and consider joining in. And the MC needs to remain a virgin until he unlocks his bloodline. In over 245 chapters the MC hasn't managed to do it. He's just getting massive blue balls. Yet Tom is banging women left and right, and each one of them has an internal monologue about how handsome and great Tom is.

    A fat girl turns into an insanely hot succubus s*x slave for Tom.

    The author also puts victor in weirdly submissive situations against this guy. Like how the twins (Victor's harem girls) describe how they fantasized for sleepless nights of f**king Tom. Tom films Victor's fiancé f**king another guy and Victor pays him for it. Victor is trying to hook up another fiancé he doesn't have an interest in with Tom, until he finds out Tom raped that fiance. This one isn't as bad as the Isabella arc, but I'm really sick of this. If the author loves Tom so much make Tom the MC.


    Tom and Lily arc


    Victor's primary love interest, Lily, falls in love with Tom in just a few days of meeting him. A lot of guys were disgusted by her in the comments section.



    The Girls secret ch 286


    Not really ntr. Just, the girls decided to go to a male strip club as a bachelorettes' party. They leave saying they're just "going out shopping." When they come back the MC asks how their shopping trip went. The girls all collectively keep the lie, including Lily and Mira, both of whom he genuinely loves.

    The party isn't the problem it's the keeping secrets and lying, which is extremely out of character for some.



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    Status: chapter 80

    a very good novel, though there some glaring flaw at the beginning. Also, you can ignore above NTR warning, coz I dont think it's an NTR if the girl not someone loved by MC.

    Note for author: 

    1. Slow down the pace. Some slice of live filler might be nice.
    2. I don't like how almost every older female characters is a concubine of someone.
    3. I hope some arc will be written in harem member pov.

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    26 Likes · Like
    Status: chapter 122 : bloodlines test

    Longish review. 

    Tldr Really enjoyed this. Lots of good elements + will keep you thoroughly entertained. Give it a go!

    Firstly, About the "NTR": If I had read the Serphim review before starting this I might've skipped over this gem. I won't go into details about the definition of NTR, but author sets the financee up in such a way that when you find out


    she's cheating with his cousin or some other scum

    it's not very surprising honestly. The reaction he acted out for his dad in ch71 makes it seem he took the situation badly but as you read on, author states clear plans which you'll be happy w/. At the end of the day, she cheated on him in the last life, and in this life she'll get her due for both lives I guess? I do want to point out I obviously don't like this, and would've been for 'a change of heart' or preemptive waste disposal, but it's the route author chose and I trust them to make the best of the situation.

    From a certain perspective, The story is quite event-heavy and can sometimes be overwhelming when you just want MC to have a time skip to build strength or chill w/ harem, but I personally have quite liked the pace. I just hope the author has planned out the plot wayyy ahead of the current ch because the way the story is written, past events should/would probably be relevant later on. 

    In terms of control, it's a regression so MC is pretty much in control of his fate. Yes the family makes things hard for him but he's just fresh out the womb as a player so he's not very important. And I quite like when he's thrown under the bus because it's more fun to read about him scheming his way out of the situation he's in than to read about his family being 


    stable despite the entire family being infiltrated


    Anyway for those who aren't a fan of MC being kicked around by the grandma and black faction/other von families he always gets back at them (and as of ch122, gets back at them a hundredfold :)). 

    MC: Not really a big fan of his pervertedness but when he uses it to his advantage to act like an arrogant young master it can be very satisfying. 

    Neither a fan of huge harems-


    only really like Lily and Margaret. Lily needs some more work on her character because she's quickly fading to the back of my mind. Despite Margaret's past, her character just interest me more than the twins and well all those other auction victims etc etc. Alpha is a good shout but need more development that way. Aria was somewhat interesting, but again, need more development.


    The women aren't useless trophies, they get stuff done even when MC is not present which is a plus. 

    Overall, while it doesn't have perfect grammar, and some things I'm not a fan of, I expected to be entertained, and it has surpassed my expectations so an easy 5*s. Update stability: one of the fastest of my reading list so +++. He has polls once in a while and edits old chapters when required/listens to feedback/reads comments (even when some can be demotivating).

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    Status: chapter 304 : caspian is here!

    The standard formulae:

    I punch bad guy, bad guys friends attack me, somebody I love gets hurt for motivation to get strong to punch stronger bad guy. Ad Nauseam.

    Victor's Formulae:I like some family members. Others are trying to kill us. I want my family members safe, and will protect them this time. I'm going to need several teams to keep us alive in the next 200 years of chaos, I can't do everything alone or be everywhere. And I can't just punch people, they will go after my family when I am not around. I need to accumulate power and spread it among those I care about and my teams.

    A non-standard hero who discovers that his original life sucked due to the machinations of forces that never even saw him as a bug to be swatted.  So he will destroy them from the shadows without them ever discovering him.

    Theft, perverted alibis, shenanigans, empowering others, and mystical bloodlines abound in this interesting time-travel, dungeon portal, young master driven, semi-litRPG.

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    Status: chapter 19 : the flight

    Really love this story.

    Smart, cunning MC, who knew what he want.

    No stupid things like "I travelled n years to the past and now I'm a stupid teenager again!".


    Read More

    16 Likes · Like
    Status: chapter 123: another dog?

    This is definitely not the best written novel I've read, but is one of the most addicting for sure. Can't wait to see how it goes. By the way how long are you planning to make this?

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    15 Likes · Like
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