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3.46M Views 45982 Favorites 621 Chapters 8 Chapters/Week 4193 Readers 19 Reviews 444.2k Words 19 hours ago whatsawhizzer
Summary: ... more>>
1.87M Views 13418 Favorites 183 Chapters 0 Chapters/Week 2996 Readers 7 Reviews 161.1k Words Aug 7, 2020 whatsawhizzer
Summary: While reading erotic web novels online, an everyman is sucked into an Isekai world without any clothing on. He's immediately declared a heretic for having the Power of Creation, an ability that lets him do basically anything he wants. He escapes, kidnaps the princess, and then does whatever he wants. Mostly sex. ... more>>
1.54M Views 13284 Favorites 216 Chapters 3 Chapters/Week 2067 Readers 25 Reviews 384.3k Words 9 hours ago Slayer104
Our protagonist gets transmigrated to a free-use world where sex can be bartered for. It's a world with all kinds of magical beings, from angels to demons and everything in between. Protagonist will have to work hard to keep his little life, when he finds himself in the middle of a battle among the forces of good and evil.... more>>
1.48M Views 5400 Favorites 111 Chapters 0 Chapters/Week 3391 Readers 26 Reviews 460.2k Words Mar 1, 2021 whatsawhizzer
In a world where 99.9% of all men were wiped out and future births only had a 0.1% chance of being male, the role of... more>>
1.38M Views 23539 Favorites 359 Chapters 4 Chapters/Week 3335 Readers 27 Reviews 1.81M Words 12 hours ago Manasong
"You may now kiss the bride."... more>>
964.1k Views 11223 Favorites 133 Chapters 0 Chapters/Week 2525 Readers 8 Reviews 172k Words Jan 17, 2021 Kaguro
Keaton Pel is the result of a failed reincarnation into a brutal fantasy world. It's a tough world, but Keaton has one thing working in his favor, his level system. In a world without levels, he reigns supreme.... more>>
747.8k Views 9151 Favorites 58 Chapters 0 Chapters/Week 2619 Readers 5 Reviews 92.2k Words Apr 21, 2021 WritingSimulator
Transmigrated into the body of a catgirl and forced into becoming the personal slave of the Demon Lord of Lust, our protagonist, 'Kitty', has found himself in a living nightmare as he struggles to accept his new identity. As he struggles to resist, he finds himself falling further and further into his new role. Can he escape the clutches of one of the most powerful mages on the continent?... more>>
606.6k Views 15898 Favorites 211 Chapters 4 Chapters/Week 2034 Readers 16 Reviews 512.5k Words Nov 29, 2021 Frostbird
In a land ruled by vile monsters, where death is common and life is cruel, one outcast endeavors to have it all. While there are many misconceptions related to goblins, such as their horrid looks or lack of intelligence, their small stature isn't one. But, that doesn't stop Stryg from aspiring to his belief of greatness: power, prestige, and food with salt.
When fate drags Stryg from his forest home and into the ruthless city of Hollow Shade he must learn that some monsters live everywhere.... more>>
556.3k Views 5651 Favorites 107 Chapters 0 Chapters/Week 2107 Readers 6 Reviews 113.3k Words Sep 11, 2020 YuujiEveryleaf
You are summoned to become the Demon Lord's Successor. What will you do with these new powers and responsibilities?... more>>
361.7k Views 9647 Favorites 163 Chapters 2 Chapters/Week 1230 Readers 5 Reviews 515.4k Words Nov 29, 2021 Orange_Rain
A young Japanese man with eyes that take him as a 'demon,' Jinma Kotori, is killed by his former shady company and gets a second chance to live in a new fantasy RPG-like world as a bodacious goddess' 'Champion.' He begins his new life with the world's default starter class, a Brawler, and a defense-based blessing. Much to the goddess' surprise, Jinma's stats were already high for a human before the blessing was granted, and his first encounter in the new world of Raiza is a high-leveled, Special Monster ...... more>>
285.5k Views 3357 Favorites 60 Chapters 2 Chapters/Week 1656 Readers 9 Reviews 83.9k Words Nov 27, 2021 owotrucked
Warning: This fiction contains: Gore, Profanity, Sexual Content (18+ readers only!)... more>>
271.9k Views 3761 Favorites 53 Chapters 1 Chapters/Week 1819 Readers 13 Reviews 131k Words Nov 29, 2021 KyoruS
Does true love even exist anymore? ... more>>
270.7k Views 2483 Favorites 28 Chapters 0 Chapters/Week 1266 Readers 4 Reviews 122.4k Words Dec 5, 2020 Spectacular
A group of tabletop RPG nerds are transported to a fantasy world of swords and sorcery. Their task: Clear the land of an evil corruption known as the Taint by killing Tainted monsters, absorbing their corruption, and using it to level up.... more>>
262.9k Views 5901 Favorites 168 Chapters 3 Chapters/Week 900 Readers 4 Reviews 376k Words Nov 28, 2021 ByzFan
What happens when the wrong person is summoned to save the fantasy world? They knew who they wanted. They just got someone else.... more>>
214.2k Views 3987 Favorites 133 Chapters 3 Chapters/Week 1131 Readers 6 Reviews 201.4k Words 24 hours ago takeaseat
The story of Qian Yu's path to immortality telling the tales of his adventure, hardships, and family he has created over his life!... more>>
210.9k Views 2652 Favorites 32 Chapters 0 Chapters/Week 995 Readers 7 Reviews 44.9k Words Feb 26, 2021 bignt
John, your average day recluse pervert, got summoned to a fantasy world as an eldritch familiar to a perverted witch apprentice. Watch as he embarks on an epic quest to fu... I mean to conquer them all!... more>>
201.6k Views 6411 Favorites 75 Chapters 0 Chapters/Week 924 Readers 4 Reviews 90.2k Words Sep 3, 2021 CoffeeFob33
"...Why are those scary-looking birds looking at me funny?"... more>>
201.1k Views 4309 Favorites 237 Chapters 0 Chapters/Week 495 Readers 6 Reviews 433.8k Words Aug 8, 2021 Tek
This is a remake/fanfiction of Death March. This story is about a poor, overworked (Virgin) programmer called Alex Conner, who is summoned to a game-like fantasy world. In this new world, he accidentally gains immense power, and slave-girls who are willing to sleep with him. Follow our MC on his journey of sightseeing and fun...and killing Demons.... more>>
162.1k Views 1521 Favorites 18 Chapters 0 Chapters/Week 1233 Readers 2 Reviews 28.1k Words Oct 11, 2020 DemonOppai
For Aidan Cross every moment living is a nightmare. When he finally got the courage to end it all.
God seemed to disagree on him dying as somehow he's now alive once again, inhabiting the body of a slave girl.... more>>
146.9k Views 3194 Favorites 143 Chapters 0 Chapters/Week 764 Readers 0 Reviews 221.4k Words Oct 30, 2021 JohnnyKbca
John was a secret agent before he died while avenging his little brother. ... more>>
132.2k Views 2784 Favorites 45 Chapters 0 Chapters/Week 697 Readers 1 Reviews 67.7k Words Sep 11, 2021 Zero300
Betrayed by humanity as well as the gods above, Moss died a fallen saint. Through divine forces, Moss reincarnated as a virus where he vowed to turn his back on humanity and the gods. With evolutionary skills and capabilities, the new virus spread his infection, purging many living things and slaying gods.... more>>
125k Views 1590 Favorites 13 Chapters 0 Chapters/Week 1230 Readers 8 Reviews 15.6k Words Oct 20, 2021 Queen
Living a lonely existence. No family no friends obviously no girlfriend. Working his everyday boring job and living In a run down old apartment. On a normal work day while walking home after a tiresome day he meets his end by non other that "truck kun" him self, he always did like anime and manga even novels that involves truck kun,...
Reincarnated as a weak five year old boy in a world full of danger and death, experimented on and reborn as a demon. What will our main protagonist do...... more>>
123.6k Views 2565 Favorites 76 Chapters 0 Chapters/Week 1191 Readers 3 Reviews 133.6k Words Jan 2, 2021 GDLiZy
"The past should remain in the past. What do you think?"... more>>
114.1k Views 19 Favorites 1 Chapters 0 Chapters/Week 725 Readers 4 Reviews 542 Words May 19, 2021 Lacy
113.9k Views 2067 Favorites 488 Chapters 0 Chapters/Week 544 Readers 4 Reviews 1.47M Words Jul 5, 2021 DubstheDuke
Death and Taxes. ... more>>