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A Pervert’s World
A Pervert’s World
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4.1 (51 ratings)
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Our protagonist reincarnates in a Free-use world where sex can be bartered for.

*Every kink will be explored in here. So beware.*

FYI: This is a story within a smut.

Exhibitionism Familial Love Family First-time Intercourse Goddesses Harem-seeking Protagonist Incest Netorare Netori Polygamy Weak Protagonist
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      New Akyas
      Status: night of celebrations 6
      Apr 18, 2021

      It is pure smut with a lot of kinky stuff with no apparent logic.

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      New ChZsayMarak
      Status: c88
      Apr 15, 2021

      What can I say?.. 

      Just know that its very kinky but enjoyable. He sometimes losses his mind but thats okay cuz he doesn't take things far even if he's in that state and there hasn't been anything that  made me disgusted other than cringe.. 

      Yes It has ntr but u can blame him he set up the world this way. Also I hope there won't be any mindbreak stuff so far there isn't. 

      Every Perverted things I know by reading doujins has been explored here.. Lol

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      Status: c38
      Apr 3, 2021

      1) Well written with a simple concept

      2) slow paced but never boring

      3) great s*x scenes.

      It gets kinda kinky sometimes 


      MC gets his foot licked and gets a rimjob


      The NTR tag can be offputting but in the story s*x is just a commodity women use in exchange for items so there's no real betrayal involved (so far). 


      Also, MC has big plans to monopolise his women eventually, So it's not that bad.


      Definitely one of the more better smut stories and authors logic works in a realistic  (dare I say) way.

      Unlike the other novels where women just instantly fall in love with the MC which makes it so lazy, unsatisfying and boring, here the MC slowly lets them develop interest in the MC when they realize only he can give the women the kind of pleasure never before seen in this world.

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      Status: c84
      Apr 4, 2021

      If you're looking for an R-18 novel with lots of well written s*x scenes and perverted action of all kinds then this is for you. Although there is an NTR tag its not really NTR as the women use s*x as a commodity and the MC comes to terms with it. All I can say is that you have to have an open mind to like this novel. I would sincerely like the author to continue writing this. 

      Edit: The actual rating I gave this is 5 stars. But for some reason this flocking scribblehub refuses to update my rating from 0.

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