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/ Series / I Was A Hero In Another World But My Dog-Girl Slave Swapped Places With Me And Now I Can’t Disobey Her
I Was A Hero In Another World But My Dog-Girl Slave Swapped Places With Me And Now I Can’t Disobey Her
I Was A Hero In Another World But My Dog-Girl Slave Swapped Places With Me And Now I Can’t Disobey Her
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4.4 (118 ratings)
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The Hero From Another World was overpowered, moving faster and with more strength than anyone in the world, in ways that trivialized combat with enemies... but that doesn't mean he understood how to navigate a foreign culture, much less change the systems within it he disapproved of.

After gaining the enmity of his former ally Lady Wren, he complains to his rather dumb but kind slave girl Sasha that he'd like to switch places with her and live her comparatively easy life. To his surprise, she does just that-- and it turns out she's not as dumb or as kind as the former Hero thought.

Despite her betrayal and intermittent cruelty, the former Hero becomes convinced to work with her to end slavery as a whole, and becomes enmeshed with a power struggle that lies beneath the surface of the kingdom... even as they struggle with their own identity in their new body and role.


Cover image created with Picrew’s “五百式立ち絵メーカー“!!

AdultFantasyGender BenderGirls LoveHaremIsekaiPsychologicalRomanceSmut
Abusive Characters Animal Characteristics BDSM Betrayal Body Swap Bullying Depictions of Cruelty Exhibitionism Female Protagonist Former Hero Male to Female Mind Control Naive Protagonist Polygamy Possessive Characters Power Struggle Rape Sadistic Characters Slave Harem Slave Protagonist Slaves Strong Love Interests Transgender Weak Protagonist Yandere
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      Status: Chapter 19


      For my personal taste, it is getting a bit repetitive in certain aspects and the s*xual parts are extremely overshadowing the progression of the story without giving anything meaningful...

      Yes, there was an original story there at the beginning. Not the one where they want to release all slaves, I find that lacking in concept and simply dull to no end. The appearence of the princess and her harem completely ruins the suffocating pressure that was placed on the MC, by her slave which swapped bodies with her. It drives the focus towards other slaves, and the princess sort of appears as a new mistress for her, but not really. The harem's descriptions of ceaseless nudity and s*x among every slave are dull as well. Not even speaking about how unrealistic it is.

      There was a twisted, but very enjoyable aspect when the MC's ex-slave in his ex-body tended to torment her alone completely controlling her thoughts and body to his will. I belive that the main story of this conflict was more focused on this specific part then something so boring and impossible like saving all slaves...

      The winning aspects of the story were hidden in the irony, that the MC was punished by her slave, more brutally then he deserved it, just because she could do it. Not in saving slaves. I can hardly believe that Sasha actually cares about slaves aside from herself. Sasha is clearly not that type of girl-man?

      Turning her back into a woman was just stupid too. It rules out the most crucial part of her, which showed how a slave girl would act if she took over his master's body, a man's body while said master is locked in a slave girl's body. The setup played on a multitude of weird ass gender benders and stereotypical senses. And that was the MAJOR WINNING point of the story.

      The clueless and stupid master, dominated by his cruel bitch slave that didn't know anything better was giving of a sweet sadistic experience that now mostly disappeared.

      Based on the description of the story, I believed that her intention of wanting to end slavery was nothing more than a sarcastic statement, a lie to justify everything she did. And at least for me, it seemed that the description was hinting at something like this. Now I kind of see that it was a misinterpretation on my part, or that the writer simply decided it otherwise in the meantime. Anyway the fact that she seems to actually want to do that, for no reason since now she is in a position to enjoy slavery to the fullest is a turn off for me. No slave in a similar position would act like that.

      For that I decided to lower my rating of this story appropriately.

      Original comment:

      Good day,

      This story is very entertaining and exciting. It is targeting people with a certain taste, people that are not rare on this site or anywhere else in fact. The only difference, is that Scribble Hub is more honest about it, and for that I always respected this community.

      The story is written in a light hearted tone, while speaking of pretty nasty stuff at the same time. For the first look the story might seem like a slave domination story, but it quickly turns out that it is more of a wish fulfillment than anything else. Because of this, I wouldn't call it a dark story, as neither main characters feel like specifically against the current setup, even if they might act like that in public. 

      Big plus that the characters don't move around prudishly 80% of the time like most similar stories, which tend to overly frustrate the audience without nothing really happening or just happening in a very disappointed way.

      There are no major writing errors that bothered me either. 

      Nice one! Looking forward to seeing you around.



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      30 Likes · Like
      Status: chapter 18: in which i visit...

      I completely and utterly hate this book, I despise slavery and mental manipulation, but God does it do it so well.

      I'm gonna drop this, I don't think I can mentally take the concept of the nothingness that Sasha put MC in, too close to things I think about, and it's too detailed, so detailed in fact that I can picture it perfectly, I really don't like this book. 


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      26 Likes · Like
      Status: chapter 24

      Love the novel.

      This is somthing I was always searching for.

      Hope it keeps going for a long time


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      7 Likes · Like
      Status: chapter 37: in which i relax...

      Great novel, the psychological elements might not be for everyone but for me it ticks all the right boxes,  

      good wrighting, good story, good charicters. Along with a good Balence and combination of smut and plot. 

      In general it is an intresting concept with a solid execution, and I am exited to see where it goes from hear.

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